The turmoil in her life with the assassination of her brother, her mothers insanity, the responsibilities of leading a noble house and the assassin that is stalking her has left its mark on Nouala.

She has become wary of people she does not know - after all, if someone is trying to eliminate the heirs of House Ravenwind she is next in line. She does not know at this time if the assassin is stalking her or not.

She feels most comfortable (and confident) when using her medical skill to care for the sick and injured or when hunting monsters in the wilds of Azeroth.

The recent victory against The Dark Embrace in Hillsbrad has further strengthened her confidence. Her only concern is, that her dear friend Elizabetha does not seem to be sharing her joy of the victory fully.

Hearing from Ulgarf of the recent stabbing of Elizabetha by Honoria and Elizabethas subsequent suicide attempt caused Nouala to leave Stormwind City in a huff. She was seen leaving Stormwind on a griffon, heading North.

After a visit to The Exodar, and a chance encounter with the Naruu O'ros Nouala knew where to look for her friend Elizabetha. She left The Exodar in some haste and has been at her friends side since then, trying to bring her some comfort. She has recently accompanied Elizabetha to the seat of the Naruu in The Exodar.

Nouala has been attending to Elizabetha at a nondisclosed location, doing whatever she could to help her friend recover from both her injuries, and her melancholy. The fact that Elizabetha has regained her faith in herself is of immense joy to her. She is still most likely to be found in the company of her dear friend.

Since Elizabethas return to Stormwind Nouala has been spending most of her time in the Outlands, fighting the agents of The Burning Legion. She is still frequently seen visiting Elizabetha in Stormwind.

As one of the few people that knows about Elizabetha and Richerons impending marriage, Nouala is pleased with the happiness that Richeron has brought to Elizabetha, and has extended the same fierce protectiveness that she has to her friend Elizabetha to also include her husband-to-be.

Searching for her missing friend Ashana, Nouala has recently learned of Ashanas death and subsequent reanimation as an enslaved Banshee. Upon finally locating her friend at the place of her death, Nouala had a lengthy conversation with Ashana. Several topics were discussed, but only Nouala and Ashana know what they were. The two seperated as friends, but if they will ever meet again is unknown.

The grim fate of Ashana utterly shattered Noualas newfound confidence in herself. Having seen death (Un-Death actually) first hand kindled a paralyzing fear of her own death. For the first time she really realized, that she too will die someday (she was born immortal but lost that along with the rest of her kin), and the thought of death horrified her. With help from her friend Elizabetha, Nouala has regained her confidence and conquered her fear of death.

Nouala have been having trouble sleeping lately ((OOC: See Dream From Below)). The dream has left her with a fear of going to sleep. What little rest she gets is gained through Dreamless Sleep potions that allow her to sleep without dreaming. As a visible result of her lack of rest, her hair is tangled and unkempt, and she seems to be hovering on the brink of exhaustion.

Hearing of the recent death of one of her oldest friends Ulgarf scant minutes before his funeral in Thelsamar on the 17th of August saw her hurrying to make it in time. She bid her friend goodbye and was later seen with her guardian and friends in Stormwind, toasting his memory in Morning Glory Dew.

In the start of April ((2007 in RealWorld)), Nouala was in Feralas with her druid friend Blueleaff. The two were investigating rumors, that Noualas mother Anyviel had been driven insane by a corrupted Shadow Gem, and had been indiscriminately killing everyting around her. The rumors proved true, and after a hard battle Nouala and Blueleaff managed to kill Noualas insane mother. ((OOC: See The Search and The Battle for more on this.))

As a result of her mothers death, Nouala is now Lady Nouala, head of House Ravenwind. A fact that she is having some trouble getting used to despite the encouragement of her friends. Recently Nouala has been strengthened through her friendship with Elizabetha and has gained confidence in her role as head of House Ravenwind. As a result, her confidence is steadily increasing, but she still has moments of doubt about her abilities.

Since the death of her mother, Blueleaff Moonsong has accepted Nouala as her ward (due to Noualas, for a Kaldorei, young age). Nouala is quite happy with the motherly affection Blueleaff shows towards her.

With Blueleaff, she has been reforming Redemptio Coronae that was originally founded by Elizabetha to fight The Dark Embrace into a medical organization. This has led to her accepting a seat at the Alliance Council though she feels quite out of place in politics.

The success of her new doctors in Redemptio Coronae in curing the "Sleeping Sickness" that plagued Stormwind is a source of pride to her and makes her certain she did right in reforming the guild.

In late January ((2008 in RealWorld)) Nouala had to fight her old friend Ashana to recover the souls of her mother Blueleaff and friend Laureen. In a confrontation with Ashana in Shadowmoon Valley Louise Cook who had come to Shadowmoon in hopes of finding her love Hejin ended up fighting Ashana alone on the peak of the volcano Hand of Guldan. Though she succeded in getting the soulgem her injuries were too much, and though Nouala fought to save her life, Louise died shortly after.

She was recently attack and shot three times (in the hospital of all places) by an assassin. Fortunately, Prayher and Richeron were close at hand. She is currently in the hospital, recovering from her injuries.

The Shattering: The disastrous events of the Shattering and the suffering she has seen as a doctor working in Stormwind has left her exhausted and bordering on depression at times. She is taking comfort in the fact that most of her close friends have managed to escape the disaster relatively unharmed.

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