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I Am walking,

Walking through Moonglade. I miss these lands every time I have to leave them for my duties in Ashenvale. It was where my son, Kailahan, was born and where I and my mate Malreas have had such romantic times. Today is such a good day. I worked in Astranaar for weeks on end and am allowed to take some time for myself. The cool breeze from Mount Hyjal and the fog in the distance feel like magic every time I walk here. This time however, I sense something is wrong. The feeling as if a small feather is tickling behind my ear. Maybe I am just getting jumpy.

I walked into Nighthaven. It was late in the evening so very few people are around. However there was one man who is carrying a small infant safely inside his arms. They both have a small golden glow behind their silver eyes. Whenever I see an image like this, I am in Emerald Dream. I walked up to them. Malreas put Kailahan on the grass outside and walked up to me. We embraced each other and kissed for minutes on end.

‘I missed you Miss Sabercat, so did our beautiful son’. Malreas said. ‘Malreas..I am sorry I have to leave you alone every time..’ I said. ‘Don’t say sorry Celegil, you just do your duty. Besides, your adventurous life gives Kailahan someone to look up to. You are an example to him.’ Malreas said. ‘I know...but I have the feeling I should be there for him’ I said.

Malreas picked up Kailahan and put him in my arms.

‘He is so cute...and quiet.’ I said. ‘Just like you Miss Sabercat’ Malreas said while grinning at me. ‘Oh you! Lay off the flirt. I know you love me.’ I said while laughing quietly so I would not wake up Kailahan. ‘Do you fancy a little walk in the forest Celegil?’ ‘Of course, I missed you for so long.’

So we left Nighthaven and walked calmly through along the path through Moonglade. Malreas told me Kailahan was making good progress in his development. I was amazed to hear he already crawled around everywhere, looking at things and observing them. We stopped at our favorite spot in Moonglade, the big tree on the right side of the road, just before crossing the bridge from the west. We sat down by the tree and started kissing again.

‘ might have given birth to two children...but you look better than ever.’ ‘Wait till you hear what the lioness has to say about her lion’. I said while grinning seductively at Malreas. ‘Oh, we are in a playful mood I see’ Malreas said while jumping on top of me. He quickly snatched of my clothing and started to stroke me along my hips towards my breasts. I felt like I was in the Emerald Dream. ‘You look even better with your clothes of’ Malreas said while grinning. ‘I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes for a moment’.

I closed my eyes and smiled widely. I felt Malreas stroke along my behind as he got up. I waited for a while, maybe even fifteen minutes. Oddly enough, I felt as if Malreas had run away. I did hear him run away, I think. I opened my eyes and sat up right. Many thoughts were crossing my mind. Why did he leave me here alone, naked? What did he mean with this surprise? There was indeed a surprise...but far from a nice one.

As I looked around, I noticed something was dripping on my chest. I looked down and was horrified. Night Elf blood was dripping from something up high. I looked up, and probably saw the most awful image I had ever seen in my entire life. Malreas was in the tree, he had a large Orc axe in his chest. I tried to scream, but no sound came from my mouth. I began crying, but no tears came out of my eyes.

I sat there for a while..not knowing what had happened or what to do until I heard the sound of voices coming closer. This was not ordinary talking however; it was as if they were shouting only one word. I tried to listen and eventually when they crossed the nearby bridge I could distinguish the word: ‘Murderer’.

I panicked and rose to my feet but in a strange way, they already knew where I was. Three Sentinels came closer to me while still shouting the word ‘Murderer’. They had an evil grin on their faces. I walked backwards and put my bare back against the tree. I was naked at that moment, but I never really ‘felt’ naked like hat. One of the Sentinels slowly came walking forward. Her face was too familiar and I could distinguish it. I tried to curse and yell at Elune, but again, no sound came from my mouth…It was my daughter Elandrial.

She stood in front of me and yelled in my face

‘Murderer! You killed my father, and now you killed my new father. I will kill you, and so will your old friends! Don’t you remember them?’

My daughter pointed at the two other Sentinels. I looked carefully at them, or at least, as carefully as I could in the emotional state I was in. I knew who they were…They were the two Sentinels I had killed. I slowly nodded towards Elandrial. She then hit me in my chest with a crushing blow, forcing me to kneel down and yelled.

‘We are here to finish you, mother. You are a murderer on the loose, and you never received your true punishment. Death!’

I stood up and tried to talk to Elandrial, but no voice came out of my mouth again. The three Sentinels pulled out their swords and walked up to me, creating a circle from where I could not escape. Then...they started cutting at me. The pain I felt was excruciating. I felt the sword reach into my chest and being pulled out again, time and...time and...time again. I fell down and they continued to butcher me like some unwanted animal. I could hear them scream...

‘Murderer, Murderer, Murderer, MURDERER!’

Then...their voices became softer and all faded out...

..To darkness.

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