"This is not my larynx. You have not given me my larynx!"



Physical TraitsEdit

The brawny Dwarf, reeking of death and old carpets, usually keeps his face hidden under a hood, because he does not want it to be seen. His left cheek bears a wide gash and the rest of his face is littered with long stitchmarks. Different patches of skin seem to have been sewn together too tightly, as the skin around his face seems to be pulled into a permanent smile.

Race and ClassEdit

Dwarf Death Knight




I was an experiment.

I am, no, I was many things. I wasn't just... one. I remember bits... and pieces. From here and there. They are everywhere within and yet they do not form a whole. Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

I am something. Unseen before on my scale. I saw the larger ones, blunt, brutal and brainless. They are nothing like what I am intended to be. Their rudimentary state is reflected within my... my... What am I?

I am different.

I am a weapon. It is all I was meant to be. Why am I?

I am the best parts of many who alone would not have stood a chance.

I am a monster. I was not good enough by myself. I needed the rest to fill me up, and now that you have filled me up I will not fail. The desire within me burns to prove myself. You have made many a worthless thing into a creation that will excell. Glory. Glory.

I am grateful.

I am different. I sound different. My larynx. This is not my larynx. You have not given me my larynx! Whose putrid soundbox is spewing out these words? Whose feet are walking this empty shell? Why are they? Where am I going? No. I do not... want... to...

What am I? Who am I? Why am I?!

It matters not. Your construct is grateful, master. I will not easily abandon you.


Even "Morceau" does not exactly know what he is, although he suspects that, much like the Abominations, he is a compilation of the salvagable parts of various unworthy corpses. What sets him further apart from these horrible things is his capacity to think and his small stature.

His larynx, for example, belonged to a human farmer by the name of Eaton Dailey, who was risen as an unworthy ghoul. However, the necromancers found he had a marvellous raspy voice.


Captain BarbossaEdit

Like the Abominations, Morceau is driven by an insatiable hunger. However, due to his undead state, he is incapable of digesting anything. I instantly drew the parallel to Captain Barbossa (PotC) and his desire to eat apples. Morceau has a sort of similar hate-love relationship to food that does nothing to him (just like beer, and you know what a dwarf without his beer is.)

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