Name Edit

Morbosa Ravenspire

Physical Traits Edit

Tall and broad-shouldered,it seems Morbosa was not unused to physical labour in life. Her remains writhe with whipcord muscle and exposed sinew,as much from an apparent flaying as from putrescence. Beneath the Scarlet Crusade scold's bridle rivetted to her livid flesh her eyesockets burn with a sickly light that flickers where her eyes used to be. The sockets themselves,like her cheeks,are scarred with branding iron marks, and her flickering tongue has been crudely split by a blade. She wears a rag-tag assortment of scavenged armour and gear over the bloodied and stained remnants of undergarments daubed bright Scarlet - the mark of the whore....

Race and ClassEdit

Undead Warrior

Guild Edit

Unspeakable Villainy.

Occupation Edit

Battle enchantress, mercenary, Esme's personal enforcer. Recently appointed to the Horde War Council as representative for the Argent Dawn.


none known

Background Edit

Most of Morbosa's past is a mystery. All she remembers clearly is being given up to a band of Scarlet Crusaders as a witch and a harlot, after spurning the amorous attentions of her employer's son. Beaten, raped, and tortured, she was left to die, wearing only the torn rags of her underclothes, daubed with red paint to mark her as a whore. Eyes burned out with irons, tongue split by a blade, and with a scold's bridle nailed to her skull, she suffered for two days and nights before finally succumbing to her injuries.

Her next memory was waking in a mass grave, from where she wandered mindlessly an unknown time, before coming to full consciousness somewhere in Tirisfal Glades. Within an hour, she'd been befriended by Esme and Trauma, and was soon employed to use her newfound strength for vengeance in the service of the Forsaken Business Association.

Family Background Edit

Not known. Some recollection of serice under stairs for a minor landowner - perhaps in the Tarren Mill region.

Criminal Record Edit

  • Suspected of involvement in numerous cases of ABH,GBH, murder, and intimidation.
  • Possibly involved in protection racket of several Undercity business establishments.
  • Implicated in torture of Fae Leafrunner
  • Seen continually harrassing outposts of the Scarlet Crusade - most recently spotted setting fires at the gates of Tyr's Hand.

Personal Notes Edit

Morbosa does not consider herself Forsaken, despite appearances. She is convinced that she returned to unlife as a revenant driven by vengeance. She tends towards ruthless single-mindedness, most especially with regard to finding the five men involved in her death.

Perhaps because of her experiences immediately prior to death, Morbosa dislikes most males of all species. She does count a few among her trusted friends, but these are few and far between.

Morbosa has a long-standing allegiance with the Darkspear trolls, and thinks of herself more troll than Forsaken. She has a permanent residence in Zangarmarsh, and rides a not-quite-tamed raptor acquired in Sen'Jin Village through a combination of mercenary service and threatening behaviour.

Her only real distraction from revenge has been BloodyNora, a young Forsaken warlock whose delicate mental manipulations have helped soften Morbosa's cutting edges. However, Nora - recently imprisoned in Naxxramas and apparently turned once more into a mindless Scourge puppet before being rescued by Unspeakable Villainy - has not been seen in quite a while, and Morbosa's rages grow more incandescent with every passing day...

Current Status Edit

Fighting for the Argent Dawn in Eastern Plaguelands. This work serves to keep Morbosa in gold coin, to thin out the growing numbers of Scourge, to allow her to investigate Naxxramas, and to take occasional day trips to Tyr's Hand and environs...

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