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The Monks Of The Holy Light are an Order of Monks, in the service of the Church of the Holy Light. It is a small Order with dedicated people, allowing almost anyone in the Order but are very strict. They consist of mostly priests and paladins, but almost all classes are accepted (except for perhaps Death Knights and Warlocks, they may join but need a very good story-line and a good reason why they are willing to join, more on this in the members section).

Goal Edit

The goal of the Monks is simply to help and work for/with the Church of the Holy Light and follow the Holy Light the best they can. This includes:

  • helping those in need: healing soldiers or otherwise wounded people, giving spiritual guidance, serve as a priest to which people can confess their sins, helping in specific areas (warrior monks fight against the Scourge and sometimes against the Horde when needed) and basicly helping in any way they possibly can.
  • Study the Holy Light; the Monks are always trying to learn more, though Peyton will always admit that no one can know it all.
  • Shape the world; and more specificly shape Stormwind into a better place to live. The Monks (and followers of the Holy Light in general) want to do their best to aid the world in a way it would make it all a better place to live. They dislike war and fights and would rather see a peaceful world without any dangers.

The Monks are always happy to help anyone who requires it. From donating money to good instances (like the Church, or specific groups which are doing 'the right thing') to helping rebuilding towns and cities that have been destroyed by the Scourge.

The Members Edit

When people are asking Father Peyton if he is the leader of the 'Monks' he will propably say something like;

My good man/woman, we serve the Holy Light and nothing else. I merely help my fellow brothers and sisters to listen to the Light, which is our greatest teacher of all and thus leads our Order within our hearts.

But basicly, Father Peyton is the leading man behind the Monks of the Holy Light. And he himself is under the supervision of the Archbishop of the Church.

The Monks have their own ranking system, which starts from 'Candidate' which is equal to an initiate from other Orders. As a candidate, you are to prove yourself dedicated to the Light, and prove to the Order that you are capeable of doing the tasks which the Order does every day, and that you are willing to give your entire personal life for the Order.

Members of the Order must take a vow where they promise the Order, and the Holy Light, to do only that which is right and that they will follow the Light the best they can, leaving almost everything of their personal lives behind, being a Monk can be very hard but the rewards are overwhelming.

Here is a list of ranks within the Order (with the explaination of the ranks), starting from the first rank 'candidate' and ends with the Abbot, Father Peyton himself.

  • Candidate (initiate, has yet to prove him/herself)
  • Novice (first official rank, being guided by a Elder or Sub Prior)
  • Lay Brother / Lay Sister (Standard rank of the Order, who are given tasks each week)
  • Warrior Monk (the fighting monks, special rank given to all melee classes)
  • Sub Prior (officer in training, special rank given to priests only, there are exceptions)
  • Elder (high rank but no officer, an Elder watches over Candidates and Novices)
  • Peace Keeper (officer, acts as a internal guard and watches over the security of the Order)
  • Prior (Second in charge, assistant of the Abbot)
  • Abbot (Guild master)

There are special tasks given to Candidates, Novices and Lay Brothers / Lay Sisters. These can include helping particular groups or villages in need (questing), or showing their abilities in any other way. The Order can have it's special own quests if the members would wish for that (requires GHI addon, alts of guild members can be used for these quests to serve as mobs or npc's).

Faction Edit

The Monks of the Holy Light are based in Stormwind and Northshire Abbey, and it's members are mostly members of the Alliance. Though the Church allows members of the Horde in it if they wish. There are still plans being made of a special project which shall include recruiting members of the Horde into the Church.

Recruitment Edit

The Monks of the Holy Light are always looking for more dedicated followers of the Light. But since they are very strict it is not very appealing to the common man and woman. Though the Order accepts almost anyone, except for maybe Warlocks and Death Knights. If people wish to join, they should contact Father Peyton, who is mostly to be found inside or outside the Cathedral in Stormwind City, or in the Order's Monastary / Abbey in Northshire.

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