Anchorite Narineha Ardun'Haen

Physical/Social TraitsEdit

A tall, gaunt figure. Nearly always clad in flowing purples of a pricey nature. She carries herself with a confident, almost arrogant strut, showing off her curves through well-tailored robes. Despite this, Narineha rarely seems to engage in conversation, although when she does it becomes apparent that she is a charismatic character.

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei Anchorite (Priest)

Guild Edit

Occupation Edit

During her time within Tempest Keep and later the Exodar, Narineha was a Navigator. Using her innate gift for the manipulation of the Void, she was keenly aware of the route to travel, and the dangers that were always on the Draenei's tails.


Killed during the flight from Argus and Draenor.

Criminal Record Edit

There has never been any evidence nor rumor of crimes committed by Narineha.

Known Special Abilities Edit

Narineha can draw upon the shadows and reform them into a cloak, hiding her from view.

Current Status Edit

After disappearing for some time, Narineha has recently been spending much of her time in the troubled town of Darkshire. It might be noted that after her disappearance she seems subtly different.

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