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The Northwind Free Company is a heavy RP guild. Yes, as much as all RP guilds these days claim to be heavy RP guilds, to attract members, I can honestly say that NFC's members are doing their best to uphold the standard of heavy roleplay.

Being an Alliance Mercenary guild we recruit all the members of the Alliance aswell as all levels (at the moment)

The level of roleplaying skill needed to join is not really vital as long as you are patient and willing to learn and listen.

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Some of the members of NFC

We are currently based in Nethergarde keep, however it is only temporary until something more suitable and permanent can be found.

Contracts and JobsEdit

The NFC is currently taking contracts from Stormwind and Dalaran. People in need of help or aid from the company can contact Osmund Belmont via in game mail or at our forums

However! We do not take nastiness-contracts like massacre villagers or murdering the leader of the state etc. We do have standards afterall

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