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Mortimer "Moriturus" Backus

Physical Traits Edit

Rather well-preserved despite being dead, although obviously skinny and bony.

Race and ClassEdit

Undead Mage

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Occupation Edit

Mortimer Backus was a teacher at the Moonbrook Schoolhouse in Westfall, educating history & geography and an avid traveller of the world.

Moriturus has taken up Alchemy.


Emily was Mortimer's wife, while he lived. What has happened to her when he never returned home is not known. She was pregnant.

Background Edit

Mortimer Backus was a rather normal man living among the farmers in Westfall and educating their children. Always hungering for more knowledge, he attempted to visit much of the world that he was teaching about. His last trip took him to visit the continent of Lordaeron with a dear friend, who was there to sketch interesting sights (to serve as educational material, obviously!).

Unfortunately, when getting homesick and getting ready to return, the Plague came upon Lordaeron. Wrong place at the wrong time.

Upon waking in Deathknell, Mortimer was still carrying his travel log, and figured out his roots in Westfall. He longs to return, if not solely to know what has happened with his darling wife - and their unborn child - and his beautiful country. That is all what he still longs for.

Along the way, he will have to learn to trust the Horde he was learned to hate...

Criminal Record Edit

Nothing so far, it would seem.

Family Background Edit

Mortimer came from a normal family of peasants. He married his lovely wife Emily, and loved her more than anything else he could ever imagine. When he left for Lordaeron, she was pregnant. Emily has been chased out of Moonbrook along with its other inhabitants when the Defias came.

Personal Notes Edit

Moriturus would like to get to Westfall, discover the Defias raided his beautiful town, and kill their leader. Moriturus needs some Horde adventurers who can "accidentally" meet him to join him on this quest.

Current Status Edit

Dead as dead can be.

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