Name Edit

Lord Nicksonol Syran Severket, Lord General

Physical Traits Edit

Nicksonol is quite a large man, he stands at a height of 6'2" and has broard Shoulders and a well toned body thought the obvious signs of ageing can be seen, he wears an eyepatch after loosing an eye in the Eastern plaguelands and has recently lost his shield hand due to an infection contracted from a Stiched Horror in Stratholme, His hair is shoulder length and gray his goatee is also gray and well trimmed.

Race and ClassEdit

A Human Warrior

Guild Edit

Knights of Severket.

Occupation Edit

Nicksonol is a renoun Armoursmith and Miner, and a Career Swordsman


Nicksonol only has one "Family Member" whom he adopted Amy Redcross Severket

Background Edit

Nicksonol was placed in the monestery by his father when he was younger to become a Paladin, after several years of trouble making and general non compliance with his tutors he was removed from the sacred building.

After pleading with his father he was allowed to train as a the profession he had most liked since he had heard tales from his fathers men.

While Nicksonol was home from his lessions he witnessed his fathers murder and disgrace at the hand of men dressed in alliance colours after recovering form his shock Nicksonol sought the only other witness to the murder, Tuho and since that day Tuho and Nicksonol have been in correspondance and several months ago, Tuho entered Nicksonol's service with the Hospitalors of Stormwind, Nicksonol's first real placement.

Not so long after Nicksonol joined the Hospitalors he decided that he would go his seperat way and take back the honor that is rightfull his.

Family Background Edit

Brief summary of family history.

Criminal Record Edit

Records Removed from Archives

Personal Notes Edit

Current Status Edit

Currently Nicksonol is trying to contact the leaders of various orders for help and advise, he would like to create a greater bond between the orders and in doing so may be able to revive the northern lands and prtect the south at the same time.

So far Nicksonol has successfully contacted and met with Habeus who has refused and declined help and aid

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