Manaron. His second name is unknown.

Physical TraitsEdit

His skin is pale, and slightly rotted. His face has a large hole through both cheeks which he usually covers up with a helmet or similar headgear. He has blue firey eyes,marking him as a death knight. He walks always in full armor,ready to fight.He has a brand of a redemption seeker on his arm. His chest will be dominated by his tabard and medals. He usually is seen in scarlet garb.

Race and ClassEdit

[OoC]: Human Death Knight [IC]: Undead Redemption Seeker


Used to be in The Justice Bringers

Now one of The Scarlet Champions




His life before death was little known. It is known he was a feared paladin and a chaplain. When he lead a large army at the wrathgate,some sources claim,he turned to run and that is when he died. A witness claims his chest was being eaten slowly buy a giest before cultists dragged him off. He later "woke" up in Icecrown with two cultists standing over him. He strangled both and ran. Next time he was seen he was a redemption seeker for cowardice and being undead.He now is a leader of the New Scarlet Crusade.

Criminal RecordEdit

"The files have been lost shortly after the battle of the wrathgate"

Current StatusEdit

Keeping an eye on death knights around old town.

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