Natarumah (Pearl of the Void)


The Dark Flame of Var'duun

Nazh'tarune (Soulname)

Physical TraitsEdit

Natarumah is dark of skin and pearly of eye. Most people would find her attractive by Draenei standards. However, she also has a serene, untouchable feel to her. On her forehead, Natarumah has a few gems embedded; three small gems that form a lotus blossom, and a tear-shaped gem floating above them.

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei Priest

Guild Edit

Dark Consul of the Dark Embrace

Occupation Edit

During her time on the Exodar, Natarumah was a Navigator in training. Using her special gift for the manipulation of the Void, she was keenly aware of the route to travel, and the dangers that were always on the Draenei's tails.


Unknown. Both her parents have been slain in a cleansing by the Triumvirate, and a former lover died in the crash of the Exodar. She has a sister (Sharahadi), presumed dead at the moment, who was lost in the crash of the Exodar, but who might have survived.

Background Edit

Born in a heretical Draenei faith, Vash'draaji, the life of Natarumah was one of dedication to a Dark Naaru, serving the powers of Shadow. The Triumvirate, warned of their actions, called for a cleansing, destroying most of the Cult. Some of the children were spared and sent for re-education. In a limited fashion, they were allowed to practice their faith, but keeping their teachings to the sensing and mental aspects of Shadow, neglecting the destructive power. Thus they were absorbed into the Anchorites of the Void. However, with the crash of the Exodar, members of the Anchorites of the Void have escaped this restriction, and have begun - guised as normal Draenei - to spread their faith and their values. In short, the Anchorites of the Void wish to merge with the Void, becoming beings of pure shadow. They seek to reclaim the name of Eredar back from the Legion, who they believe use it unjustly. They also believe that the end of all existence will come when the Void consumes all of creation, triggering a new Creation.

Family Background Edit

Her father, Sad'dai, was once a Draenei Vindicator who was charged with the defeat of a rogue sect of Draenei who worshiped a Dark Naaru. This sect was called Vash'draaji, and its leader, known as Dramujj, was his main antagonist.

Her mother, Lash'traadi, had been secretly involved with this cult, carefully tended by Dramujj until her mastery of dark arts had reached the point where she could rightfully claim the mantle of the Eredar. Now an Archon of the cult, it was her that awaited Sad'dai at the temple steps.

Stricken with grief and pained greatly by this ordeal, he slew Lash'traadi, and collapsed in remorse on the very steps of the dark temple he sought to eradicate. Who else would appear, but Dramujj?

With his resolve weakened and with whispered promises to see his beloved wife again, Sad'dai could no longer resist the careful toying Dramujj inflicted upon him, and he fell from his position as Vindicator. He became Justicator of the cult no two weeks later.

Six years later, the cult was eradicated, Sad'dai included, by order of the Triumvirate. His young daughter, Natarumah, was spared and was placed under guidance of the Triumvirate of the Void. Unknown to them, Sad'dai had transfered his Void powers, resulting from being possessed by a larval Dark Naaru, to his daughter. Only now that she is an adult, the Dark Naaru stirs, and a new Shad'dai rises.

Criminal Record Edit

Due to the fact that she has not been on Azeroth for more than a month, she has had very little time - nor inclination - to be in negative contact with law enforcement.

Method of Operations Edit

Natarumah is one of the most likeable people around, always willing to help, to share and to spend time for others. But beneath this serene surface lies a soul so black not even an Eredar would use it for spare change. She is sarcastic, cruel and vindictive, and sees most others as currency with which to buy the world. That said, when her eyes turn black and starry, it means that Sad'dai stirs, and things get real ugly real quick.

Known special abilities (beyond basic lore) Edit

Natarumah can call small shadowy creatures, which can do little more than hop around and amuse people. With training they might grow stronger (Shadow Fiend). She can also wrap shadows around her like a cloak, briefly disappearing from sight (Fade).

Current Status Edit

Dark Consul of the Dark Embrace

OOC Info (Spoilers) Edit

The gems on Natarumah's forehead is the focus of the Dark Naaru. Without it, the Void would leave her, severely diminishing her power. However, breaking them is not an easy task.

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