Name[edit | edit source]

Morticianne or Morti, life name unknown suspected to be Anne Mortiarty

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

A sweet-mannered, 'fresh' undead girl died aged 19. Her wide, innocent eyes peer out usually from behind someone she trusts watching warily anything or anyone new. She's very nervous and shy and is often scared by seemingly normal things around her. She experiences the world as a child might. Her skin on her face is scarred with sores from the plague that killed her. However, other than these marks she is in remarkably good condition for an undead. Only the slightest grey tinge colours her skin and her hair hasn't lost all of its shine yet. She wears only dresses and robes and is always very careful about her attire and appearance. However, after an engineering or mining session, she often has smears of grease or dirt on her face and hands. A smell of formaldehyde on her is quite pungent at times.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Undead Warlock

Guild[edit | edit source]

Awakening of Chaos.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Morticianne has no present employment. Her 'job' is to get used to being undead and coming to terms with it. ((Mining and Engineering))

Family[edit | edit source]

Not Known to Character Yet Morti will remember this during a future storyline. Her father was a mortician/embalmer and taught his daughter to assist with his work chiefly by taking notes and transcribing during his procedures on corpses. She will remember nothing more from her life. However, this memory of working with the dead and her father's work will feature heavily in her future oddities and creepy behaviour. He was secretly an amateur shadow-wielder and taught her chants and symbols never aware of how this knowledge might corrupt her soul.

Background[edit | edit source]


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Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Morticianne awoke to being undead with no memory of her life. She forgot how to speak and has slowly been retaught speech and vocabulary. She has an odd accent but is understandable. She slowly over time will keep learning and eventually this will fade and she will speak normally once again. After all, waking up Forsaken is a hell of a shock to the system - her's especially.

When provoked or feeling very threatened she will call upon her 'protectors', either her imp or demon companion. She then becomes fearless. If anyone threatens one of those she cares for, she will defend and protect them even if she is obviously outnumbered or outclassed. She is almost blind to danger in her loyalty. She tends to giggle alot especially at herself. She is very affectionate with those she knows and will hug her friends in greeting. She feels vulnerable and often will sit very close to those she trusts. The trauma of her 'rebirth' still haunts her. She needs to feel she is no longer alone in the world. She is intelligent, this will become more apparent as she becomes more accustomed to her new 'life'.

Interesting Facts[edit | edit source]

I will keep these to myself for now as Morti will eventually become quite a creepy character once she becomes used to the world around her and her place in it. During her reawakening, she mentally recited the chants her father taught her in life, due to being half in shadow at the time, an imp was called which protected her body during her undeath. Since then, she can call upon shadow power at will. Whilst writing her father's notes, she absorbed much more than she ever understood or paid attention to consciously in life. This knowledge was subconsciously triggered by her chanting.

Camci saved her life soon after her rebirth. She was running away from a gnoll and ran directly into a pack of them. She was close to death when he rescued her and took her under his wing. This was how they met and at one time was loyal and completely devoted to him. However, this changed after time passed.

She has been 'adopted' by Gruftahl, a tauren within the guild, as his niece.

Once engaged to Camci who proposed in Orgrimmar on the evening 18 December. Many guild members witnessed as he popped the question. Morti was quite surprised as she thought everyone was there for a big guild snowball fight.

After a long period of the engagement being on hold, Camci returned home to reclaim his bride. She was reassured of his intentions and affection and the wedding was back on. The search for the perfect dress was resumed. However, she has recently returned his ring to him upon the news of his engagement to another. (And subsequent marriage.) She has asked for no explanation and just focuses her confusion and pain into the Shadow and her demon companions. Her defiance to him is more public and increasing. She has rarely been seen publicly, but secretly has many plans underway.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

She is continuing to learn to speak properly and become accustomed to the world around her. She is also learning how to wield her power and is training with well-hidden warlocks in the cities. Her Demonic is much better and smoother than her Orcish or Gutterspeak. She often can be overheard muttering with her demon companion and rat conversationally when she thinks no one is listening.

As per her once-upon-a-time hero's instruction, she has become fascinated and engrossed in learning more about the Shadow. She can often be seen sitting in Orgrimmar studying tomes of dark secrets and strange tongues. Her demeanour has become more confident of late and she can be heard muttering Demonic to herself, practicing the ancient dark spells she is learning. She has been seen travelling to and from Brill often in the dead of night.

She has a new white kitten and a white rat which is her constant companion.

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