Name Edit

Nirofen Litfuse. The dusk knife

Undercover-Brendo Fizwidget.

Brendo Fizwidget

Nirofen as Brendo Fizwidget

Physical Traits Edit

The most obvious trait of Nirofen is his old age and great white beard. He also has a burn on his left cheek, both are unseen when he's wearing his mask. Usually wears black clothing. When disguised as Brendo Fizwidget he wears a wide brim leather hat. He is not particularly strong but is quick on his feet. He doesn't look aspecially fat nor thin but he is shorter then the average gnome.

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome rogue

Guild Edit

The Dark Embrace.

House Litfuse Edit

Not one of the richest families but certainly one of the oldest, house Litfuse is the origin of many skilled gnomes. Most of them, blessed with a kin eye for details, had learned arts of great accuracy and perfection. The Litfuses are divided into two classes: Sparks and Flames.

The Sparks, which are about 60% of house Litfuse, are those that deal with accurate crafts, such as jewelcrafting and mathematics (geomatry in particular). There are also engineers amongst the Sparks but they are somewhat rare.

The Flames on the other hand, deal with the most accurate art: arcane. House Litfuse is well known for their spellcasters and their particular style. They don't cast spells from their inner power or 'soul' but rather from their mind alone. They all treat arcane as a formation of delicate formulas and shapes, making the Litfuses natural when it comes to rune magic.

Family and occupation Edit

Ex-Jewelcrafter of stormwind

Assassin for rent

Trader of cheese (undercover)

Boggywoz Litfuse(brother)- Recently came back to Stormwind, the two made no contact.

Ninsy Litfuse (father) - Died in Gnomeregan

Jeelow Litfuse (mother) - Died in Gnomeregan

Background Edit

Nirofen Lifuse was born in Gnomeregan 120 years before the start of the first war. At the age of 60 (gnomish adulthood) he and his brother left Khaz Modan to Stormwind to achieve education and financial backing or their relatively poor family. Nirofen's brother went to study magical arts while Nirofen studied geology and jewelery. Things went pretty well for the couple and they were talented at their professions but that lasted for only 20 years. On that summer night guards broke into Nirofen's house and locked up both him and his brother in a cell waiting for a trail. They were both accused for studying and using forbidden magical arts, particularly Boggywoz, Nirofen's brother. The two were then banished from Stormwind to the Black Morass and their fate was assumed as dead.

But now, as the human land has been rebuilt a white bearded gnome with brown eyes and folded skin came into the new Stormwind. Collecting information and news he learned of an attack by a cult known as The Dark Embrace has attacked Lakeshire. After a lot of more spying and learning Nirofen was able to contact lady Alania and join her order as a dedicated assasin in exchange for revenge on Stormwind. Soon Nirofen proved useful by kidnapping Louise from her birthday party and using her to blackmail Ormsby to turn himself back to the embrace. His reward: Augustus as his protector and guide.

Nirofen is now hanging around with a few identities and preparing himself to his next mission, beware the white bearded gnome humans!

Secret background Edit

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT READ AT YOUR OWN RISK (and if you metagame this I'll butcher you ^^)

Nirofen and Boggywoz both battled the wild marsh to survive and if it hasn't been for Boggywoz's magic both would not last a week. One month after them being exiled a strange race of greenskins arrived from the south and established outposts. The two hiding in the Western cliffs saw the odd army storm the west not a long time after, that was the beginning of the first war.

Being on the run to not be discovered by the orcs the two were soon in trouble since they couldn't leave their hideout to get food, they went quietly and carefully but one time they have been caught. Their capture was no other then a tribe of lost ones or later known as dreanai, those people said that they won't let the orcs harm innocents (like them) again and so Nirofen was taught the art of stealth which he mastered over a long period of time while his brother was taught the lost one's magic, dark magic.

Nirofen didn't quite care about the fel magic since he trusted his brother but one time an orc reached the tribe and she was surprisingly welcomed, her name was Garona. She was a master of stealth and she asked for the dreanai knowledge of the zone to find an easy secret way into a place called Karazhan. Nirofen did not care about it but his brother disappeared that night and Nirofen haven't seen him again. Until now.

Criminal Record Edit

Kidnapped Louise and Ormsby, blackmailing Ormsby. He was also banished from Stormwind long ago but the records were lost.

Personal Notes Edit

Nirofen is almost all the time undercover as Brendo Fizwidget. Brendo is known as a successful but lonely merchant that travels around the world trading mostly cheese and likes to spend time in the Pig and Whistle because he finds company there quite often. Brendo's "friends" include Ibelin, Trawe, Wuwu, (Starlight), Angst, Buri, Grumbar, (Mountaineer),Merwyn (Silver Sun).

As Nirofen was hurt before he became quite paranoid and his recent undercover made him develop a new obsession: Pathological lying.

Annarima recently decided to teach Nirofen shadow magic. Nirofen can only understand rune magic and has encountered only the simplest of formations. He is yet to cast his first spell as there was never a need and Nirofen avoids it at all cost, fearing the consequences of arcane usage.

Current Status Edit

Assassin working for The Dark Embrace

Trivia Edit

  • The only thing he wants more then destroying stormwind and it's nobles is finding his brother
  • Hates all humans, especially the racist scarlets
  • Tends to chase certain people obsessively
  • Became a pathological lier
  • While on a job or with the embrace he is known as The Dusk Knife

Quotes Edit

"Always have a plan B."

"Magic is like math, no limits exist, no mistakes allowed. Accurate and absolute".

"I will chase you to the end of the world and then push you off the edge."

"My mind is sharp and my body is quick, don't let age deceive you, foolish human."

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