Alliancecrest small.gif Nytheria Ashemoore
Image of Nytheria Ashemoore
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Priest
Age 24
Alignment Lawful Good
Occupation Priestess
Status Alive


Nytheria Ashemoore

Physical Traits

Nytheria is a beautiful woman, and is fully aware of that fact, dressing accordingly. She has a smooth, deeply tanned skin, but her upper left leg sports a deep scar, seemingly made by a knife or other sharp weapon. She makes sure that it is covered at all times.

Her body features strong womanly curves, typically emphasized by her clothing. While she doesn't seem overly picky with food, her eating pattern doesn't seem to add or remove any weight at all.

Nytheria's visage has an ambiguous look, but is luckily almost always accompanied by a friendly facial expression; she is rarely angry. Light blue eyes complete the picture, usually filled with a playful twinkle.

In all, judging by her appearance, it would be difficult to imagine anything but good intentions from Nytheria.

Personality, ethics and philosophy

Generally helpful and friendly, Nytheria is a great person to be around. While she considers it her duty to help those in need, even those that have turned there back on the Light, she will not extend her aid to those that she considers truly wrong or otherwise undeserving.

What's also worth noting is that while she is quite intellectual, having read a lot of books during her youth, she still lacks some practical knowledge of the world, mostly relying on what she has been educated rather than on her personal experience.


As a dedicated healer, she relies mostly on the strength of the Light to close wounds, cleanse diseases and still the pain of her patients. She rarely relies on physical treatments such as bandages or potions, leaving that to those who can't call upon the Light.


Nytheria grew up in a wealthy environment in Lakeshire, thanks to her mother, who worked as an advisor to Magistrate Solomon of Lakeshire. A profitable job, it earned her a considerable amount of money without the need to put in any effort at all - she would just have to listen and talk when he was overworked.

Her mother was hardly an amicable person, though, leaving the young Nytheria under a lot of emotional stress. Luckily, her father took most care of her, and she had a good childhood friend to whom she could always talk.

Over time, she realised just how much her childhood had been ruined by her mother, and vowed to become something previously missing in the hearts of people; she started an education as a priest, and later grew into a motherly figure.

Eventually, though, her childhood friend confessed his feelings for her, which had long been more than 'just friends'. She slept with him, fearing that she would be alone if she turned down her only friend. Of course, rational thought and common sense took over quickly, and she realised that she didn't share his feelings. In the end, the two went separate ways.

Unfortunately, the greed of her mother didn't seem to end very quickly, and as she realised that Solomon would not need her forever, she cut a deal with a gang of bandits, offering them a considerable amount of gold to 'raid' Lakeshire, scaring off citizens and burning property. As the town's magistrate once again called upon his trustworthy advisor, he was relieved to see that she could easily stop the assaults... not willing to share her newly earnt money with a band of thugs though, she never actually paid them.

As Nytheria was finishing her priesthood apprenticeship at the age of 21, she was ambushed while en route from Lakeshire to Stormwind - effectively being mistaken for her mother - , though her life was saved by a paladin named Katherinne. A deep scar on her leg is all that remains of the attack, which further fueled her desire to help people, but alienated her from the concept of helping those who don't 'deserve' aid.

She eventually started her life as a young priest in Stormwind City, with little else on her mind other than to help those in need.

Current Status

Serving as a priest in Stormwind.


This is a fairly new character, and this wiki will be expanded over time as more RP happens.

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