Physical Traits Edit

Alliancecrest small Nouala Irendue Ravenwind
Title(s) Hospitaller
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter
Age 68
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Redemptio Coronae
House Ravenwind
The Moonguard
Occupation Doctor
Status Alive
Relative(s) Blueleaff Moonsong (Guardian)
Maradith Nightsong (aunt)
Altharion (uncle)
Anyviel Ravenwind (mother)
Celorfir Ravenwind (father)
Norbrimbor Ravenwind (older brother)

Nouala appears to be a very young Kaldorei. She has a kind, somewhat childlike face, that would be considered beautiful by most, and is usually smiling. Her long hair is usually well-kempt and worn loosely down her back. She is somewhat taller than most of her kin, and though slim has a fit, muscular build, as someone who exercises regularly.

On her lapel she wears a broche emblazoned with a Raven flying in a gust of wind. Around her neck can be seen a fine necklace that glows softly with a golden-bluish light. She usually wears a circlet around her brow symbolizing her leadership of Redemptio Coronae.

Talents Edit

Healing: Nouala is a trained physician, and can heal most non-fatal wounds as well as curing most natural diseases (but alas, she has no cure for the common cold). Wounds healed in this fashion will leave minor scars, if they are not later treated by magic. She is a physician of considerable skill, capable even of successfully treating creatures whose physiologies she is unfamiliar with.

Limited Precognition: Nouala can sometimes (involuntarily) predict events in the near future. This can be compared to looking through a keyhole into an unknown room: You can see a bit of the room, but not "the full picture", in fact, you do not even know what part of the room you are viewing.

Instinctive Combat: Nouala will sometimes enter a state where she fights purely on instinct. This means, that she reacts faster and more accurately in combat. In this state, Nouala is not consciously controlling her actions, she remembers what happens only as a state of complete confidence where "the world is white". The onset of this state is heralded by an unusual gleam of golden light in her otherwise white eyes. Once in this state, Nouala will continue fighting until all her foes are rendered harmless or dead. Her actions are controlled by the part of her subconscience that makes ethical and moral choices.

Singing: Nouala has a beautiful singing voice and sometimes likes to sing for her friends. At present, she does not know many songs in the common tongue, usually singing in Darnassian. She has shown a talent for picking up the sounds of a place and setting them to music accurately enough to make listeners feel like being at the place she is singing about.

Pets and Mounts Edit

Pets Edit



Kirfalah is Nouala's favorite pet. Nouala found her (or, more accurately, Kirfalah found Nouala) in the wilds of Winterspring, where Nouala was camping for the night. Kirfalah approached and befriended Nouala, and has been with her since.

Kirfalah is generally friendly, and likes nothing better than when people pat her or scratch her behind the ears. She is fiercely protective of Nouala, and seems to be highly intelligent, often acting on her own initiative to protect Nouala and her friends.

Kirfalah also seems to have taken a special liking to Nouala's best friend Elizabetha, and might even have been the first to notice Elizabethas pregnancy.

When Nouala is is Stormwind, Kirfalah is usually prowling nearby. Sometimes she can be found in Elwynn forest scaring the wolves there. (She sneaks up on unsuspecting wolves and then slams a paw on the poor wolfs tail.)



Nouala is rarely seen accompanied by the Sporebat Xorn, which she found on her very first trip to Zangarmarsh.

Xorn seems to be a friendly sort if a bit impish. His favorite trick is to float silently to the back of a person and then gently touching the neck with one of his tentacles.

Mounts Edit









Guild Edit

Redemptio Coronae

Occupation Edit

Nouala is a trained Leatherworker and skinner, specializing in Dragonscale Leather. She has recieved extensive medical training and has an advanced knowledge of both First Aid and Medical Practice. Has been known to cook up a fair meal occasionally.

One of her hobbies is Woodcarving, and she has become quite good at it.

Motto Edit

Moritori Nulumus Mori (We who are about to die don't want to)

Family Edit

Anyviel Ravenwind (mother, family matriarch)
Celorfir Ravenwind (father, fell at the battle of Mount Hyjal)
Norbrimbor Ravenwind (elder brother, murdered by his crazed mother)
Blueleaff Moonsong (guardian)
Altharion (uncle)
Maradith (aunt)

Background Edit

Birthplace: Auberdine, Darkshore

Home: Auberdine


Nouala Ravenwind

Nouala was born in Auberdine, as the second child of Ravenwind.

From an early age, her parents tried to groom her for a life in the priesthood, but met with little success. From an early age, Nouala had found her love for the life in the open forests and soon took to the life of a hunter. Since she was the second child, and not really expected to accomplish anything, her parents indulged her though they still tried to turn her towards the priesthood.

It was her elder brother Norbrimbor, and to some extent spymaster Angabor who noticed the young Nouala's thirst for adventure and tutored her in the ways of the wild. She was an attentive student, especially in the Combat Quips (cool things to say in the heat of battle) class. On their urging, young Nouala was trained in the use of many weapons.

As a part of her training, her brother took her to Feralas where he showed her the ruins of the Ravenwinds ancestral home. Finally, when her skill with the bow rivaled that of her teachers, she left the safety of her home to "See as much of Azeroth as possible and experience high adventure".

At some time in her travels, Nouala came to the newly founded city Theramore where she studied medicine under Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen and became a capable doctor. She still writes to her tutor regularly and has a good reputation in Alliance Trauma.

Then one autumn, she was called back to Auberdine with no explanation. Once there, she found, that her brother Norbrimbor had been murdered by an unknown assassin, and that her own life might well be in danger. With the demise of her elder brother, she was now the oldest child. She had some trouble adjusting to her family's elevated expectations of her and some (a lot) of trouble acting appropriately courteous and dignified.

As the unknown assassin might now be stalking her, she left home and travelled the world, rarely staying the same place two nights in a row.

Staggering into Stormwind one night, following a strange attack in the Eastern Plaguelands that had left her with an infected wound in her leg that she could not seem to heal, she chanced to meet the blind human paladin Elizabetha Istro. With help from the gnome Merwyn, Elizabetha healed Nouala's leg. This spelled the beginning of a strong friendship between Nouala and Elizabetha.

In the following months, Nouala spend most of her time in the company of her new friend, joining her in an attempt to root out The Dark Embrace, an effort that seemingly ended with the (apparent) death of The Faith during a pitched battle in Southshore. The loss of her new friend Ashana and subsequent reanimation as an enslaved Banshee shortly following said battle was a source of grief to Nouala. Locating her friend at the place of her death, Nouala had a lengthy conversation with Ashana. They seperated as friends, but if they will ever meet again is unknown.

The grim fate of Ashana utterly shattered Noualas newfound confidence in herself. Having seen death (Un-Death actually) first hand kindled a paralyzing fear of her own death. For the first time she really realized, that she too will die someday (she was born immortal but lost that along with the rest of her kin), and the thought of death horrified her. With help from her friend Elizabetha, Nouala regained her confidence and conquered her fear of death.

When Elizabetha asked Nouala to be her maid of honor at her wedding with Richeron Withamhall, Nouala was greatly honored and happily agreed, even though she did not know what she were supposed to do at the time.

The news of Elizabetha's pregnancy greatly pleased Nouala. Since then, she has stayed close by her friend, offering her support both as friend and physician.

In the start of April that same year, Nouala was in Feralas with her druid friend Blueleaff. The two were investigating rumors, that Noualas mother Anyviel had been driven insane by a corrupted Shadow Gem, and had been indiscriminately killing everyting around her. The rumors proved true, and after a hard battle Nouala and Blueleaff managed to kill Noualas insane mother. ((OOC: See The Search and The Battle for more on this.))

Following the death of her mother, Nouala, now entitled as Hospitaller Ravenwind has been forced to take up the mantle as matriarch of her family. To her own surprise, she has is managing this task with great success, having secured the support of all members of the family with the exception of her youngest aunt Maradith.

Family Background Edit

The youngest child and only daughter born to the Ravenwind family 67 years ago. (Her birthday is the 24th of February.)

Her parents sought to raise her as polite, courteous and skilled in courtly matters. In this they miserably failed. Nouala never wanted to rise to lead her family, and fully expected this role to be taken by her elder brother Norbrimbor.

Nouala has never felt close to eighter of her parents. The only one of her family she felt close to was her brother whom she loved dearly.

A few months after her arrival in Stormwind, disaster struck in Nouala's life: Her beloved brother Norbrimbor was found assassinated in his room (with the door locked from the inside), her mother went insane with grief over the loss of her son and Nouala had to assume the mantle of leadership of her house.

The truth of Norbrimbor's mysterious killer was revealed in the start of that April, when Nouala and Blueleaff discovered, that the murderer was Nouala's mother working under the influence of a magical shadow gem. ((OOC: The Search & The Battle))

Personal Notes Edit

Nouala is quite young (for an elf) and tends to be a bit shy around people she doesn't know. Once she befriends someone she is quite friendy though. She is fiercely protective of those she calls friends.

Nouala has recently been elevated to lead her family in face of her mothers apparent insanity following the assassination of Norbrimbor. This is not a role she feels comfortable with. She still tries to do the best she can as matriarch, genuinely caring for the wellbeing of every family member.

As a huntress, she has spent most of her life in the wilds, and does not feel comfortable in human cities (all the stone).

Nouala is body and soul dedicated to Elune. She tries her best to exibit the same love and tolerance towards all goodly folk that Elune does and tries her best to fight evil and corruption whenever she encounters it. In this she might be said to exibit some "Paladin-ish" qualities. She is well aware, that not all share her dedication and does not try to force her beliefs on anyone. Even so, she is always ready to discuss or debate the teachings and virtues of Mother Moon.

Current Status Edit

She is working hard (friends and family may say too hard) in the hospital, taking care of patients and guildmembers.

Quotes Edit

I am a doctor, not a potion dispenser

Influences Edit

Several real and ficional characters have influenced aspects of Noualas character.

  • Loyal friend: Samwise Gamgee Tolkien himself has named Sam as the "chief hero" of the Lord of the Rings. Sams loyalty to his friend Frodo is what ultimately makes it possible to destroy the one ring and defeat Sauron of Mordor. Like Sam, Noualas main motivations are simple: She wants to be happy, and would like her friends to feel the same way.
  • Combat Junkie: Battle Angel : Alita Alita has an addiction for combat, yearning for the state when: "It all goes white" (she is acting purely on instinct). In this state, she will not stop fighting while an enemy still stands. Unlike Alita, Nouala does not actively seek this state, but revels in it when it does occur.
  • Country Doctor: "I am a doctor, not a Tram conductor!" When dealing with the sick and wounded, Nouala takes her bedside manner from Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy. She is very compassionate about her patients, even to the point of feeling some kind of "ownership" towards them, resenting anyone else taking her patients from her (but not anyone merely pitching in or offering advice). She prefers to do things the old-fashioned way, and has some distrust (sometimes to the point of irrationality) for new (especially Goblin) Technology (Like McCoys distrust of the transporter; Do you want my atoms scattered all over space boy?). She has taken what ammounts to the Hippocratic Oath in Azeroth, and will generally heal anyone who requires it.
  • Other influences: Nouala is to some extent inspired by The Dirty Pair as portrayed in the english version by cartoonist Adam Warren. She has a little bit of Kei's outrageously confident behaviour in combat and tends to sprout creative "Combat Quips" when fighting, mercilessly taunting her opponents. This is moderated with quite a bit of Yuri's quiet side when not in combat. Like Yuri, she is generally well-tempered, but can become violent when crossed.

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