Nyttja Gello[edit | edit source]


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Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Nytt is an unremarkable, if pale young woman.

Nyttja has visible chillblains on her hands, and the pale skin of her wrists shows dark bruising and and raw abrasions. Her bright face shows the ugly yellowing bruising of a fading black eye. Small pointed teeth can be seen behind a hesitant nervous smile, marred by a dark cut lip... a reminder of her harsh past life as an indentured servant. Recently Nyttja has optimisticaly taken to applying a white lead paste to her face and neck, to conceal percieved minor 'blemishes'. Nyttja also carries several perfumed pouches of expensive spices and herbs, she treasures these small aromatic indulgences, however if challenged she will insist they are for purely medicinal purposes.

Nytt dislikes loud noises and will visibly flinch if she is startled, however when she is at ease she will often contentedly hum simple and repetitive folk tunes. Nytt is currently trying to learn to whistle, so far with no succcess. Often Nytt will stop whatever she is doing and stand motionless lost in the moment when she hears music during her travells.

Nyttja is facinated pretty and colourfull clothing, although she values and appreciates these items, she refuses to wear or own any of them. The only visible item of decoration she owns is a simple faded red silk ribbon worn arround her neck, with a small crudely made and mis-shaped pewter animal, a small token from her childhood attached.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Once Nyttja would have been called a female human servant, now she called a Forsaken Warrior

Guild[edit | edit source]

180px-Undercity TCG.jpg

Nyttja has recently assumed control of the 'Shadows of Lordaeron'

After serving as Ambassador to the Beastmaw Clan in Orgrimmar, and in a variety of guild officer roles, Nyttja suprisingly revealed a ruthless side to her charactertaking control of the guild in uncertain circumstance. Nyttja has little millitary command experience, in stead relying on her former mentor Skeler Danmore to take on this role.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

In her previous life Nytt was a servant and skullery maid. Her duties demanded she performed a wide varietty of unskilled manual labour, consequently Nytt recieved no formal education during her short lifetime. However recently she has learnt to read and write, and is discovering an exciting new world of learning and ideas, as she expands her previously limited horizons.

Nytt greatly enjoys tinkering with a wide variety items, she enjoys playing with small animals and small machines. Nytt is facinated with meticulously taking these things appart, and then patiently attempting to reasemble them. So far Nytt has shown a natural aptitude reassembling a wide variety of machines and constructs, however to date she has had no success with the animals, though she has decided that red and purple are now her favourite colours.

When she is alone Nytt enjoys nothing more than completing her needlepoint sewing.

Family[edit | edit source]

Nytt remembers nothing of her immediate family, she was indentured into service as an orphan in her infancy, and raised as an unpaid servant by the family with whom she lived.

However when pressed, Nytt can recall working at a large busy Inn, cleaning, scrubbing floors and performing simple tasks each long arduous work day. Nyttja finds some small comfort in imagining herself singing of her dreams, dreams of a gleaming "castle on a cloud", in which there were no floors to clean, and nobody would shout or beat her. Nyttja also treasures a comforting memory of a lady in white, whom she secretly imagines to have been her mother.

Background[edit | edit source]

...everyone dies, not everyone truely lives!...

Family Background[edit | edit source]

Nyttja was born poor and illegitimate, she was taken into service as an indentured maid at an early age. She has no recollection of her birth family, and no inclination to investigate their fates.

Her adopted family died a slow and unpleasant death.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

In her prior life as a servant Nytt had no rights or possessions, consequently the law had little or no meaning to her. However Nyttja soon learnt at an early age to understand that the Law meant rules... and rules meant punishment.

Now that she has left her short brutal life of service behind, Nyttja has chosen to follow her own moral whims. Nytt does not recognise any higher moral authorities outside of the somewhat limited social experiences she has encountered, although she enjoys reading about religion, philosophy, morality and ethics, she finds these topics highly stimulating and highly amusing in equal measures.

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Nyttja enjoys cooking, she will regularly make huge elaborate meals which she enjoys watching slowly go to waste. However Nytt refuses to cook fish dishes, she refuses to touch fish... finding fish eyes dark and cold... they unsettle her deeply.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Nytt has recently learnt to ride, and is enjoying this new found sense of freedom. She is currently learning to train a raptor which she hopes to ride, she finds its surly, bad tempered nature refreshing and thrilling, she has named it Bract.

However practicality in urban environments demands she continue to use her white skeletal Warhorse, who is less altogether less challenging and agressive.

Nyttja has adopted a variety of small animals for whom she regularly prepares lavish cooked meals, she enjoys the company of a small calico cat named 'Mop', particularly its lack of demands, or need for attention. Recently Nytt has aquired a small pink plainstrider which originaly was intended as a food offering for an Orcish feast, however it escaped, and now follows her arround with a stubborn persistentanc. Nyttja has also completed the construction of a mechanical yeti, she loves to tinker with this new lifelike construct, she enjoys its unquestioning and unconditional affection and loyalty.

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