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In the persona of Amy Redcross

this was it...i knew it, it was my time, i could feel it.

my body felt so weak as i lay near the bridge, my blurred vision could only see the Orcs that had left me like this, dying!....Bleeding!, i knew it..i knew it was my time.

Suddenly my vision went white, a pure white, more pure than any, i couldn't feel my body,i could barely hear myself think, then everything was clear again, but i was under a tree with a piece of wheat in my mouth? a hat over my eyes? silk shirt and trousers? what is this?

i slowly got up, looking around it was as hot as Westfall but the grass was a soft as those of Mulgore, i looked around, taking the wheat out of my mouth, i felt no hate, no pain, no sadness....this is fucked up i thought, i was clearly on a hill with a tree on the top, i looked to my left seeing a marble road, my eyebrow raise higher then suddenly my attention turned to the eight Orcs walking along the road, like an instant i reached for my blades, but they werent there..what the hell is this? am i in hell? no this must be a nightmare..yeah thats it.

the orcs walked past me waving and tipping there straw hats "'ello Amy coming to work?" i looked at them, looking that each had a piece of farming equipment " what kind work?" they looked at me amused, laughing as one threw me a scythe "over there silly human girl" i turned around, to my amazement i saw it...a..huge farm, there was wheat everywhere, i decided to follow the orcs who sung a weird but cheery song, walking into the fields of wheat, hearing the soft and gentle word serenity whisper into my ear,i smiled as i followed my new friends to work on the field.

no way was this real..this was so fucked i drunk? Dwarves and humans working with Orcs and trolls? Ogres and high elves?...Night elves and Gnolls? by the holy trousers of Uther this is really fucked up.

i continued to hear the gentle word of serenity whisper in my ears, i worked with my new friends on the wheat fields, it felt so real, perhaps it was, perhaps this was really azeroth and i had been just dreaming on that hill top? dont know...nor do i care..i was happy.

the day was done and the work was done, everyone headed to the large manor, what was this? lords allowing Orcs and riffraff into there beds? i really do like the place, smirking i was about to enter, as i was about the walk through the door way i blacked out, didn't feel a hitting of the floor.

i woke,groaning as i felt pain again, anger and sorrow too, no longer were the gentle words of serenity whispering in my ear, but instead the shouting of a young priest shouting "Shes alive...shes alive!"

i held my head, trying to sit up she held me down "now now mercenary you need your rest, your lucky you made it"

she walked off, seeming very pleased with herself

"lucky my arse" i mumbled, sighing as i closed my eyes, hoping to find serenity again

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