Doctor Odette of the Exodar

Physical Traits

A striking looking draenei woman whose skin is a vibrant shade of blue and whose eyes twinkle with mischief. She is extremely proud of her long, curved horns and cloven hooves and regularly buffs them with a chamois leather to keep them in tip top condition.

Race and Class

Draenei arcanist (mage)




Engineer and Doctor of Anthropology.


Unknown, although can often be found in the presence of a burly male shaman named Rukkus


Odette was once a specialist in categorising and studying the sentient species of Draenor until she and the rest of her kind escaped on the Exodar. She was especially interested in inter-species relations and as such is eager to meet, communicate with and study the humanoid races of Azeroth. As an engineer she is also responsible for trying to help rebuild the Exodar, and is always on the lookout for gadgets, alternative fuels, and sources of magic.

During her time on Draenor Odette wrote several papers on the Arrakoa and is now preparing to write an initial report on the races of Azeroth she has so far encountered.

Family Background

Unknown at this time.

Criminal Record

Odette is extremely law abising and would be mortified if she broke the law.

Personal Notes

Apleasant and inquisitive draenei, Odette has one major problem- a very limited grasp of the Common tongue. She often relies on hastily churned out goblin phrase books and often has no idea what people are talking about. This makes her seem rather stupid, and she is often frustrated by her lack of ability to make herself understood.

Current Status

Settling in to the new world.

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