Neutralcrest small Nikaro "The Black Widow" Darkheart
Title(s) The Black Widow
Gender Female
Race High elf (Possessing a night elf's body)
Class Death Knight
Age 179 Years (High Elf year before she turned undead)
Alignment Neutral Evil
Status Undead
Relative(s) Gregory Johnsson, Serra Darkheart


Nikaro "the Black Widow" Darkheart

Physical TraitsEdit

Nikaro has long silky white hair that runs down on her back and chest. Her eyes are glowing blue like any death knight. The markings she used to have are gone. Her face remains clean and smooth yet very lifeless with gaunt cheeks and hollow eyes. Her skin is as pale as every corpse is. She's around the normal height of a female night elf. On her upper left arm there's a mistreated burnt scar.

Rare version of Nikaro

Race and ClassEdit

OOC: Female Night elf Death knight.


Enforcer of The Dark Embrace


Father: Thalan'os Darkheart (Unkown)

Mother: Sir'anura Darkheart (Deceased)

Husband: Gregory Johnsson (Deceased)

Daughter: Serra Darkheart (Alive)

Nikaro and Gregory 4

Final farewell.

Fall of the Lich King

Nikaro disappeared for months after the fall of the Lich King. She has recently been seen by a few Crusaders in the Plaguelands.

Current StatusEdit

She is possesing a young night elf's body as her own body was burned. Still as hostile as before.

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