Nelinde Dora Belgarde

Physical TraitsEdit

This woman in her late twenties has a kind face and could've been a lady if it wasn't for her fairly crude ways. Her body is trim and trained, but not very muscular. Green eyes can have a dead cold look of dedication or a naughty sparkle. Her skin, red hair and other features always seem to be well taken care of. Thin lips form her smile under a small nose and her voice is playful most of the time, though she can sound strict and with authority without raising her voice when she wants to.

When wearing her full battle suit, she wields her Moonguard hammer and shield The Converter combination, along with various minor gizmos she's built into her suit over time. However, most of the time she'll wear a dress with a few minor utility pockets hidden away.

Place and date of birthEdit

Old Town, New Stormwind City, year 6, 13th of februari (age 26).


Teacher of the Stormwind Academy

Hired as tactical instructor and advisor for the Severket army of Amy Redcross.

Member of the Moonguard.

Guard instructor for the Redemptio Coronae hospital


Jacks and Irene Belgarde , her parents, were still alive and well. Jacks was a bronze and iron weaponsmith and they lived above their shop 'Honest Blades' in Old Town. Just recently they have been kidnapped and brutally killed in revenge.

Matthew Belgarde is her brother, once reunited, he is lost once more.

Nelinde is married to Jadzia, who has taken the family name as her own. Her cats Grio (silver tabby) and Calli (tiger mount) are treated like family as well.



How Nelinde would look like

My parents have been living in the grand city of Stormwind for as long as I can remember. They've moved to help restore Stormwind after the second war. My ancestral house lies in old town just down the road with the inn, with a sign in front: 'Honest Blades'. That's my father's shop, he's an honest blacksmith for the little man or starting adventurer. My mother takes care of other people's little childeren when they're away as a sort of daycare. Despite all their work, we never had much.

I recall a little fellow with red hair I used to call my brother, but when I was about 9 or 10 years old, he disappeared. I began to believe it was perhaps just one of the daycare kids. My life changed a bit then, having my father put me to work. He often sent me out to gather stones, pick up ores and eventually even mine some. He treated me like a boy, hoping I'ld become a blacksmith like him, be the son he didn't have.

When I turned older, well, bad things happened when I couldn't pass as a boy covered in smithing blackness anymore. It's a part I try to forget, but safe to say it's what got me a bit harsh when it comes to men. My parents sent me to church for education, and probably because I was a handful as well. My folks seemed to have saved a whole lot of money for a long time to get me a chance in church. It's not cheap to end up there. So, I studied books about the Light and got all kinds of combat training.

During one of my first outdoor excercises I met Fascino in Goldshire, bickering about foolish men as they no doubt still have in that godforsaken town. I did what I was taught, and helped her... bickering along about those same silly men. My lessons still continued, until at one point I was drafted for the cause of the Silver Hand. Here I met my lovely wife Jadzia. My parents are still alive, but are now in a much better situation. Paladins should live in poverty some say. I just can't help earning more during my duties as I can give away.

For nearly three years, I've been a teacher at the Stormwind Academy. Teaching has turned out to be a passion. Rhoanna is my most loyal and excelling student when it comes to my 'close combat tactics' instructions. In fact, she's also the most dedicated one on tinkering and general engineering. Oh, how I miss being a teacher these days.

Fact is, after a little accident in the Academy's left wing, where my office used to be and got replaced by a big gaping black hole. I decided to quit my job out of fear of getting fired. Several side-jobs later, I decided to just take my previous earnings for granted and be a volunteer at the hospital. Putting my life into a meaningfull and paladin-worthy cause. It's quite different, and free.

Criminal RecordEdit

Teen vandalism. A few charges of 'assault' on various men, but never sentenced.

Significant RelationshipsEdit

Jadzia Belgarde - Neli's one and only wife. She's an older girl with a cheery attitude and adventerous grin. They married after a long relationship, without the church's consent, but with Elune's blessing instead. Jadzia can have extended moments of absence, leaving Neli sometimes feeling alone and desperate. Despite anything though, Neli's heart belongs to her. While not officially disbanded, they are now seperated.

Ciara - A long time friend, who caused Neli to remember her lost kid brother and look for him. Ciara eventually found and confronted him at Menethil, and for that alone, will always hold a special place with Neli. Currently their contact is not as much as Neli would hope for though.

Aricus Belmair - A former knight of the Silver Hand, he was bound to protect Neli by a promise to a shared friend.

Elizabetha Istro Withamhall - Met during a provocative mood by wearing a typical warlock wardrobe into church, Eliza suprised Neli by her open mindedness and looking past appearances. Friendship slowly grew, to the point where Neli was Eliza's caretaker at her darkest hour for 3 dedicated weeks, leaving all her other chores behind. Neli sees Elizabetha as her closest and most loyal friend.

Amy Redcross - A recent friend, who's friendlyness and openess quickly made Neli feel better in her troubles and lonelyness. Frequently gets Neli to worry about all the wars Amy wages. During Amy's absence, Neli sometimes takes care of her daughter, little Norra.

Violin Mayfair - Taken in by the hospital as a new guard, she turned out to be a highly advanced android and therefor Neli's biggest patient. A deep bond grew while fixing her parts and guiding her programming through humanity. All turned around when she betrayed Neli 3 times, got forgiven 3 times, yet persisted to stick to her crimes. The 4th time was the end of Violin's life. Nelinde considers her as a daughter, and was muchly grieved at the loss. (and many, many more in past and present, but keeping this list short and cleaned up to stay significant)

Current StatusEdit

Nelinde, just having returned from finding Ashana take her dead brother's body for whatever plans she may have with him, was faced with a pair of eyes in her mailbox. A supposed sister of Violin plotted to take revenge and has apparently kidnapped them and tied them to a barrel of explosives on a ship in the middle of the sea. With her parents murdered, Nelinde is reaching a possibly unstable state.

Personal NotesEdit


Neli is a free-thinker. Been a rebel against her parents, been a rebel during her paladin training, and will always be a rebel when things go too tight-fisted when it's not needed. In rare occasions, she can be quite pushy to have things go her way, but in general she's convincing enough not to have to resort to such. Everything has a time when it is needed and when it's not called for. Discipline, loyalty, honesty, they all count but they're not the highest cause and at times need to be let go to achieve results which really matter. Nobody is perfect, so don't expect someone, nor yourself to be. Even the grand paladins of old had their weaknesses, even if it was not written about in the books. Do not get set in fixed patterns, but throw in a random change every now and then to keep life alive and interesting.

Recently she's also become more and more of a righteous bitch, due the events around her parents' murder. While she'll be relentless in retributal fury (with her shield still) against the evil of the world, prepared to kill even the closest of friends if they commit evil without regret or redemption, she does offer many chances on asking for forgiveness before she gets that far.

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