Moidur Riversong

Physical TraitsEdit

Height 5,11

Moidur without her goggles on

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf, Death Knight ((IC she is not a death knight))


Cruel Intentions




All records of Moidurs family were lost when Silvermoon was destroyed


((20 Years before Wotlk))

As all good inventors do they want to make the world a better place by inventing something that will change the world and revolutionize the way people live. With Moidur she saw her way of changing the world was to be through a new form of transport as hawkstriders had not yet been tamed and the orcs and taurens were not willing to share their secrets on how to tame the wild kodo and as such the only means of transportation was flying using the dragonhawks but they were only for long journeys and were unable to carry anything more than a single passenger.

After many years of study,research and experimentation Moidur had finally formulated a plan for a new form of transportation that traveled across the ground on two wheels that the rider could control and was powered by steam.

Not having a name for her new invention and wanting to keep it secret Moidur took her new invention to the most remote place she could find on Azeroth so she could have peace to test it out.

Upon powering up her new invention she noticed it created a lot more steam than she had anticipated and while that wasn't really a big problem for the rider anyone standing nearby would be scalded by the steam.

The initial tests were very promising however Moidur noticed that instead of the steam disappearing there seemed to be more steam that would appear the faster she went and it would hang around in the air even after she had deactivated her invention the clouds of steam would still be there hovering in mid air all around her.

Undeterred by these strange occurrences Moidur continued to test the limits of her new invention until one such time when a cloud of steam moved directly in front of her face obscuring her vision it caused Moidur to ride her invention straight into one of the large boulders that covered the landscape and it sent her flying over the boulder with the remains of her invention coming down on top of her which resulted in her sustaining some serious but non-life threatening injuries.

A couple of days after her return to her home in Silvermoon Moidur noticed that she was having trouble speaking in barely more than a whisper and that people were barely able to hear what she was saying even when she was standing right beside them and that she was also not able to focus clearly on anything more than a couple of feet in front of her.

After consulting the cities healers and medics they were unable to come up with a solution to her problem but said it was in all likely hood down to the accident she had with the steam cloud.

After a couple of months of hiding away in her house Moidur had come to the conclusion that if anything was going to be done about it she would have to do it herself and that meant she would have to come up with something to help her talk and to give her back full and clear vision again.

Having decided that given her condition and the fact that she was tired of being made fun of by everyone she would make a new start in the furthest habitable place from Silvermoon and so she finally decided on Booty Bay which was the southern most point of the eastern kingdoms and although it was run by goblins she was sure she would be given the peace she would need and so she packed up everything she had and made her way to Booty Bay.

After ten years Moidur had finally finished the inventions that let her speak normally again and that gave her full and clear vision although the voice amplification device she had invented gave her voice a echo like quality and she was sure the goggles she had invented were going to have repercussions for her in the future she was just glad to have finally finished them.

She blamed the goblins for the fact that it took so long because as soon as they learned she was a inventor they had her working on inventions all the time and as soon as she finished one another goblin would come by her house with another crazy idea with what it thought to be a "guaranteed money maker" and had it not been for the fact they were paying her for her time she never would of agreed to any of it although she did thank them for getting her interested and if somewhat addicted to adventuring which was often the only way to "acquire" or "borrow" certain things they asked for which she soon learned was their way of saying risk life and limb to steal whatever said item(s) were needed.

Family BackgroundEdit

When Silvermoon was destroyed the records of Moidurs family were one of the many that were lost.

Criminal RecordEdit

Moidur has been arrested many times because her inventions have endangered lives although it is almost always by accident.

Personal NotesEdit

As predicted Moidurs eyes have been turned a shade of light blue due the nature of the materials used in the making of her goggles.

Current StatusEdit

Moidur can still be found sometimes at her home in booty bay working on her latest inventions or in Silvermoon getting ready to go on a new adventure in hopes of coming back with treasure and other items of value that she can then sell to pay for her work or to keep for a day when she might need it or have use for it.

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