She does not appear to have a last name. It is reasonable to assume that Neryt may not be the name she had when alive.

Physical TraitsEdit

A stocky gnomish woman of average height. She has dirty shoulder-length black hair, deathly pale skin and sunken glowing eyes. Slightly decaying, she does not smell especially pleasant - when forced to enter an Alliance settlement, she may douse herself in cheap perfume. It is debatable as to whether this is an improvement.

Clothing: sometimes wears an eyepatch, despite having two healthy(ish) eyes. When encountered in Northrend she is usually wearing dark saronite plate armour and wielding a large axe. When she must mingle with the living, she wears simple, rough clothing and red-tinted goggles to conceal her eyes.

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome death knight.


The Arcane Order


Blacksmith. This may have been her profession in life, as she is quite skilled.


Not known.


Judging by her build, she was probably a warrior in life and presumably died in the Plaguelands fighting the Scourge. She has few memories of her mortal life and what she does recall, she scorns as "weakness". This is an interesting attitude and suggests her time as the Lich King's slave had quite a large influence on her personality. Neryt still revels in bloodshed and power over others. Her main resentment is that the Lich King "abandoned" her at Light's Hope Chapel, though she does appreciate the fact that her will is now her own.

Family BackgroundEdit

Not known. Probably has living relatives.

Personal NotesEdit

Neryt is best described as "out for herself". She is ruthless and selfish, but bright enough to conceal this for as long as necessary. She will not hesitate to abandon companions and break allegiances if she feels it will benefit her and if she can get away with it. Neryt prefers to "work" alone and is slightly afraid of the living; she will usually decline offers of assistance for fear that she will be rejected later, when she is no longer needed.

She appears to have no goals other than to fill her undead existence with interesting things, frequently at the expense of everyone else.

Companion: "Biteyface"Edit

The enormous, sleek brown rat often seen accompanying Neryt, Biteyface is around two feet long and nearly as large as his mistress. The name she has chosen for him suggests a certain gnomish quirkiness remains within Neryt. He does not, despite his name, bite unless defending himself. He is extremely tame and at ease in the presence of people: in fact, he is probably more pleasant company than Neryt.

Current StatusEdit

Fighting Scourge (and anything else that may have treasure) in Northrend. She sells anything that looks magical to The Arcane Order - not knowing of their Scourge connections. Although nominally a Knight of the Ebon Blade, she enjoys fighting things and stealing treasure and is not above working as a mercenary for those who will pay well enough. What she does with the gold is anyone's guess.

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