Name[edit | edit source]

Nymphadora, Radnor (Private)

Nicknames[edit | edit source]


Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Nymph’s Alabaster complexion and fair hair are offset by her eyes which burn with a radiant blue hue from her experimentation with Moonwell Water.

Nymph’s is aged 18, though she still swears that the official records of her birth are incorrect still believing she is 21 years aged and an Adult.

She was attacked by an elf, which stabbed her and tried to slash her throat, which has left a faint scar; she also has various other small wounds that look like bite and scratch marks.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Human / Warlock

Guild[edit | edit source]

The Dark Embrace

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Servitor of Entriia Darkstorm

Family[edit | edit source]

Father: Warren Blaydon

Mother: Katrina Radnor (Detol)


Lady Honoria'Temperance' Detol (Redcross)

Lacie 'Hope' Detol [Deceased]

  • These records were uncovered by Honoria and passed to the Archivist so that the proper record could be currently recorded.

Background[edit | edit source]

Nymph was left in the care of her ather in Darkshire by her mother when she was very young (she has no memories of her mother except being abandoned by her).

When speaking of her Father Nymph does not hide her feelings regarding him and how he kept her in the scullery and would abuse and physically harm the young girl for his own purposes.

Nymph would occasionally sneak Grimores and other books into her prison when she was made to act as a servant to her cruel father and that is where she began to practice and embrace the shadows that she claimed gave her comfort and aid during troubled times.

Nymph left her fathers home aged 13 , by luring him in to the scullery where she summoned the imp Piploz who ravaged him while she sat and watched with a glint of self satisfaction and pleasure in her eyes.

Family Background[edit | edit source]

Nymph was born as a result of an illicit affair between Lady Katrina Radnor (Detol) and Warren Blaydon who was her attendant in the Detol Home.

When Lord Detol discovered this affair his heart hardened ordering both Lady Detol and Blaydon be thrown out of Tyr’s Hand to return to Blaydon’s home in Duskwood.

Nymph was born to the couple, but Lady Detol was summoned back to Tyr’s Hand to face the Crusader Council and her angry husband.

Nymph was only 2 years of age when Katrina left Duskwood leaving her in the care of Warren Blaydon, making him swear to keep this from the child until she was of age to understand it.

Warren never saw or heard from Katrina after she left, but took his frustration on what happened to him on his own daughter, treating her like a servant and telling her that he was her uncle, so that she would not know the secret he kept.

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Nymph is nervous around people she does not know and will often try and frighten them away from her by releasing her Guardian Helissa.

She is now aware that she is related to the House of Detol, but is extremely frightened of the Matriarch Lady Honoria, who has been more than a little unfriendly to her when discovering that she has a bastard sibling.

Nymph is not sure what to make of this new discovery, but is growing in resentment at being left to be raised by her father while they lived in their guarded keep in Tyr’s Hand.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Nymph has become somewhat reclusive while in the Stormwind as she was searching for her Mistress Entriia Darkstorm, but she has ceased looking focusing on recovering her collection of books from her eldest sister who has seemed to disappear from the city.

She was informed that her Mistress is going insane by a former acquaintance and that she should come to them if she needs further education in the Dark Arts; however Nymph has found her mistress in a dark depressive mood, but not in a state of insanity which leaves her wondering why someone would lie to her and try to keep her from her mistress.

Nymph has been trying to care for Entriia Darkstorm as she recovered from injuried she believes her inflicted by her sister Honoria Detol after finding Entriia mortally wounded in Beggars Haunt.

Nymph is sinking into her own depression as Entriia slips between lucidity and delusion believing Nymph to be her sister Honoria and calling out for her and showing her the love she has for Honoria.

Nymph was summoned by her Mistress to Northwatch Keep where she was being held against her will by a noble Lord Clayworth of the keep.

Insuring Entriia’s freedom Nymph was seeking out ‘The Faith’, it was through a chance interview that Nymph came face to face with her and told her everything she knew about how her Mistress Entriia was being held by Caswan Clayworth and Elizabetha Istro trying to remove the shadow from her.

During the rescue Nymph was able to take her revenge on Elizabetha for holding her Mistress and blaspheming against the Shadow; Nymph in similar cruel fashion of her older sister Honoria stabbed Elizabetha in a frenzied manner in her stomach in hopes that it would weaken her enough so Nymph could take her soul.

In the attempt to claim the soul Nymph was attacked by Elizabetha’s Light given powers and was cast back leaving her angry and frustrated; however when they returned Nymph was given a chance to serve the Shadows dedicating her life and soul to it’s service.

On a her journey to Theramore Island Nymph was approached by a strange man who attacked her while she walked up the path; the masked male only said these words as he ran off "Leave my people alone"; Nymph sought medical attention for her wounds and continued her journey.

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