Hordecrest small.gif Lady Nathira
Image of Lady Nathira
Title(s) Dreadmistress
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Mage
Affiliation Underground Movement
Occupation (OOC:Engineer, IC...?)
Status Undead
Relative(s) Aspeth (Sister)

Name[edit | edit source]

Lady Nathira
(Family name undisclosed.)

Guild[edit | edit source]

Underground Movement <3
Trying to invest more time and effort into it... ^^

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Her hands descended to her sides. Some argumented that there was no such thing as silent sounds, but Nathira thought it was a subject up for debate. The goggles emitted something, wasn't it an audible sound? Couldn't they hear it? She could. Soundwaves were vibrations... Silent vibrations? Maybe. The purple glow steadied on the goggles, and the purple hue in her vision likewise. She saw her reflection from the mirror now, and adjusted first the goggles and then the robe once more. It was easy to see through the hue soon, forgetting it was there at all. The robe wasn't her best robe, she didn't want to over do it... but it was one of her better robes. Of course she could have used magic, conjurations and illusions instead, but it really would have defied the purpose wouldn't it? Trickery was one thing, doing something without tricks another...
With that in mind she also selected her staff from the rack. Nothing too fancy but also nothing too... ah, that one.

Good or bad attention... Lady Nathira had neither, she was able to walk the passageways of Silvermoon without much of either. To some parts of the city she had become a customary sight already as well. The journey wasn't eventful, helped by her ability to ignore the trifles of the living and walk among them uncaringly and without paying distracting attention...

When she reached the door, she didn't hesitate. She simply walked up to it and waited. She knew she didn't need to knock, and she was right: Soon the door opened. The Blood Elf nodded and smiled. “Bal'a dash, Nathira. I've been expecting you.” Nathira smiled back and greeted her host before asking “Doral ana'diel?” He chuckled, amused and invited the lady in. “Your Thalassian is improving.” The door closed and shut the rest of the society out, making things more private. “Many things are coming back to me...” When he asked if that was why she had come, he already knew the answer. After Nathira told him what she needed this time, he lead her to the table and asked her to recall the new memories while he prepared the order...

He prepared many items to the table and quietly beginned useing them while he listened to her telling...
I remember bits and pieces of my training... I remember my mentor... I remember my first staff... Her hand squeezed the imaginary staff, she had left her travelling staff closer to the entrance. I remember our Order... and our orders. I remember the battle. She paused but he wasn't done. He wasn't done crafting, and he wasn't done listening. Did he craft slowly on purpose to buy more listening time? Why did he want to know these things, why did he really care? He already knew so much... Telling more added little. She wouldn't tell everything though... I remember the magic... The flow, feeling the currents and the weaves...

“But you still have the magic, don't you?” the Sin'dorei asked. “Yes” said Nathira, “but it's different now.” She continued to explain how most of magic seemed to avoid her now: Feeling colder than in her memories and more shut out, the only brand of magic that came easy for her, naturally even, was Frost magic. “Demonstrate?” the Blood Elf asked, offering her an empty glass. “Water please.” Nathira scoffed, trivial tasks now was it? She moved her hand closer to glass, already commanding the humidity in the air to gather around it. The gathered blue, humid element continued to move even when her hand stopped, before touching the glass. Over and around the glass the gaseous mass slithered and gathered inside it. With a chink it solidified under her control, and when she moved her hand away the ice melted into pure water. She looked at the Blood Elf with curiosity. He knew she could do that, what was the request for? He took the ball of white yarn he had completed, and clipped off a short strip of it with scissors. “And fire?” he asked again. Fire? Nathira could do fire, it wasn't beyond her abilities... It just didn't come to her as naturally. She didn't question or complain, but extended her hand over the table corner to the Blood Elf, creating a small ball of fire hovering above her open palm... “Excellent” the Elf said and stuck one end of the strip to the fire. With a bright white, smokeless flame the string cought fire and begun to burn shorter. No ash was formed and the speed of the progression remained precisely the same... Something she had requested. Before the fire got up to the fingers holding the strip he let go... and the strip fell into the glass. Submerged in the water it completed it's burn, unhindered by the aquatic presence...
He offered ball of yarn to her now. “Perfect” Nathira said and smiled.

The door opened, making things public again. The Undead was holding her staff again, and stepped down the stair. Nathira turned around and bowed to the Blood Elf. “Shorel'aran.” He smiled and bowed his head slightly. “Al diel shala”.
The door closed, and she walked away. It didn't take her long to find a suitable place. She brought out a sphere-like item, apparently from the folds of her robes or from thin air. The mechanical device had several intertwined moving parts, it seemed to be in constant motion even when still. It was working for something, but it did so without annoying sounds... Expertly she turned it to hold it the right way for this purpose, and while keeping it with her fingers she used her thumb to press a cogwheel down. It moved under her expert touch and touched another moving part, beginning to turn itself. She let go, but the movement wouldn't stop anymore. She felt... no, she heard the silent vibrations the device emitted. Then reality rippled as a hole was punched through it, originating from the device. The hole engulfed Nathira, and closed up behind her.
She wasn't in Silvermoon anymore.

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Coming later: A brief description of physical appearance and objects of note.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

OOCly Nath is an Engineer. I'm working on a IC occupation to call her way of building up small devices and contraptions that work together with magic... ^^ If you have any suggestions...

Family[edit | edit source]

Only known family members is her sister, Aspeth.
The status or whereabouts of Aspeth are unknown or undisclosed.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Officially Lady Nathira has committed no crimes against the Horde, any of it's sub-factions or individuals.
(At least not after getting free from the Lich King's clutch.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

META-information and other stuff:

  • Not a do-goody-doer...
  • Can still be surprisingly warm to those she cares about...
  • Eyeless. Have you ever heard of decay and maggots and soft tissue issues? ^^
  • Vision by goggles... (engineering+magic=?)

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Alive and well. Undead and well.
ICly minding her own business, occasionally being spotted around various Horde capitals and travelling hubs for various reasons. OOCly not being RP'd much at the moment. Bubble RP, guild drama and other selfish people have ruined the mood. >.<
Hope to RP more later... <3

Influences, inspiration and credits[edit | edit source]

I'd like to put something here but I don't know where, how or why she came to be as a character... :o
Steampunk maybe ^^
WoWWiki was used for the Thalassian translations.

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