Karr'Gash von Kroccash after his father, the Fel Orc. However, Karr'Gash was named Naxx by his foster parents.


Naxx in his formal clothing

Physical TraitsEdit

Naxx is your average size and build of an orc, he is dark green skinned and is a skin head where he was severely burned as a youngster. His eyes are sharp and he has a fierce face which can sometimes lead to people misjudging him as a "stereotypical savage ill-mannered orc barbarian".

Race and ClassEdit

Orc Warrior


Naxx is currently guildless. His guild history is as follows:

Deathspeaker of Twilights Hammer Clan

Member of Forgotten Shadow

Bruva of Da Blood Bruvaz


Naxx has no job or occupation, he is an expert miner and blacksmith and sometimes makes an income by selling his products or materials, because he had no real job he resorted to hunting for food and lived very rough usually in the wild. It was only when he had the luxury of money did he spent nights in cities. At the minute he is a renegade warrior, traveling in Outland slaying lackeys of the Fel Horde and Burning Legion as a sort of revenge for his heritage.


WarCraft Samwise012c

Karr'Gash, Naxx's biological father (or what I imagine he looks like)

Father: Karr'Gash von Kroccash (Currently resides in Naxx's mind attempting to bend his son to his will)

Birthmother: Unknown

Foster Father: Grok Bloodrazor (deceased)

Foster Mother: Ashu Bloodrazor (deceased)

Adopted Brother: Torrac Bloodrazor (deceased)

Karr'Gash von Kroccash was an orc shaman corrupted by Gul'Dan and the Burning Legion. He founded the clan "The Felsworn Clan" and took his place as High Chieftain. Karr'Gash and his clan were one of the few survivors of the First War, Karr'Gash and his clan were summoned again to fight in the Second War. The Clan was annihilated by Doomhammer's forces, and although Karr'Gash was beheaded his furious spirit flew into the mind of his infant son who was taken to the internment camp.

Grok Bloodrazor had been liberated from one of the internment camps and joined the Frostwolf Clan, where he met his love Ashu. They had helped in liberating the rest of the internment camps and came across an infant orc who they decided to adopt as their own, unaware that he was the spawn of a Fel Orc.

Ashu Bloodrazor came from the Warsong Clan and met with Grok when the Frostwolf and Warsong Clan met to destroy the internment camps. She gladly adopted the child orc she and her lover had found and called him Naxx.

Torrac Bloodrazor was the first blood son that Ashu and Grok conceived, he never knew that Naxx wasnt his real brother.


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Family BackgroundEdit

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Criminal RecordEdit

Assaulted warlocks in the Cleft of Shadow as he believed they were working against Thrall.

Personal NotesEdit

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Current StatusEdit

He is currently missing in Outland and is rumored to have been slain.

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