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Our full name is Mountaineers Third Brigade. The word 'Mountaineer' is a technical name, appearing over your head - just like 'Scarlet Missionary' appearing over the heads of members of the Scarlet Mission. Also, the Mountaineers Third are not a guild. We are a Brigade, a military unit, a force, but under no circumstances are we a guild. Sometimes Mountaineers Third is abbreviated as MNT.


Who are we? Where are we going? Edit

Mountaineers 3rd is an organization built in style of a typical military body. It consists of dwarves and gnomes only. Having been founded in June 2006, we've been providing quality RP to the server ever since. Our aim is to make RP events in the Dwarven lands and to represent dwarven authorities in a number of situations. We act as soldiers, guards (in Ironforge and other lands under its jurisdiction), explorers and inventors. Over the years, the Mountaineers have been organizing expeditions and military operations. We are also proud to be creating the fireworks to most public events that have been held on SWC server.

Can I join you? Edit

Sure you can! We are recruiting dwarves and gnomes only, little folk, please note - you get an Ironforge citizenship after joining! Level 27 is also required for uniform reasons. Any class of Dwarven or Gnomish race will be welcome. If you wish to join, write an application letter to Colonel Ulgarf Splinterhawk, or seek him out personally.


History Edit

The Third Mountaineers brigade was founded in year 6, with its aim to aid the newborn Alliance. It was led by the brilliant tactician Angus Prok and it participated in almost all the battles of the Second War until all the personnel were wiped out in the defense of Loch Modan. The number three remained unoccupied for a while, until a veteran of the Second War, Angst Ironboot, started recruiting dwarves on behalf of His Majesty King Magni Bronzebeard. Some months later he also started taking gnomes into service.


Colonel Ironboot briefing the soldiers departing to Northrend.

At first being but a garrison of the Dun Garok fortress (more on that further in this article), the Mountaineers Third quickly grew in numbers. In its second year, the Brigade had to face its first serious enemy - the Blood Elven army that was threatening Hillsbrad and Dalaran holdings in Silverpine Forest. The leader of the Brigade, Colonel Ironboot, managed to organize the land's defence, mobiizing every grown-up in the region and receiving support from the Scarlet Crusade and a few mercenary individuals. Furious battles were fought over the region for more than a week, ending with victory for the Alliance.

The so-called March of the Blood Elves, the disgusting longear tide that stopped at Dun Garok and rolled back, was the kickstart for Mountaineers' prominence. Since then, the Brigade has been taking part in virtually any Alliance military operation, including two cases of installing curfew in the Dwarven District of Stormwind. The Third Brigade has been tasked with organizing expeditions to Tanaris, Stonetalon and Northrend. On one such expedition, intended with purely scientifical interest in the mineral deposits of Stonetalon Mountains, the Mountaineers had to defend unarmed Alliance scientists from raging Horde barbarians of the Earthfury Clan. The scirmishes quickly escalated into a full war, during which the Mountaineers managed to slay the Clan Chieftain, Hrisskar Doomforge. The following summer, while the Brigade was celebrating its second birthday, Earthfury assasins sneaked into the halls of Dun Garok and brutally murdered at that time the second-in-command of the Mountaineers, Lt. Colonel Dunelore Crestforge. These two deaths have caused both sides to swear revenge on each other.

As representatives of the Dwarven and Gnomish soldiers of the Alliance, the Mountaineers feel they should also take part in diplomatic activities of the Eastern Kingdoms. Actively participating in the Alliance Council since its formation, the Brigade is often acting as a peacekeeping force. For instance, it has once been called to Westfall to assist the local authorities and to Duskwood on a mandate from the Council.

Over the years, the Third Brigade has developed a separate Engineering Department, which produces quality guns and explosives, as well as cutting-edge optic devices and vehicles. There is also a Scrying Department within the Brigade, composed of priests and mages, as well as other people of arcane speciality, who assist the more down-to-earth Mountaineers with their tasks.


Colonel Ironboot briefing the Frogmen, a special regiment of the Brigade equipped for underwater operations.

There has always been some controversy around the Third Brigade's methods of dealing with crime. Numerous lawsuits of excessive violence or torture had been filed against the Brigade, but none so far have passed the preliminary stage. Several assasinations and explosions that happened in Stormwind during the last three years, have been attributed to Mountaineers' secret agents in the city. So far, no significant proof to those theories exists.

Motto Edit

"Duty-bred, Trigger-happy!" has been chosen as an unofficial motto of the Brigade, via a vote. As there is still no precise regulation of what sentences should be cried out during combat, a wide spectre of other battlecries and insults is used.

Dun Garok Edit

A couple of miles east from Southshore stands Dun Garok, a dwarven Hold built shortly before the Third War as an act of assistance to the ravaged land from the Dwarves. Mountaineers' Third Brigade is stationed here at the moment, led by Colonel Angst Ironboot
800px-WoWScrnShot 020707 132508

Dun Garok Hold.

Captain Ironhill is in charge of the defense when higher ranks are out on a mission.

As all the modern dwarven holds, Dun Garok has all the facilities one may ever need. Two bars are situated in the wings, filled with foodstuffs. On the lowest level is the meeting lodge, with a cozy hearth. Most of the meetings and discussions happen here. The central hall has been turned into a tonk depot and a gyrocoptery on the higher level, where the Pole Star is usualy docked. A laboratory is situated on the top floor, where Mountaineers skilled in engineering can always be seen (as well as the remnants of an unlucky one smashed against the ceiling). A modest dormitory occupies the top floor as well. The ground outside Dun Garok is still a bit scorched from the time when a Blood Elven army attacked the Hold. Not far from the fortress, on a cliff, stands the monument to Mountaineers killed during the operations held for the safety of the Alliance. New names are being etched on it monthly.

800px-WoWScrnShot 033107 212406

Mountaineers grouping in front of the entrance for a drill.


Mountaineers defending the stronghold against a Scourge attack.

Opinion on Deathknights and Warlocks Edit

The Mountaineers, being a highly conservative bunch of dwarves and gnomes, look down on anyone who can possibly be a threat to the Alliance - and that includes cultists and warlocks, as well as Deathknights. However, a recent decree by King Magni Bronzebeard ordered the commanders to accept those Deathknights, who used to be Mountaineers before they fell in Northrend. Thus, the Third Brigade might have started taking Deathknights, but even if so, quite relunctantly, mostly due to such recruitment being an ordered duty. Deathknight recruits are sure to face even more humiliation than simple ones.

As for the warlocks... the Third has always been fighting the evil and shadowy cults, the largest of them known as the Dark Embrace. Neither Colonel Ironboot, nor any of the officers have ever admitted having a warlock in the Mountaineers Third. However, there are some rumours that a lot of Mountaineer Mages and Scryers could in fact be Warlocks in disguise that the Brigade uses to "fight fire with fire." However this rumor has yet to be proven.

The Rules Edit


  • W - warning.
  • Officers - All the Mountaineers having access to officer chat. In other words, Captains, Lt.Colonels and the Colonel himself.
  • MNT – The Mountaineers Third Brigade – Mountaineer – our guild.
  • Lt.Col – Lieutenant Colonel, second highest rank in the Brigade.

I. The Rule of Uniform.Edit

1) The uniform is now to be worn in the major cities ALL TIME with the sole exception of the off duty period.

2) Off duty (civilian clothes) must be worn in the city if you are off duty. Please do not abuse the off duty rule.

3) Absense of uniform/civilian clothes will result in a Warning.


Colonel Ironboot in command of a Mountaineer Parade in Ironforge.

II. The rule of Reputation.Edit

1) In case a Mountaineer is seen wrongly RPing, he is firstly advised that such kind of RP is unacceptable. A note of the Mountaineer showing this kind of RP is made by an Officer.

2) If the same Mountaineer shows such wrong RP again, he receives a Warning.

3) Abusing other Mountaineers in any chat results in a Warning.

4) Use of leetspeak in ALL chat channels, including /g, results in a Warning.

Comment - Leetspeak means typing "lol", "np", "thnks", "u", "wtf" and other plainly stupid abbreviations. Smileys ARE NOT considered leetspeak so they CAN be used in /g and other OOC (Out of Character) channels.

5) Adressing Mountaineers of higher ranks as "sir" or "ma'm" is controlled by the officer present. In case of breaking the rule, it is up to the officer whether to apply a Warning or not. This rule does not apply to OOC chat channels.

III. Warning procedure.Edit

1) Warnings are issued by any officer. The officer doesn't need to consult or ask anyone's permission to apply warnings. The Mountaineer is noted of the warning and a "W" appears in his officer note. 2) Three warnings received during ONE MONTH period result in permanent kicking of a person from the guild. Comment: That means, a Mountaineer who receives two more warnings in 30 days period from the time he received the first one, is removed from the guild.

3) The procedure of kicking a warned person from the guild is executed only after the permission of the Colonel.


Mountaineers confronting the members of Malvalon Gang, Stormwind

IV. The Rank System of Mountaineers Third Brigade.Edit

The rank system of the MNT is arranged as it follows:

  • Colonel
  • Lt.Colonel
  • Captain
  • Mountaineer/Scryer Ist class
  • Mountaineer/Scryer IInd class
  • Recruit
  • Quartermaster
  • Missing in Action

Mountaineers of the Third Brigade on a briefing, Dun Morogh, Troll Cleansing Operation, December.

IV.1. The Officers

The highest rank, also the leader of the Mountaineers is called the Colonel. The Colonel organizes both the internal and foreign relations of the Brigade, provides and overwatches RP. The current leader of MNT is Colonel Ulgarf Splinterhawk.

Lt.Colonel is the rank of Colonel’s advisor. Lt.Colonels help the Colonel to enforce discipline, distribute the duties and represent the Brigade abroad. They also act as second-in-commands of the Brigade, substituting the Colonel in a number of situations.

Captains are the Officers in the Brigade. Their main duty is to create an RP event, organize it on a regular, weekly basis, and see to that the soldiers enjoy In addition, Captains lead the lower ranks whenever an event happens and enforce the law in everyday situations.

Addition 1) As a trademark of their rank, all Officers are allowed to change any kind of shoulders of fitting colour and look to wear with the uniform. For leather and higher armor-wearing captains

After Hours Pauldrons are advised.

IV.2. The Non-Command Ranks

The Non-Command Ranks of the MNT split into Mountaineers and Scryers of First and Second class. After passing all the necessary trials and qualifications, a recruit is awarded his/her uniform and gets promoted to: - Mountaineer Second Class if his class is warrior, paladin, hunter, death knight, or rogue; - Scryer Second Class if his class is mage, priest, or warlock. Note that Scryer Second Class rank is absolutely equal to Mountaineer Second Class, as well as Scryer First Class = Mountaineer First Class.

An Officer may choose up to two Mountaineer Seconds to include in his Department, and ask for their assistance in organising events. After being approved, they become Mountaineers or Scryers First Class. First Class soldiers are expected to serve as examples to the other Mountaineers, and they may be ordered to lead detachments in combat.

WoWScrnShot 100309 224822

Another picture of Mountaineer Frogmen unit.

IV.3 The Underranks

The Underranks are Recruits and Missing In Action.

Just as a person joins the Mountaineers Third Brigade, he/she receives the rank of a Recruit. Recruits follow all the rules of the Brigage with the exception of the Rule of Uniform, which is substituted with an obligation to wear a tabard. They are free to wear whatever they wish along with a tabard, although wearing simple armor or off-duty clothes is expected. After passing the necessary tests, an Officer may decide to promote the Recruit.

Any recruit MUST pass a Deathrun Trial (currently done by Captain Gwén Slatefist) to be allowed to move further in their careers. The Mountaineers Third Brigade reserves the right not to promote a recruit after completing the Deathrun with explanation provided.

Missing in Action. A rank of Missing, or MIA, is applied when a person has been absent for a large period of time - usually, more than a month - without informing the officers of the reason of the future absense. As soon as such person comes online, he/she will be promoted to the rank previously held, before the inactivity period.


Mountaineers marching into Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh

Aditional info about joining us Edit

Right after you join Mountaineers you will get the rank of a Recruit. Recruits don't wear uniforms but they accompany higher ranked Mountaineers on different missions. When some time passes, you will be given a trial to get the badge and the next rank - Scryer or Mountaineer of Second Class. The trial mostly includes checking your RP skills.

Captains are almost the same as Officers in other guilds. These are most dedicated people, who along with the leaders form the internal and external politics of the Brigade. One can become a Captain by earning good reputation among the Mountaineers and being active and creative enough to run regular events of his/her own. Mountaineers and Scryers First Class are assistants of Captains, chosen by them via consultations with higher officers.

A few more words should also be told about our IC (In Character) policy on recruits. Being a military guild, The Mountaineers Third recruit system resembles the boot camps, both of present and the past. As soon as you become a recruit, get ready to being smacked around by the Captains, to do the work your character could've never done freewillingly. Some may call our RP with recruits humiliation, but it by no means is one. The true purpose of the recruit rank is not to discriminate and bully a person for a while before inviting him into the Brigade fully - it's an method of testing if the person is really worth to be given our uniform. Even a thorough interview never shows the true personality. Only a few weeks of being a recruit tell us, whether the person who applied deserves to be in the Brigade or not; whether the person who applied wants something from us, or wants to do something for us. Here in the Mountaineers Third, we value the union more than an individual - and that's what makes us a closely knit chainshirt. We cannot allow ourselves to have a weak link somewhere, for then the whole armor will lose its initial purpose.

Please remember these words while you are writing to us about getting recruited. In exchange for the bullying, muddy trenches and orders, we offer respect, true friendship, and a damn nice tunic.


Artwork by Lt. Colonel Ulgarf Splinterhawk

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