Alliancecrest small Nelson Talford DeBreton
HM 2
Title(s) Professor
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Mage
Age 72
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliation Dalaran
Occupation Retired
Status Alive
Relative(s) Stella Whitaker (daughter)


Professor Nelson Talford DeBreton




Arch-Mage of Dalaran

Physical TraitsEdit

The Professor is seventy two years of age. His face has a number of wrinkles and no visable scars, his eyes a bright blue but appear slightly cloudy through age. His hair and beard are long, neatly trimmed and pure white in colour. He is always seen wearing his Dalaran robes along with his favourite hat and his trusty staff.


Retired Headmaster of the University of Dalaran

Professor of Archaeological and Enchantment Studies

Kirin Tor Arch-Mage of Dalaran

Dalaran Envoy for Sanctum Eternal


Nelson was born in Westfall, brought up by his parents with his two brothers and three sisters. He lived a life of poverty but always knew that there was something better for him out there. Helping his father as a simple farm hand Nelson got frustrated with the tedious work and often resulted in random outbursts of anger. These outbursts mostly lead to unexplained accidents such as frozen cattle or burning barns. It was later understood that Nelson had the ability to control the mystic arcane and was granted a scholarship at the Dalaran University where he studied and lived for the majority of his life.

At the age of twenty nine Nelson was bestowed the honor of becoming a Professor through his immense intellect of enchantment and archaeological studies. He often aided the Kirin Tor on numerous occasions by giving his advice on certain dark artifacts confiscated from the growing number of warlocks and shadow magic users. He was once asked to join the Kirin Tor but refused and chose to continue his own studies in the field.

Old Dalaran 1

A Young Nelson studying in Old Dalaran

Several years later Nelson was grieved to learn that his brother who was serving as a footman in the north had been stricken down by a terrible illness and had suffered a fate worse than death. Learning that a terrible plague was sweeping the lands of Lordereon, Nelson was summoned to Dalaran by Archmage Antonidas to help discuss the current threat. Nelson then later aided the forces of Dalaran in their attempt to repel the Scourge from invading the city. Unfortunately the undead successfully destroyed Dalaran, however Nelson escaped death with the aid of his former mentor, Erik Spelltweek, full details on how Nelson survived or Spelltweek's current status have never been fully discovered.

Instead of aiding the Kirin Tor rebuild Dalaran, Nelson assisted the Alliance to explore the newly founded lands of Kalimdor. It was during his travels in Tanaris, Professor DeBreton received a message from Dalaran seeking his knowledge. The Kirin Tor wanted him to take a team of researchers into the harsh deserts to examine the fabled Caverns of Time. After many days of exciting studying the team was attacked by unknown cultists who pillaged and murdered many of archaeologists. Nelson was one of the lucky ones who escaped, he has told few people outside of the Kirin Tor of what transpired in the desert but it is rumoured that he was saved by a lone mage of tremendous power. It was also said that Nelson was given a message to deliver to a noble of Stormwind named Richeron Withamhall, after giving his report to the Kirin Tor it was there that Nelson travelled.

Nelson spent a few months working in Stormwind as a manager for the Venture Company. With the earnings, Nelson set up a new home in Stormwind as well as a labratory where he could further his own studies and experiments. It was thought that while he stayed in the city Nelson discovered the existance of his daughter, Stella. Finding a person he knew little about would have been a difficult task and would have required vast amounts of resources including gold. It is said that Nelson dealed with the Defias Brotherhood to help gather the equipment he needed, a rumour that Nelson has always denied. Soon afterward Nelson was caught in a scandel in which the Venture Company Stormwind Office vault was robbed of it's gold, the finger was pointed at DeBreton who insited that it was the Defias. However that same night the Brotherhood's Stormwind base of operations was burnt down as well as their leader being killed in a gang war, all evidence of the Defias robbery was destroyed and the case was dropped.

To escape the accusations, Nelson returned to Dalaran where he aided the Kirin Tor with their restoration. With the project almost complete the mages were beginning to put their plan into action, however more agents were needed elsewhere in the world and with the majority of the Tor required at Dalaran, Nelson accepted the invitation to become a member and returned to Stormwind to become a Dalaran envoy for Sanctum Eternal.

Lately Nelson's health had been deteriorating, with clouded eyesight he had also become hard of hearing. He also suffers pains in his chest, the result of an old curse. Having accepted that he is now becoming too old to venture in the field, Nelson decided to return to Dalaran, it was here that the Council of Six decided to offer him a new position. With the retirement of Headmaster Lorespark, DeBreton was offered the position to lead the University. Nelson accepted the chance and began teaching a new collection of students in Dalaran with his fellow colleagues.

At seventy four Nelson decided to retire as Headmaster of the University but still remained a strong voice in the Kirin Tor.

Family HistoryEdit

The DeBretons were simple farmers from Westfall, once a proud family business of tobacco export, the family fell under bad times with the local Defias problem. The farm was often raided and was eventually abandoned by Kenneth DeBreton who moved his family to Stormwind. The remains of the farm have since crumbled away leaving nothing but ruins on the Westfall plains.


Mother: Angelica DeBreton (deceased)

Father: Kenneth DeBreton (deceased)

Nelson's parents were traditional farmers both from Westfall. After the family business collapsed they moved to Stormwind. They both died naturally of old age, Angelica first followed by Kenneth.


Brother: Matthew DeBreton

Brother: Samson DeBreton (deceased)

Sister: Sara DeBreton

Sister: Vera DeBreton

Sister: Dame Fredia Thalon-Prichard

Nelson's siblings helped on the farm until it was abandoned. They all later took various jobs in Stormwind. When the Scourge attacked Lordearon, Nelson's youngest brother Samson joined the army. He was struck down by the plague and ultimately died.

Nelson's youngest sister, Freda, became a diplomat for Stormwind. She worked with various nobles and the King in political standings. She met a Stormwind noble called Traven Thalon-Prichard who she married and had a child with whom they named Traven after his father. Traven senior met his untimely death and was found murdered in the Stormwind canals after which his son took the title. Traven the second later enrolled in his uncle Nelson's university to train as a battlemage.

Nelson casting Slow Fall, followed by Wetso. By Belvane


Daughter: Stella Whitaker.

Nelson only has one known child. Stella was the daughter of Nelson and Gloria Whitaker, a student of Nelson's from Dalaran. Nelson however was not aware of Gloria being pregnant who died during child birth, as a result Stella was put in an orphanage. Years later, Nelson found his daughter again, their relationship is strained but she granted his request to live with him in Dalaran.

Equipment and CompanionsEdit


Erik: Nelsons feline familiar and best friend. This little silver tabby has the ability to sense untrustworthy and dangerous individuals. He will strive to protect and aid Nelson however he can. It is rumoured that Erik is infact Nelson's old master, Erik Spelltweek who disappeared after the fall of Dalaran. Such rumours often result in a crack over the head by Nelson should he hear anyone say it.

Wetso: Nelson's water elemental. After developing the ability to create a long lasting water elemental, Nelson's in paticular began to develop a personality. Although Nelson tries to discourage it his friends in the Sanctum Eternal revel in developing the elemental further. Avlee affectionately named him Wetso which Nelson eventually gave in to.


Anton: Named after Antonidas this unicorn is Nelson's most trusted mount. Raised by the High Elves, Anton is trained to assist with an ailing mages needs, the steed will never allow Nelson to fall and is flexible enough so he can make easier mounting.

Enchanted Carpet: Created through Nelson's enchantment skills, the rug allows Nelson to travel by air qucikly.


Spelltweek's Tome of Arcane: Nelson's spellbook, the tome belonged to his old master and has been passed down from master to apprentice over the course of several years. The book has had various different names but Nelson keeps it's existing title in memory of his beloved master. Suspected to contain a number of rare and powerful spells.

Notes Edit

Nelson is a traditionalist mage in that he doesn't approve of new magicks, choosing to stick with frost magic as the Kirin Tor did in the old days. Pyromancy to him is a reckless form of magic too closly associated with Warlocks and prefers not to teach it in the University but grudgingly knows he has to.

Although he has built some technological masterpieces in the past, Nelson prefers to stick with using magic if he can as he thinks it's much easier although he doesn't use it recklessly.

Nelson is an Arch-Mage. This title has nothing to do with power (although Nelson's abilities in the arcane are advanced) but more to do with the Kirin Tor's ranking structure. A Mage who is in charge of a particular sect or "department" in Dalaran is known as an Arch-Mage and in Nelson's case this is education.

Like most old wizard templates Breton is an inspiration of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. He has the same authority and leadership as well as an air of power which he rarely shows. Other inspirations come from Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter although this is a much loser persona in that the only similarity is that they both share the same position of Headmaster because Dumbledore is much more compassionate than Breton. Personality wise Breton is more like Rudstrum Ridcully from Discworld than Dumbledore in that Breton is a very grumpy old mage, he also has elements from other members of the Unseen University.

Current Status Edit

Enjoying retirement.

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