Mystic Deck card (In character)

Mystic Deck is an ingame trading card game(TCG) created by Eligar and sold by his company Wisdom's Corner.

These cards are collectable cards with the name of a famous people and some info about that person. Extra cards can be bought at Eligar's bookstore.

All items named on this page are made with the addon Gryphonheart Items made by Pilus (from Scarshield Legion.)

Mystic Deck TCG First EditionEdit

Starting with Mystic Deck TCG First Edition Edit

Most Traders start with collecting Mystic Deck by buying a Starters Kit. There are two Starters Kits. A purple one and a green one. They both contain roughly the same items. 1 Rare card, 3 common cards and 2 books.

Purple Kit:

  • Mystic Deck Trader Badge
  • A badge that you can attach to your belt to show you're a Trader.
  • The Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon (Rare card)
  • Three common cards
  • A box(purple) to store your cards in
  • Mystic Deck Update (Monthly Mystic Deck magazine)
  • Collectors Book (Limit editon book showing you the collectable cards there are.)

Green Kit:

  • Mystic Deck Trader Badge
  • A badge that you can attach to your belt to show you're a Trader.
  • Anduin Llane Wrynn (Rare card)
  • Three common cards
  • A box(green) to store your cards in
  • Mystic Deck Update (Monthly Mystic Deck magazine)
  • Collectors Book (Limit editon book showing you the collectable cards there are.)

Other Traders start out by buying Booster Packs. Which will grand you a more unique starters deck and more cards for the same amount of money, but you miss out on the extra's the Starters Kits offer.

Decks Edit

The cards are known as Decks and are made up out of sets. Each set contains eight diffrent cards.

Each set has:

  • Six common cards
  • Two uncommon cards
  • One rare card.

Cards are aquired by either trading them with other Traders or buying Booster Packs.

Sets Edit

These are the current known sets:

  • Set of Dalaran
  • Set of Darkmoon Faire
  • Set of Mages
  • Set of Kings
  • Set of Dragons
  • Set of Legends
  • Set of Artifacts
  • Set of Heroes

Banned Epic Cards Edit

Banned cards1

Three banned cards

Currently we know there are 3 epic cards. One of these cards can be collected by finding it in a Mystic Deck Booster Pack. The other two way to get them are still unknown. When the epic cards are found, they will be added to the picture on the right.

Mystic Deck TCG Second Edition Edit

With the first edition of the game being out of production for almost two years and Wisdom's Corner being closed for just as long, the company was re-booted by the High Councilor of Lakeshire in the hopes to bring the wonderful game back. To make the new edition different to the last Wisdom's Corner will be producing new decks in which they are now called "Series" with the first series being "Legends of Old".

New Card TypesEdit

The new edition features a re-shuffle of the type of card gaining a new type. Availble now are:

  • Common Cards (White)
  • Uncommon Cards (Green)
  • Rare Cards (Blue)
  • Ultra Rare Cards (Purple. These cards are very hard to come by)

Starter Sets & Booster PacksEdit

The best way to begin collecting is to buy a starter set. At present there is only one starter set you can buy from the second edition version of Mystic Deck. There will be many more coming out in the future when more of the series come out. The starter sets you can buy at present are:

Lords of War Starter Set (Legends of Old Series)

This starter set contain everything you will need to begin collecting. It includes:

  • A Welcome Guide to Mystic Deck TCG Second Edition
  • A Rare Hero Card
  • Two Uncommon Cards
  • Four Common Cards
  • An Official Wisdom's Corner Collectors Badge (Showing you are a collector)
  • A Limited Edition Card (This card will not be sold anywhere else!)

With the Lords of War Starter Set you can choose to have either the Horde or Alliance set.

Drums of Battle Booster Packs (Legends of Old Series)

To increase your collection you can buy booster packs which contains three random cards. The cards could be absolutely anything but will always contain at least one different type, no three cards will be of the same type. They come in a wide range of colours and you can pick between Alliance and Horde.

What's to Come?Edit

The Legends of Old Series will be the first in a wide range of series in production. Wisdom's Corner hopes to produce at least one new series every two months or so depending on the popularity. Legends of Old will be released on the 6th of February.

The next major series planned will be Weapons of Eternal Time which will feature many legendary weapons of old used by the greatest heroes of time.

As well as the aspect of collecting the cards there are rules being created by Wisdom's Corner for battling against another collector. Currently there is no set date and if the game does go ahead there may be a new version of the game.

Can I help?Edit

Why yes you can. You could become a promoter of the game or an offical seller. All you need to do is send a letter to High Councilor Carlous Xzan (Carlousxzan) with you details and he will get back to you. But also tell your friends and family about the game and even try one of the promotions packs for free.

Official StaffEdit

At present the following people are offcial staff representing Wisdom's Corner and Mystic Deck TCG:

Promoters: None

Sellers: Carlous Xzan

Traders: None

Traders Edit

Collectors are called Traders.

Quoted from Mystic Deck Update: Traders are adventurers who travel the world looking for new Mystic Deck Cards. The Elite Traders travel to distand lands and return with the most rarest of cards. A true Trader doesn't even stop when he has his collection complete! Instead he goes looking for the rare, not registered cards that roam the world.

Promotion of the GameEdit

Mystic Deck and the Quill & CobblestonesEdit

The Quill & Cobblestones handed out free try out sets to promote Mystic Deck. These sets contained either the card Tonks or Archmage Modera.

The King Varian Wrynn Second Edition Promotion PackEdit

To promote the second edition of the game, Wisdom's Corner released a free pack with a limited edition promotion card. The pack also contains a description about the game and a flyer for the upcoming first series release. These were available from the 1st of February.


Distant Trading Edit

On 31th of March, Wisdom's Corner released a new feature. You make a list with the cards you would like and for what you would like to trade them. It allowes you to hand in spare cards. Then when other Traders visit Wisdom's Corner, they can check out the cards currently available for trade. If they so happen to have a spare card that's being requested on the list, it will be traded. Traders can take back their hand in cards at any time they like.

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