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A portal appears in the mage tower and Imoen and Aanson jump out of it, Imoen pulls out her sword and shield and runs threw another portal. They both run out of the mage tower in Stormwind, a Scarlet runs up to them.

Scarlet: Don’t worry ma’am it’s all sorted now…

Imoen: What in the nether happened?!

Scarlet: They grabbed her and pulled her to the bridge near the trade district, they were going to be head her in front of a huge crowd but then something happened…

We see a flash back of the event

Hejin: Now! Witness justice first hand my breathren! I Hejin will make the first step in clensing the Scarlet Cruasade!

Clarizy hands her hands rapped around Hejin arm smiling at Suzanne as she uses her boot to hold Suzanne in place.

Suzanne: No! Please stop! I’ve done nothing wrong!

The crowd reacts looking at each other concerned.

Hejin: Erm…don’t listen to her good people! She is part of the Crusade! Pure evil! A plague on Stormind!

Suzanne: Help me! Please! I don’t want to die!

A man walks up to Hejin and grabs hold of his shoulder.

Man: Leave her alone…she’s just a little girl.

Hejin: Ha! You let that fool you!?

We see three scarlet Crusader’s run down the road rapidly gaining onto them.

Clarizy: Quickly my dear, execute her before it’s to late!

Hejin smirks and swings his sword above his head ready but then is pulled back falling over. As Hejin looks around he sees that his crowd have turned against him, the crusaders appear and kick him while he’s on the ground, one of the Scarlets helps Suzanne up she is in shock but she walks up to Hejin and kicks him in the face and walks off towards the Cathedral.

We see the Crusaders grab Hejin and carry him off the crowd cheer, Clarizy has disappeared.

Pans back to Imoen and Aanson.

Imoen: Fantastic! So where is he now?

Scarlet: In our prison at the moment.

Imoen grins, Aanson looks at her worried. we pan back to a Prison cell Hejin is in it, he looks at Imoen and grins at her.

Hejin: Well, Well…

Imoen: Long time no see.

Hejin: It's been a while.

Imoen: Why…Why did you do it?

Hejin smirks

Hejin: My master told me to.

Imoen: Your master?

Hejin: Yes.

Imoen: Your crazy… Pause basterd.

Hejin: Me the basterd? Oh the contrary Imoen…it’s you who is the basterd now.

Hejin cackles, Imoen charges at the cage trying to grab him but Hejin walks back so she can’t reach him and chuckles to himself.

Hejin: It’s a shame Imoen, I want you to fight me…but it’s hardly fair if we have this cage in the way…

Imoen: Heh. Nice try…

Hejin: I will fight you one day Imoen it’s inevitable.

Imoen sighs and shakes her head she walks off Hejin is left in the cell shouting at her.

Imoen kneels at the altar, Aanson kneels next to her.

Aanson: Sister, are you alright?

Imoen: It just feels strange that he’s been captured. It’s as if he’s a whole new person.

Aanson: Yes…I’ve never really liked him, always a bit to violent for my liking.

Imoen: He was…it was strange, he was really different around me.

Aanson: Who knows sister, when he left and joined that ‘guild’ he’s been very different all he thinks about is power sister and destroying the Crusade.

Imoen: He told me I would have to fight him some day.

Aanson: Hmm I wouldn’t recommend it sister, if he wants to fight you then there must be a reason behind it, what it is…I don’t think we want to find out.

Pans to a dark room, there are two people who we can’t make out one is a woman her legs are very skinny and the sound of her walking sounds like a horse, the other is a man wearing a long robe, they meet in the center.

Man: It is all go according to plan.

Woman: Agreed, she is about to free him…the second time he will be free…is this going according to the original plan?

Man: I am aware of what is about to happen, I have read the book.

Woman: He will kill one of our last Wraiths it took us a long time to engineer three of them this will set us back.

Man: Irrelevant, they have served their purpose.

Woman: Such a waste on a pathetic whining little girl.

Man: It is the masters wish to add her to his collection, she would make a valuable ally.

Woman: I know of her anger and hate…she does have a lot of it but she still stays true to the light.

Man: You will find that she is easy prey, she would be perfect for out plan.

Woman: If you say so.

Pans back to Stormwind, Imoen gets out of her bed and gets changed she goes downstairs and we see a few knights waiting for her downstairs, she looks surprised.

Knight: Are you Imoen?

Imoen: Yes…why?

Knight 2: This way please.

Imoen looks confused and follows them down threw the crypts up to Hejin’s cage which has been unlocked. Imoen looks shocked and the two knights start speaking to her.

Pans back to Elizabetha, she is with a huge knight in plate mail called Seynard they are both talking, all of a sudden Hejin walks by them, Seynard notices and runs up to him grabbing him, pans back to Elizabetha talking to Imoen.

Elizabetha: And that’s what happened…

Imoen: He just walked by you!?

Elizabetha: Yes Sister, you must go meet him at the Orders HQ if we want to bring him to justice.

Imoen: Alright, lets go.

They both head inside a huge building Hejin is sitting a table a Night elf comes up to Imoen

Night elf: Alright, sit down please.

Imoen sits at the chair right in front of Hejin, Hejin grins at her.

Hejin: Tell me Imoen, how is Suzanne?

Imoen glares at Hejin, Hejin smirks back.

Night elf: Now, the person in question has crimes against him of murder-

Imoen: Wait a minute what about Suzanne?

Hejin grins

Hejin: I was unlawfully arrested.

Imoen: You have got to be kidding me?

Night Elf: Enough. Now do you have any proof that he did in fact kill your…

Imoen: Father.

Elizabetha looks at Imoen, Hejin grins at her.

Night elf: Right well do you have any?

Imoen: I have his body still, if that would help…

Elizabetha: When I saw Khallid before he died, Hejin had a silver sword…does he have it on him now?

Night Elf: Yes he does, the one with blue crystals on it?

Elizabetha nods.

Night Elf: Very well then, I will take the sword and Sister Imoen will take me to Khallid.

Imoen gets up and walks over to the door, the night elf goes up to Hejin, Hejin sighs and hands over his sword.

Imoen and the night elf both walk off, we now see them at a crypt Khallid’s body can be seen behind a cage, they open the cage and the night elf looks at the stab wound.

Night elf: Yes…they both match, however…we will need this body as evidence.

Imoen sighs

Night elf: I’m sorry, but if you want him brought to justice…

Imoen: Alright, do you need it right now?

Night elf: A few of my own can take him later, lets head back.

Pans back to them walking into the Order’s HQ we see Honoria standing around Elizabetha is talking to her, when Imoen and the night elf enters they all turn around to face them.

Night elf: Hejin, I hear by place you under arrest-

Hejin: What!?

Night elf: Your sword matched that of Khallid’s body we will have a few pick up the body for further-

Hejin starts laughing manicly to himself and pulls out his sword, he jumps on top of the table, Honoria pulls out her sword so does Imoen.

Hejin: My master won’t allow this…im afraid your all going to have to die.

Honoria: Your outnumbered idiot.

Hejin: It doesn’t matter my powers have grown stronger!

Hejin cackles his sword darkens, Imoen lunges into him tackling him to the ground Honoria runs over and punches Hejin in the face and holds him in place pushing Imoen away, Elizabetha turns to one of guards and is helped over to Hejin who is squirming to break free, Elizabetha puts her hand in front of Hejin.

Elizabetha: Light, come to my aid show Hejin the path of light…pull him away from the shadow!

Elizabetha’s hand glow with a holy light and an aura starts going around Hejin, suddenly everything goes black and we see Hejin in a spotlight the figure appears before him again.

Wraith: She is killing me…what are you doing? Kill her!

Hejin: No.

Wraith: NO!?

Hejin: You have taken to much from me…I don’t want to hurt anyone else…

Wraith: What!? What about power? What about destroying the Crusade?

Hejin: The price was to much…

Wraith: Then I will give this power to him…Habeus, I will enjoy watching you die Hejin!

The wraith pulls out a dagger and starts walking towards Hejin.

Pans back to reality Elizabetha quickly turns towards Imoen.

Elizabetha: Imoen! What does he look like? Is he changing?

Imoen has her sword drawn and is staring at Hejin, we hear he thought “How easy would it be?”

Elizabetha: Imoen!

Imoen: He’s…he looks like he may need more sister.

Elizabetha’s hand grow brighter.

Elizabetha: Light…guide Hejin on the path of your most holiest light, guide Hejin to safety to his true self.

Pans back to Hejin’s mind.

The wraith drops the dagger and clutches his heart.

Wraith: So you will kill me now…this shouldn’t happen…this isn’t what was promised…

Hejin looks confused

Hejin: Wha? I’m not doing anything.

Wraith: I thought you wouldn’t understand…no matter…everyone has a dark side to them…I may die but I seen your lust and greed…you will still serve us.

The wriath eyes shine with a light and he vanishes.

Back in reality Hejin eyes open and he starts coughing, the Order guards grab him and lift him up.

Elizabetha smiles.

Elizabetha: The light will always prevail.

Hejin is lifted up and dragged down some stairs. Imoen looks at Elizabetha.

Imoen: Sister…what is going to happen to Hejin…what is he now?

Elizabetha looks up at Imoen.

Elizabetha: It takes more than the light to guide someone on the right path…Hejin has been shown the way now he must decide.

We see Hejin being locked up he looks lost in his own thoughts and doesn’t react to anything.

A week later…

We see Imoen walking around Stormwind she’s about to get on a gryphon when she hears Hejin,

Hejin: I regretted doing what I did sometimes…

Imoen turns around quickly and sees Hejin staring at her, she looks shocked at the sight.

Hejin: …Then again it had to be done…I will find another way to destroy the Crusade.

Imoen: What are you doing out!?

Hejin smiles

Hejin: Why don’t you ask them yourself?

Imoen gets off the Gryphon and walks straight up to the Order HQ and knocks on the door a Knight opens the door and rolls his eyes at Imoen.

Knight: Hello. What do you want?

Imoen: Care to tell me why the murder of my father is out of prison.

The knight doesn’t reply.

Imoen: Oh, I get it. I’ll be sending a complaint to the Assembly about this.

The knight smirks at Imoen, Imoen storms off.

A week later…

We see Imoen talking to Suzanne in the cathedral.

Imoen: This is ridiculous! I sent them a letter of complaint and nothing happened! Jeez Hejin only killed my father you’d think they’d at least do something.

Suzanne: I’ve taken a keen intrest in politics sister and I must say…I think your wasting you time.

Imoen: Huh? Why do you say that?

Suzanne: Old hatreds sister.

A week later…

We see Imoen at the assembly there are a lot of nobles standing around and Imoen is kneeling to a dwarven noble.


Professor Berdrin Stormspanner

Imoen: Berdrin, now I know our Holy order don’t get along well but please, The order and by that I mean the guild. Have not only kept my fathers body so I cannot bury him but they have let Hejin go the very person who murderd my father and given no reason as to why. Please I just want to give my father a proper burial.

Berdrin: Aye, Lass I’ll look into it. Don’t worry.

A week later…

Imoen looks furious and is talking to Elizabetha in the cathedral.

Imoen: Still nothing! It’s been three weeks now and all they do is tell me “we’ll look into it.” Argh!

Elizabetha: I don’t know why they would do this sister…I know some people within the order I will help you on one condition.

Imoen: And what’s that?

Elizabetha: Don’t let this anger get a hold of you sister.

Imoen: It’s just frustrating, I wanted to hold a private burial with you there but now it’s to late your proberly to busy and I feel that just because of this tabard there being…Argh.

Elizabetha: I can understand your frustration sister don’t worry I will sort it out, don’t worry sister. Light be with you.

Elizabetha probs her self away from Imoen, we are left with Imoen not looking to happy she punches the pillar next to hear and kneels down to pray.

To be Continued…

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