Forsakencrest small.gif Morgus
Image of Morgus
Title(s) Deathstalker
Gender Male
Race Undead half-elf
Class Rogue
Age 38
Alignment Lawful evil
Occupation Being dead.
Status Dead. Very, very dead.

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

A tall Forsaken, standing at 6'4, coupled with his broad shoulders and menacing eyes, he can appear quite imposing. Despite his height, he is rather lacking in the muscle department, relying almost solely on his agility and quick reflexes in combat. Rarely seen without some sort of mask, making it hard to read his expression. He moves silently and quickly, easily overcoming obstacles and strikes ruthlessly and without hestitation when a life is to be taken.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

He is clad in dark leather armor, favoring the the colours black, red and dark purple. He wears a hood of enhanced leather, and a pair of light metal shoulderpads with a long cloak attached to them. His equipment holds many small knives and daggers, most of which are concealed, he also carries two medium sized swords, forged in the colors red and black to match his armor.. On his wrists, concealed by his gloves, he is usually equipped with either a simple hidden blade, or a miniature plaguespreader, capable of deploying a small amount of acid at a targeted area, this powerful contraption was a gift from an Apothecary, and is only used as a last resort.

Guild[edit | edit source]

The Will of Sylvanas

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Has been effectively reduced to a lifeless, slightly corroded skull. His skull may or may not be in the possession of a past romantic interest.

Family(The ones who aren't dead)[edit | edit source]

Videric Crowley(Half brother, undead), Nokturos Dawnbane(Father, alive)

Background[edit | edit source]

Michael was born and raised on a small farm in Silverpine, his mother raised both him and his brother mostly by herself, as the fathers of her children were elsewhere. His older brother, Videric, was much stronger than himself, due to him being pure human and Michael being half elven, this resulted in a lot of bullying and abuse in his childhood, if not from his brother, then from other human children. The constant bullying left him insecure and somewhat of a loner, always appearing shy and weak willed. Always having had sharp senses and quick reflexes, he sought to become an archer, thinking his elven blood would allow him to finally excel at something. After being trained in the Lordaeron army, his expectations about his skill with a bow were correct, but he was no near as good as pure blooded elves, he did however discover that his quickness made him quite adept at sword fighting and knife throwing, as well as moving quickly and silently. After a few years, he was a low ranking scout of the Lordaeron army; his duties consisted mostly of delivering messages to nobles in the area, or retrieving stolen goods from nearby bandits. His life didn't change much over the years; he still lived at his mother's farm, despite being well into his 20's. In his last few years among the living, he had a girlfriend from a higher place of society, but their relationship had to be kept secret, due to her noble blood, and his own peasant origins, as well as his reluctancy to confront her parents about the matter, fearing the consequences it might have had.

When the plague struck, Michael did not last long, he rushed home towards the farm and his elderly mother when the chaos had begun, but he never made it alive, and his mother was presumably eaten by the undead, as no corpse was ever found.

Upon regaining his free will and memory, he found himself warped into a twisted monster, and not just physically. His mind was greatly changed, his shyness and insecurity built up from a lifetime of taking abuse every day was turned to a great hatred, a need for vengeance. As most other Forsaken, this vengeance was aimed at the Lich King, but for Michael in particular, there were others to blame as well, this lead to actions that he would by all means deny should he ever be asked. When the Forsaken were fighting for their place in the world, he found that death had not made him a lumbering sack of dead meat, instead he was a light and fast killing machine, not requiring food, drink or even to breathe. He soon began to take a joy in his new existence, forgetting all about his old life, even changing his name to reflect his new self, though he did keep his mother's surname.

Over the years, Morgus has advanced in the ranks of the Forsaken as a Deathstalker, his skill and intelligence making him quite valuable. In recent times, he has taken an interest in specially devoted forces, such as the Apothecary Society and a Deathstaker unit, and most recently the Shadows of Lordaeron, he is however no longer to be counted among their numbers.

Acquaintances[edit | edit source]

Important people in the events of Morgus' life/unlife

Carmen Ophelia Mayverdine (deceased) - Formerly romantically involved. She served in the Shadows of Lordaeron under Morgus untill her death.

Lundstark Andholm (deceased) - Former employer. Turned against the Horde and was killed by the Beastmaw Clan.

Mailann Shadowwalker (deceased) - Former employer/equal rank. The closest thing to a friend Morgus has had in undeath, he was killed by Rin Kalmore.

His mother (presumed deceased) - His mum, nuff' said.

Nokturos Dawnbane (father, alive) - Despite never seeing him since becoming undead, his father's memory remains a great inspiration to Morgus.

Videric Crowley (brother, undead) - His older brother. He hates his guts.

Criminal record[edit | edit source]

His official criminal record is wiped clean. The following incidents have never been reported.

-Cooperated with Lundstark Andholm during his betrayal, hoping that the mad sorcerer would kill members of the Beastmaw Clan.

-Murdered Mackus Bensson, as he had the potential to help the Beastmaw Clan against Lundstark.

Saluting the Banshee Queen.

-Murdered a member of the Suncrown Conclave in Winterspring, a command given to him by Lundstark.

-Several cases of misguiding orcish soldiers through false reports.

Killin' some Scarlets.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Morgus has been demoted from undead to just dead.

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