Hordecrest small Dreadfather Nurglitch
Title(s) Dreadfather
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Priest
Age 97
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation The Cult of Forgotten Shadow
Occupation Sect Leader
Status Alive

"Respect. Tenacity. Power. Learn the tenants of the dark well, my children, for they provide the only path to purpose and resolve; to survival!" - Dreadfather Nurglitch

Dreadfather Nurglitch, known in life as Bishop Lanforth, was the leader of a small sect of the disorganised Cult of Forgotten Shadow during the war against the Lich King. His calm and grandfatherly demeanour earned him much respect through the early rise of the disorientated Forsaken undead. However his passive stance regarding the uniting of the Cult's fragmented sects allowed ambitious, younger shadow priests to ruthlessly push him aside. Nurglitch made his return after the betrayal of Varimathras and sought to provide solace to the Forsaken after the defeat of the Lich King.



The sight of the Dreadfather invokes a multitude of feelings, the foremost of these being dread itself. The decaying form of the self-styled 'Lord of dismay' stands hunched, clad in ceremonial robes of black-dyed satin. His skin, now an unhealthy and pestilential green-tinged white, clutches the cheekbones, forcing a withered parody of the reassuring smile of a servitor of the Holy Light. The dismal sight of the priest of shadow is made all the more unnerving by the rotting digits upon his hand, clutching his staff for support through gloves of the same material as his robes.





"His will be a blessed life." - Brother Holdric

In the life before undeath, Nurglitch was born Magnus Lanforth of Lordaeron, in the industrial city of Stratholme. {To Come}

At the venerable age of seventy-seven, Magnus was struck down by the undead Scourge during the fall of Lordaeron, orchestrated by Prince Arthas Menethil; now death knight of the Scourge.


"Where there was light, there is only darkness. The candle that shone so brightly within my heart has been snuffed out." - Magnus Lanforth

Risen into undeath in the ruins of Lordaeron City, Magnus was pressed into the mindless slaughter of his own beloved people through the commands of the Frozen Throne. {To Come}

Magnus lost his faith in the Holy Light after seventy years of servitude and piety. Unable to channel the Light, lost and confused, even feeling betrayed, Magnus rid himself of the ties he held to his name and his devotion to purity and goodness; denouncing the Light and taking the name 'Nurglitch', "He of dismay."

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