Murior Naramius was a prominent warrior and a gladiator at Ashmur Faramos's service long ago, later he became a forsaken.


Murior Naramius almost always wears a gray armor with few azure jewels. He does care little for his own appareances and they are surely not in the first line. The capacity to fight and the agility they should grant is something he looks after. As for his weapons, he always carries a shield and an enchanted weapon, usually a medium-lenght sword, but he has crafted by himself different usable tools for his own (and his master) survival. He also does never leave his gun, that was bought at the Lordaeron action house for a few golds and was said to have killed with one shot a bear. When he went to hunt bears, he soon realized that what people claims may not be always accurate.

Long hairs, yellow eyes, rotten body, his physical appareance does not differ from the common forsaken. A typical trait of the warrior is his ruined jaw that does not allow him to talk frequently.


The warrior was born under unknown circumstances and found as an orphan by the Alliance of Lordaeron. Trained as a combatant, his hope was to become an officer of the human's forces. Instead he found a place at the age of eighteen as bodyguard of Rayan Marcus Faramos, first son and heir of Ashmur Faramos, a noble leading a famous noblehouse respected in all the nation for his severe discipline. He stayed with them for a long time and after years of trials he became the Champion of their house. He was joyful when the house asked him to act as leader of their hired thugs or to kill their enemies, Murior Naramius started to acquire a certain tactic knowledge, as it was required for his new rank.

When the Scourge arrived, altrough, no hired thugs could have helped the Faramos, not even Naramius was able to oppose a such powerful force. In a few days, the Noblehouse and their castle was completely destroyed and nothing but dust was left...

Risen as a Scourge creature, the warrior was even more bloodthirst than he was before. This until the Forsaken did not came as a nation and the Dark Lady gave to the warrior a new place in the world. Shortly after he found out that Marcus Faramos was alive (known as Oscurit) and pledged loyalty to him as his Champion.

But Oscurit was now a spy, comming from the Blue Dragonflight. Murior, with a wicked smile, did not even pondered in wich side he would have been: the Faramos were his past home, and the Horde... they were like many chickens. You can keep them alive until you wont need their meat...


Similar to a bodyguard, the undead rarelly talks and rathers remain silent unless he doesn't need to show his strenght proving to be very egocentric. He is usually left to analyze the ground, expecially as his master, Oscurit, is often busy creating magic items or searching artifacts.

Criminal RecordEdit

Supporting Oscurit the betrayer.

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