Nalia Sigil, Imoen's mother


Nalia Sigil


Nalia has bright blue shining eyes and red shouder length hair just like her daughter, she is very beutiful and was always smiling.

Race and ClassEdit

High Elf Priest


Priestes of the Church of light loacted in Lorderon.


Father: Aurion'kuthand [Deceased]

Mother: Luna'kuthand [Deceased]


Nalia was born during the troll wars, her parents were both killed during a raid in the city and she was taken to be a trolls dinner, however a priest with some knights stormed them and took the child in. The priest feeling pity for the elven child took her to Lorderon's Cathedral and there she was trainning to become a priestess of the light.

Though Nalia at first rejected the humans beliving them to be nothing but anouther kidnappers she eventually learned to respect her savioirs and in time even took up her trainning.

She spent many years at the Cathedral and watched many of her human friends die of old age, she was eventually well known in the cathedral as a priestess of the light who was a good example to all High elves.

When the orcs came to Azeroth she was called apon the church to join a man known as Khallid sigil who was going to become a new holy knight known as a paladin. As she was the oldest priestess in the Cathedral it was up to her to train Khallid in the light and bring justice to the lands of Azeroth.

In her travels with Khallid she couldn't help but notice that Khallid had a definte connection to the light but there was a part of him that could proove to be a danger, his rebelious side. She was however attracted slightly to this seeing a old part of herself within him.

As they both crossed the lands of Azeroth they eventually were called back to Lorderon to re group as the orcs slowly took over the south human lands and even the dwarven lands.

Back at Lorderon they met up with her essentric brother Thorndire who agreed to aid them in their travels they also met up with two other elves Zack and Luna Garner and a dwarf marksman known as Boldric.

They all now had been given a goal, to not join the army but to use gorrila tactics and destory a new horde unit known as a death knight. They went around the Lorderon lands slaying many many Deathknights and started to get a name for themselves.

Her and Khallid's realtionship grew and grew threw out their travels together and soon they became un-offialy married on the battle field. However during the wedding a carrirer approached them and told them that one death knight in paticular had destroied a village and left none alive.

They set off to slay this death knight but he was trouble and despite their best efforts they were eventually captured by him, even though they managed to escape they were forced to leave Khallid in captivity and go back for him later, Nalia tried to stay to save her husband but her brother knocked her out and took her out of the cave they were being held at.

To her surprise when she awoke she saw Khallid with the rest of her companions explaining that he had been set free and that now was time for them to strike quick and hard. They went to Southshore and got a few more men to help them.

When they got into the cave again the entrance calapsed behind them trapping them in the cave, her companions turned on Khallid beliving he had trapped them in the cave who had bargained with the deathknight.

Suddenly a few orcs came to them, thinking of the worst they drew their weapons but to their surprise the orcs lay down their weapons telling them that they had been betrayed by the death knight and that they would help them defeat him if they could find a way out and would alow them to go freely.

They agreed and together they deafeated the deathknight, Nalia was mortaly wounded by the fight and almost died however Khallid called apon the light to heal his wife the wounds sealed and together they called apon the light to help them escape the cave. The light lead showed them a small opening where they could dig their way out to the surface.

When they reached the surface they went back to Strathomle and were crowned as Hero's as they told them how they slew the death knight.

The second war finally came at a end and Nalia was blessed with a baby girl who she named Imoen.

Her and Khallid bought a house in Andorhal and with their wealth they got threw their adventures they were guarenteed to live a conftable life. However her brother Thorndire told them that he had found something he took from the cave that they all needed to see. The only one who didn't turn up was their Dwarven friend Boldric who seeemd to have disapeared.

When they got to his house he showed them a book that he found near where the death knight was slain, he belived it to be a logbook where he could find out if there were more Deathknigths hiding however he instead saw his own death.

He showed them the book and to their horror they all saw how they would die, Nalia saw her in the city of Lorderon. She said that Andorhal may have fallen but as long as Imoen was alive she didn't care and was slain by a death knight.

The others all spoke of being killed by an undead deathknight, a new kind of a deathknight. However Khallid said the same as the others she could tell he was lying. Khallid was furious at her brother that he had shown him and Nalia how they would die but Thorndire said that it was a way for them to alert the alliance a possible undead war.

A fammiler known as Mog'mothar told them that it wasn't wise to change the future just incase they accidently create an even worse future, Nalia agreed to this and asked them if they saw their children in the vision. Zack and Luna both said they saw their sons run towards their new forge to go for shelter and Nalia told them she saw Imoen escape and Khallid told them she saw Imoen kill a Scourge who had killed him. When they asked the Fammiler what he saw he told them he saw nothing but a blank boo.

With this dire fate they returned their homes and to try and live normal lives. Khallid seemed to be getting more distant and after Imoen's first birthday he told Nalia that he didn't feel any conection with his daughter. Nalia tried to get the two closer by brining her to his Paladin trainning classes but he simply ignored them, in the end she knew that whatever he saw had changed her husband forever.

Soon Khallid stayed at his own Cathedral in Strathomle even though the two used to meet up now and again whislt Imoen went to school she coudn't help but be a bit guilty that she could talk to Khallid whilst Imoen had nothing.

In time Khallid even grew more distant towards her, Imoen on the other hand had no care in the world and didn't act sad when she was told that her father was missing but deep down Nalia knew this feeling wouldn't last forever.

Ten years past and as Imoen hit her sixteenth birthday she grew more insular and her new lover Ryan didn't help this. She never managed to catch him but she knew he was doing harm, she spoke her concerns to Khallid and he agreed he would try and help but it was to late. When she returned Nalia saw small drops of blood on the floor which eventualy lead to Imoen holding her ears.

She had chopped the tips of her ears off to make her seem more human than elven, Nalia not understanding why Imoen would want to be more human than elven seeing how she looked more like a human than a elf anyway, it was revealed that she thought she would be more accepted as a human than she would be accepted by her father.

Nalia knew that, that was final straw and she told Khallid that if he didn't start acting like a father she would find a man who could, this made Khallid tell her what he saw in the book and why he found it so hard to love her. She understood him but still felt he was being selfish, he agreed and told her that he would find a way to contact Imoen. She found out threw Imoen that he had become her councilor but she told her that he was wasting her time and didn't want to see him again.

Then when the time came, Nalia moved her house to the Lorderon capital and they stayed there during the Third war. When Arthas came to Lorderon and slew the king panic covered the land and when the scourge came to destory Lorderon she told Imoen to ride to Andorhal and run.

She knew that this was her time but she couldn't care less Imoen rode to safety and now was her time, she was slain a Deathknight but instead of being rasied from the dead, he soul resited the nercomancer magic and was granted rest.

Family BackgroundEdit

Nalia's family were kind and gentle but they were very snoby, her father was blacksmith and miner and her mother was a tailor.

She always used to wear rich clothing as her mother was always sowing making amazing looking clothes. When the trolls came to their manor they kidnapped her and killed her mother and father in cold blood.

As for her new family it wasn't what she planned but it was enough, her husband was a coward who ran away from responiblity. Her daughter was really happy a cheery at times but then suffered for being Half-elf and didn't have many friends. However she had one or two really good friends Rayy and his talking pet fammiler mog.


Nalia is a kind and loving character she cares about everyone and will do anything to help. She is a bit sad to see her husband run away from her but she keeps optimistic and just thinks about Imoen.

Current StatusEdit

She died at the hands of a unknown Death Knight, her fate is now unknown.

Influences used to make NaliaEdit

My only influecne was problery Yui Ikari off my favouirite anime Evangleion. The point of Nalia is to be a character that puts Imoen together when she becomes hopless.

And also to be somone Imoen looks up to and she is also the only character in Imoen's past who has defended Imoen even from Ryan at times.

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