Hordecrest small Moggroltha
Title(s) Sergeant
Gender Female
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Age 46
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation Ragefire Legion
Occupation Ragefire Legionnaire
Status Alive
Relative(s) The Warsong clan
"My life for the Horde!" -- Moggroltha

Moggroltha is a legionnaire sergeant of the Ragefire legion, promoted during the Elemental Unrest. She fought alongside General Engrik during the Invasion of Draenor, and distinguished herself in the Third War. It was also during this conflict that Moggroltha grew to despise the night elves after many of her clanmates were slain in the forest of Ashenvale. She is renowned for her hatred and stubborn demeanour.

Moggroltha once again serves under General Engrik in Orgrimmar - rooting out the Twilight's Hammer infestation.



Lean and muscular, Moggroltha is of a weight and size typical of an orcish warrior. She is broad shouldered and powerful, presenting an image of a born warrior. Her hair is a dark black, bound within one topknot atop her scalp. Draped around her neck is a necklace of carved bone and teeth, a trophy created from her first kill as per Warsong tradition. Distrustful eyes and a barely contained frown suggest an ill-temper.

Clad in leathers with spiked metal pauldrons, Moggroltha shares appearance with other warriors of Orgrimmar. Blackened flames painted on the left pauldron signify allegiance to the Ragefire Legion.



Moggroltha acts as a sergeant in the enlisted military of the Horde. The sergeant typically leads a squad of 10-12 soldiers and is directly responsible for individual training and oversight of their men. Although not the lowest of the non-commissioned officer ranks, the sergeant is arguably the one that has the most influence on the lower ranking soldiers as most recruits will encounter the sergeant as the initial figurehead in their military career.

She has yet to accept General Engrik's offers of promotion.



Feared by all but those warriors who have served in countless battles beside her, Moggroltha's strict personal codes leave her seeming cold and quick to anger. Indeed, she does not suffer weakness lightly, and such a flexible definition of weakness entails harsh judgement for many. Typical of a daughter of the Warsong clan, Moggroltha is prone to rash action coupled with a fierce determination to see it through. Dark boasts, devoid of humour and mirth, speak lengths about the unmerciful warrior within.



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