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Nomine ( taken, have been known under several assumed names earlier ) Titles: Guildmaster, have claimed nobility as well as ranks within SI:7 and various other organisations. Neither of these claims have held up to investigation.


Nomine preparing

Physical Traits Edit

Taller than the average roleplayer thats taller than average.

A body thats just starting to show its age and marked by hard living, and harder fighters. Plenty of scars makes for a road map to Nomine.

Race and ClassEdit

Male, human. Honest tradesman.

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Starlight .

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Most of the days he claims to fil with raising his daugher Syrawenn. Working hard to make her ready to take over both trade and leadership when he retires once in distant future. That leadership is of course of Starlight. A guild he now has "led" for close to a year. In hardships and wins. He is starting to feel that will be his legacy in some way. Truth be told a fair amount of the day is filled with charming women. Trying hard not to be "too married".

Chit ( editor of Gizmopolitan ) has persuaded him to write a few educational words for their upcomming gentlemans magazine.

As most men in his position much time goes to keeping informed. Part by paying off the needed people. Part by going out in search of news himself.

Known to be a skilled leatherworker, but when he is mostly known for his trade in information.


Eileena: Wife

Syrawenn: Daughter

Background Edit

Summary of your personal history

Family Background Edit

Brief summary of family history.

Criminal Record Edit

Suspected of much, but nothing has been able to stick to him those last 5-6 years.

He keeps a close relationship with various members of the guards.

Wanted for questioning in regards to a murloc-pearl farm scandal in Ironforge.

Personal Notes Edit

This is some of the Nomine stories I have written, some background info, some on how he relates to other people.

Some might even be well written, but don`t count on it!

Please respect that much of this is Nomines view, and while it might reflect accuratly on events or people, its not truth, or texts Nomine has written down for others to find.

Turning points

Taking place early autum-summer months 2009. Explaning were Nomine has been the last periode

Old Town

More or less the main Stormwind focused story line, its seldom updated, been in use since 2009. Focus on Old town, and the feel of that part.

Tomorrow is just another day to die

Story related to the last fight versus the Dark Embrace, and how Starlight deals with "problems"

Blood, guts and undeads.

First attempt on a instance based story, also explains were Nomine got hold on a weapon that was later used to kill Annarima.

An old beginning

One of the most important stories. It lays the foundation for Nomine, and is set about 20-25 years into the past.

Learning how to fight

It is a stream of bad thinking thingy, but its from one of Starlights combat trainings.

Raising Hell

It is about raising Nomines daughter Syrawenn. I suspect it talk about love.

Scenes from a marriage

As a look at the personal life of Nomine and his wife Eileena, I suspect this also talk about love.

Seduction 101

One of the first pieces I wrote as Nomine, his take on how you seduce women. later reposted in

Old age Nomine

Back in 2008 we had a 20 years into the future contest in Starlight, this text takes on his death among other things.

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