Basic InformationEdit

The guild is currently semi-inactive, but we will consider taking in new members.

  • Full Name - Morbid Faith
  • Recruitment Status: Open.
  • RP Beginner Friendly: Yes.
  • Guild Type: Necromancy-focused cult, previously aligned with the Scourge.
  • Guild Size: Very small.

Who are we?Edit

Morbid Faith was previously a Stormwind-based Scourge-aligned cult, once known as The Arcane Order before one of its number exposed its leaders to the authorities as necromancers and cultists. The organisation managed to remain in operation in Alliance territory, albeit with limited sucess, and played a major part in spreading the Plague in Stormwind before the successful expedition to Northrend. Some months before the fall of the Lich King, the cult's leader, Aodhan, was killed and his underlings squabbled for a time over leadership, the position eventually being occupied by the shadow priest Davrith Gant. The cult lapsed into a period of quiescence, brought on by the progress of the war against the Scourge.

When the Lich King fell, the cult took the chance to make a break for independence and now follows its own agenda, though should the Scourge make a resurgence, this may change once again. Davrith is missing, last known to have been headed for the frozen wastes of Northrend, and Aodhan has returned from the grave as one of the walking dead, collecting his own, small band of followers along the way. The future of this tiny cult is uncertain and its plans focus largely on survival in a world where allies are very scarce indeed, though they may perhaps be willing to risk taking on a student or two to study necromancy, or to take in any independent undead who seem unlikely to betray them. Its few living members rarely make their homes in the cities and towns of the mortal races, though it is not unknown - simply a complication when one wishes to practice the dark arts.

Roleplaying with Morbid FaithEdit

  • Please do NOT metagame our guild tag. Our members do not emit evil auras, wear black robes in town or cackle maniacally whilst attacking the Cathedral. Should you find a cultist through genuine IC means, that's another matter, of course.
  • Be aware we will not kill your character without your consent, but also be aware that we also don't necessarily want to permanently kill our own characters.
  • Please do not metagame other information, such as guild event locations or other places where we might be found. It's annoying and can be disruptive. Again, should you discover such things IC, fair enough.
  • Finally, if you have any issues with our roleplay or any of our members, please contact Aodhan in-game. We would prefer to resolve any such issues in a mature, reasonable manner and we will listen to any concerns you may have. We don't want to see any drama on the realm forum.


1. We are a roleplaying guild and we like to think we are a good guild. We expect members to respect other roleplayers and to conform to the game's lore, within reason. Metagaming, power-emoting and the like are, of course, unacceptable.

2. We would like this to be a mature guild. There are no plans for an age limit, but we do expect players of all ages to behave themselves and keep Morbid Faith a pleasant guild to roleplay with. We will not tolerate OOC bickering, abusive behaviour, gratuitous bad language or excessive whingeing.

3. This is an "evil cult" guild, but it's not a Goldshire evil cult guild. Ideally, many of our members will be able to pass for normal and those who cannot will not be able to enter Alliance towns IC without serious hassle. Please bear that in mind when applying: we believe evil deeds should have realistic consequences and said consequences may involve a violent death, or at best a life on the run.

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