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It was almost Dusk, the sun was beaming its last beam of light across the Stone talon mountains. North of what is now to be known as the Charred Vale stood The group of twelve, all different heights, in different Armour and all wielding different weapons. the one that stood out the most was clearly the Leader, her Armour shone in either sun or moonlight, her long silver hair shining in kind, on her back was a Short Sword and a large silver shield with Darnassian Runes embedded into the center,

"Sister Tel’dria are we at the vale?" the leader. The other night Elf pull out a small map, looking over it then at the sky as the first star in sky began to shine, doing this several times before looking up back at the leading woman "Indeed we are mistress Halcha" Bowing deeply before her before crouching with the others.

Halcha looked around, looking towards Blueleaff and Slyvina "Sisters Blueleaff and Slyvina" saying with a sense of authority "Yes mistress Halcha?" they both said though Slyvinas voice more serious than Blueleaffs

"Tell me what you both sense?" saying as she looked at them, awaiting for an answer

Blueleaff closed her eyes, placing her hands on the ground, breathing slowly and Exhaling in kind While slyvina stood as tall as she could, taking a big sniff of the Air, doing so twice before quietly saying "I smell them mistress Halcha" Halcha Nodded before turning to another of the Elves "can you secure Slyvinas senses sister Awoili?"

The girl didn't rise to her feet but looked at Halcha Nodding "Indeed I can mistress Halcha....this place reeks of their foul stench" Again Halcha Nodded before turning to Blueleaff "and you, sister Blueleaff what can you sense?"

Blueleaff slowly opened her eyes, slowly rising from the ground "there is a clear disturbance mistress Halcha, the trees themselves seem disturbed" Bowing to Halcha as herself and Slyvina began to crouch down again.

Halcha turned toward the Vale, taking a deep breathe before turning back to her Sentinals "Right sentinials this is how it is going to be done ,sister Tel’dria and sister May keep back unless you are really needed,understood?" they nodded before replying with a sharp "yes mistress"

Halcha look toward the two twins before saying sharply "sisters Lai and Wai you will be in the charge with me, understood" they both nodded at the exact same time before replying in the exact second and tone of voice "yes mistress" she looked around looking at Slyvina, Awoili and a one eyed elf "right sister Slyvina you will be in charge of sister Awoili and sister Chisen, you will let your bows sing with their death, understood?" they all nodded almost shouting "yes mistress!"

Halcha looked around "sister Hanchu! Where are you?" the elf known as Hanchu appeared behind her smiling "I am here mistress" Halcha turned around slowly, jumping back as Hanchus face appeared infront of hers shouting "Hanchu how many times have I told you not to that!" the girl just shrugged "so what do you wanting me to do?" Halcha just sighed "do what you do best" the girl grinned and rubbed her finger with glee as she replied "yes Mistress"

She turned to Blueleaff and an extremely Tall night elf girl who was towering above the others "right sister Dainachi you are going to act the Second charge against them flying wenches understood?" Dainachi said with a loud booming voice "YES MISTRESS!” forcing Blueleaff who was now close to her to cover her ears, the huge night elf turned to Blueleaff "oh...I are sorry Flower girl" Blueleaff looked at her with a warm embracing smile as Dainachi gently with the utmost care patted Blueleaff on the head "not a problem my dear".

"sister Blueleaff, you just do what you can, roots, being a bear or cat, hitting them with that staff, just do WHAT you can along with sister Dainachi am I clear?" said Halcha, looking at Blueleaff with an almost glare "of course mistress"

She looked the smallest of the girls; she was in rough chain mail armour with a sword and shield “young Nisha my dear you stay close to me ok? And try not to get into any trouble you cannot handle ok?" the young girl just nodded quietly saying "yes mistress Halcha"

Halcha smiled conferdently to Nisha before drawing her sword and shield, followed shortly by the others drawing their own individual weapons, Slyvina and Awoili standing along side their pets Niesha the Cat and Mie the Bear.

"Remember my sisters, we have fought many better than this, and though they outnumber us, as we have always have been, we are proud Kaldorei, child of the stars, brave servants of nature and Elune!, it is time we showed them that!" Halcha put her Sword into the air looking to her Soldiers shouting "Andu-falah-dor!" charging down into the vale, the others followed reaching half way down the vale before Slyvina and Awoili stopped shouting at the top of their voices to get the others to do so, the others continued until they saw that which troubled the two huntresses, this was not a patrol they had been sent against but in fact an encampment, a large encampment.

Quickly the Soldiers dived to the sides, crouching into the night and blending with it, Halcha looked around for Slyvina who moved near to her, Halcha whispering "I thought you said this was a patrol?" Slyvina nodded whispering back to her commander "that’s what the command scroll said mistress",

Halcha Nodded to Slyvina looking at the encampment they were close to, shaking her head in disbelief, looking at her soldiers, taking a out a Scroll from her leather pouch and using a brush and ink began writing down onto it before handing it to slyvina "put this on Niesha and send her off to gain reinforcements" slyvina replied with a quiet "yes mistress" before tying the note around nieshas neck "go swiftly girl, find who ever you can" the cat began to purr as it rubbed itself against Slyvina who looked at her cat saying quite sharply "Ash karath! Niesha" the cat looked once at it owner before running off from the vale, disappearing into the night.

Hours pasted and no reinforcements came, Blueleaff sitting with her legs cross and her eyes close, breathing calmly while the others waited, the young Nisha stared at what seemed to be the abandoned encampment, growling impatiently and feeling the urge to run in, annoyed by the pure, unnatural silence. a few more long minutes past before the girl cracked she leaped to her feet screaming "Tor ilisar'thera'nal!" charging into the vale filled with the harpies disgusting nests, at that instant she was knocked down by a harpy, looking eye to eye with the witch as it smirked at her, squealing "DIE! Fledgling" raising her talon to strike Nisha as she lie pinned, fortunately for the young Night elf the skilled bow arm of Chisen struck the wench in the neck.

at that instance the gates of hell broke loose, what seemed to be hundreds of harpies descended from their nests, screeching and screaming as they flew near, Halcha, lai and wai ran forward, wielding there weapons to defend Nisha as the Harpies flew near, Chisen,Awoili and slyvinas let their bows sing the song of death upon the swarm of harpies flying closer, the Battle began to rage, the night elves and Mie the bear began to dance the dance of battle in skill, killing many of the witches,even with their efforts they were far outnumbered, and in a matter of minutes they began to get killed off, May the Priestess being the first as she was grabbed and dangled while part of the swarm mauled her, smirking as she screamed in agony, next was Tel’dria and Nisha who were both struck in the back by diving from the air and impaling the girls with their sharp talons, Dainachi was next after pushing Blueleaff to the ground and taking the Harpies talons to the tall lady's heart, thought after each death the girls fought harder and harder, Hanchu fell next, lifted by her throat and flown around until she returned to the Ground with a thud

eventually Chisen, Awoili and Mie the bear were too killed as they were overwhelmed and mauled by the swarm, though Slyvina managed to fight her way closer to the others, left were only Halcha, Slyvina, Blueleaff, Lai and Wai, making there way back from the vale until they were surrounded by the swarm of witches, they flew around the girls like bees around a hive, they tired as hard as they could to not get dazed and confused by the Tactic, then they began to strike by flying past quickly and raking the girls with their talons as they did, eventually striking Wai across the throat, Lai looked at what was now her dead sister on the floor, dropping beside and shaking her shouting "Wai wake up! wai..wai!" her eyes filled with tears as she continued to shake the dead Twin. as Blueleaff fought she noticed the dead girl and the crying one, her arm being raked by a talon, Screaming in agony she got herself over to Lai, shaking her to get her back into the fighting, again her guard being dropped allowing another witch to rake her leg, falling to her knee as she cried in pain, quickly grapping hold of Lai as another came in to strike, the sharp talons edge cutting its deadly art across Blueleaffs head, at that moment she fell to her back, bleeding and panting, trying to slow her breathing, her vision very slowly fading as she watched terrified on the floor, praying for a miracle.

Meanwhile Halcha and Slyvina fought fanatically together using nearly every part of their bodies to stand against the harpies, Slyvina using every part of her pole arm to fend them off until she too was caught across the leg, leaving just Halcha to fight.

Halcha suddenly went into a state of berserker's rage, bashing the harpies with her shield as they came, cutting them down, every time one harmed her, she cut down it down along with another, but even Halcha was eventually struck by the largest harpy which dived its devious Talons into the commanders heart screeching "your head will make an excellent trophie!" it cackled as Halcha bled from the mouth, her purple blood falling to the ground like the others, dropping her sword and shield as Slyvina watched, shocked and enraged as she picked up the nearest item which happened to be a broken talon and threw it at the vile beast, striking it in the neck, its wings stopped flapping and fell along with Halcha who was now stone dead with her eyes wide open, Slyvina looked around from the floor, looking at the crying Lai and dying Blueleaff, then looking to the night sky praying for a miracle.

Slyvina reached for her spear, panting exhaustedly as she tried to get to one knee, she held her spear close as she looked around at all the pain, blood and death around her, another swooping towards her, Slyvina stared, her body unable to move due to her exhaustion, the wenches tools of death nearing her, but as if by chance Niesha the cat leaped through the flock of circling harpies and pouncing on the nearing harpy, biting it in the neck.

panic amongst the harpies began as what seemed like a rain of arrows appeared from what seemed to be no where, Slyvina got the other two close to her, putting herself over Blueleaff to make sure she received no farther injury, the harpies broke the circle trying to find the were abouts of the arrows before choosing to fly to the encampment closer to the province border for safety, the miracle reveled themselves as a group of Stonetalon and Ashenvale rangers.

"Search for survivors, they said they would wait before engaging" said the Ashenvale ranger leader, looking around slightly shocked at the scene "We have found three" shouted a Stonetalon ranger "one is in a critical state" "I want the dead picked up to, these witches don't deserve anything off these brave women" replied the Stonetalon ranger leader

the rangers looked around in shock as they discovered the dead one by one, mutilated and mauled, some of the bodies of the twelve looks almost shredded, one of the newer rangers turning her head and throwing up at the sight.

one by one the twelve were taken away from the grueling scene, starting with Blueleaff who's life was one but on a thin piece of string, a week pasted as Slyvina waited at the sentinal bunkhouse, waiting for the wounded Blueleaff to awaken, she sighed until blueleaff shot up from her bed screaming "mistress Halcha!" panting as she looked around, looking down at the comfort of a bed before looking around before Slyvina gently pushed her onto the bed "hey calm down your alright now, looks like you took some serious hits there" she looked at Lai who just sat in the corner, motionless, Slyvina shook her head before looking at Blueleaff before gently saying "how do you feel?"

Blueleaff looked up at slyvina "I feel weak still" Slyvina nodded before replying "let me get you some Tea old friend" blueleaff smiled softly before lying back to her soft pillow, as her head made contact with the pillow she began to feel the battle again in her head, the sounds, the sights the smells, gripping her ears and closing her eyes she writhed in her bed, clearly the memories disturbing her, they eventually stopped, leaving Blueleaff in a state of shock, tears flowing down her face, even what she had seen as blurs seemed clear, Slyvina came in with a tray of tea, suddenly rushing over to her friend with the tray, putting it down and trying to calm her friend.

days went and came as they do, though the young elf Lai found it harder and harder to cope, her twin sister was now gone, her other half and her best friend was now gone, for the first time she had a plate of food to herself but she couldn't eat, the first time she had a cup of tea to herself but she could not drink, she had a bed to herself for the first time but she could not sleep, she had a bathe along for the first time but she could not wash, she could do nothing now her twin sister was dead, she began to try kill herself many times,trying herself to make herself bleed to death many a time, trying to hang herself, though all attempts failed due to Blueleaff and Slyvina she could not be saved, eventually dying from exhaustion.

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