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After her near suicide attempt, as well as the mourning of Dywana (who she had come to see as a sister she had never had) and the expelling of Honoria, Elizabetha was slowly molded, coming to realise that perhaps not all what she hopes for could be reached. This in turn made her more careful, but also made her focus more on the virtue of tenacity, opening her eyes to the difference between justice and mercy. The events of those weeks reminded her of her duty as a Paladin, Scarlet or no. With renewed faith in the Light, and abhorrance to the hate that engulfed her enviroment, Elizabetha accepted that her path might eventually lead to a premature death, but was at peace with it - yet (as always) hoping against hope that the Holy Light will shine brightest, making the world a better place.

Suffice to say, Elizabetha changed in that particular time, less patient than she was before - the consequences remained to be seen. Nevertheless, her desire to help through acts of compassion and love still drived her on in such a way that she'd gladly forsake her own needs on the behalf of others'. That has not changed even with her terrible loss.

Elizabetha was at one point temporarily blinded by Entriia Darkstorm upon a venture of curiousity into the Slaughtered Lamb Inn. Only a very few people know or have been told this by her - seemingly she was hesistant to speak of it openly. Nevertheless, her eyesight returned shortly after.

With the death of Commander Dakatar Methar, Elizabetha was again thrust into a state of melancholy, mourning him intensely. Only when busy with someone else's needs did (and does) she seem to be alright, yet soon after returning to the former state she were in. The reasons for her deep mourning is known only to a few people. Devastating was also the news of Auburn's untimely death.

After a trip to the Western Plaguelands in hope to remind herself of her duty, Elizabetha was confused to have slaughtered innocents, and as retaliation three strangers deprived her of her eyes, mistaking her for the killer of their relatives. Being thus visually impaired, Elizabetha has been discharged from the Crusade. Some rumours say that she was expelled, branded a traitor for accepting help from Night Elves.

She dwelled in Darnassus, this being the result of sending for Honoria Redcross, who receiving a message from the Kaldorei High Priest Thel'danis, came to her accompanied by Mordacious. At his suggestion they agreed upon bringing Elizabetha to Darnassus, where she's being tended by various Night Elves healers and priestesses, having been moved there from Uther's Tomb where her wounds were cared for by the High Priest Thel'danis.

Having dwelled a while in Darnassus for a while after the loss of her eyes, as well as the visit by the blind Eileena from Starlight calmed Elizabetha - she had found someone whom she can relate with and who understood her situation in turn, and was encouraged to carry on the work of the Light. And on that note, Elizabetha walks more confidently, probing with her staff that Illidor from The Cenarion Guardians gave her.

Yet her troubles are far from over, it has appeared, as hapless Elizabetha seems to lose friends in drows. The death of Iana was yet another hard burden for her - further still are rumours of Honoria, her sister in heart, of treading in the shadow. Elizabetha has discovered that many things that she thought she knew were either plain lies or well disguised truths. Much still lies beneath the surface, and the lack of eyes only makes it harder for her to seek out the hidden things. But the unsuspected support from Lord Richeron Withamhall seemed more welcomed than some might imagine.

After Richeron Withamhall finally told her of his true feelings, Elizabetha opened herself to an unknown aspect of life for her, having never truly allowed any man to get close to her. She seems to return his affection for her fully - and as a result he has offered her shelter at his home at the Mage Quarter, giving her a proper home that she had lacked since her terrible loss.

Elizabetha is still the same, regardless; frowning upon cruelty, grieved at the senseless murdering of innocents as happened in Lakeshire. In her heart she utterly despises the Shadow and the Darkness, yet still clings to the hope that people can be redeemed, and that she is able to do that - a hope she nourishes for her lost sister at heart, while at the same time hoping to protect those who caused Honoria to fall from the Light in her blinded rage. She also hopes to root out the mysterious group known as The Dark Embrace, appalled by their obvious disregard for life and the delicate balance of the world as whole.

Elizabetha spent a few days recovering in Astranaar after a battle with the Dark Embrace at Northwatch Keep, where she along with Ceadric and Caswan Clayworth tried to prevent Entriia falling back into the Embrace's hands. Unwilling to abandon Entriia to Lashela Alania, Elizabetha fought as best she could, but was ultimately overcome, stabbed in the stomach by Nymphadora and in her side by Azumi, puncturing a lung. Only when having knocked her to the ground was she defeated.

The timely arrival of Richeron Withamhall, as well as their new ally Silentstep Sprocket, ensured Elizabetha's survival, as Richeron prayed to the Light to save his beloved - bringing her back from the edge of death. With the help of Merwyn she recovered her heavy blood loss, and is focussing her efforts in finding a way to battle the Dark Embrace along with her assembled group of associates of the Redemptio Coronae.

The recent kidnapping and mutilation of Imoenak utterly stunned Elizabetha, as Imoenak's pain was to warn off Elizabetha - yet she was still willing to continue the fight. And with the attack on Southshore, as per Karina's plan, aided by Starlight and various other people, including some direct and indirect support from Elizabetha's fellows from Redemptio Coronae, it finally seemed that peace was within sight, as Lashela Alania was apparently defeated, and her supporters scattered.

The capture of her sister at heart, Honoria, grieved Elizabetha, as it seemed evident that Honoria would be executed; she escaped however, and soon after contacted Elizabetha to meet her in secret.

Elizabetha was then later seen carried to the Cathedral of Light, and tended for some wound of some sort. The rumours told that she jumped out from where the Gryphons are at, presumeably on purpose, but that some Dwarf (Ulgarf] jumped down after her. People spoke of her being dragged up back on shore, quickly surrounded by various people, before being rowed on the opposite shore, and disappearing without a trace with a number of these people.

After her suicide attempt her current whereabouts remained unknown to most but Nelinde, Merwyn, Nouala and Richeron.

Due to the kind Draenei Vahden, as well as the mysterious Naaru O'ros, who had guided Nouala's search for Elizabetha, she seemed to have come to terms with what she is, though she deep down was afraid that people admired her instead of what she felt she represented, the Holy Light. Her wish for peace in death appeared to have faded away. The arrival of Richeron, and his poor state, only added more to Elizabetha's shame of her deed, and she hoped to make amends. Subsequently she alerted the Church of Light, the headquarters being the Cathedral, of her wellbeing, while still gathering inner strength, and much needed faith in herself, before returning home.

Regardless, she was often seen in the Exodar, the crashed ship of the Draenei. Those who've saw her and recognised her appeared to notice that she seemed happier than previously. Shortly before returning to Stormwind, she was seen entering the Exodar with Richeron, making their way to the inner most part of the ship, where O'ros the Naaru resides.

Having dwelled for a time in both Moonglade and the Exodar, Elizabetha finally returned home to Stormwind, visiting the Cathedral from time to time to pray as was customary for her. She seemed happier now than previously, a golden ring with small diamonds circling an emerald sparkling on her one finger - she prepared as best she could for her wedding, which took place Saturday the 17th of February, where she became Lady Withamhall, the wife of Lord Richeron Miller Withamhall. After the ceremony and the party afterwards, which all had been held at Uther's Tomb, the couple bid farewell to the last guests and departed to a destination that only they knew.

The couple returned to Stormwind. Not long after, Elizabetha was pleasantly surprised to find that Auburn had returned, thus bringing an end to the belief that she had perished in the lands of former Lordaeron. Elizabetha's mind has thus been strengthened more, albeit she seems somewhat tired and looking rather warm, bordering uncomfortabilty.

At one point she was wandering Stormwind, anxious to hear from her husband again after Merwyn told her of a fight, where Richeron was wounded. To further add to her sadness, Imoen appeared all too eager to forget the ideals of the Light, when violently giving vent to her anger towards Hejin. The only moments of peace have appeared to be when holding Norra, Amy Redcross' infant daughter.

Fortunately, after almost three days of missing, Richeron was found by Ulgarf, who stormed out to the Withamhall house and met Elizabetha already on her way out. She was quickly lead to her husband, whom she embraced tightly and kissed desperately, out of herself in both concern and happiness. The two of them returned home shortly after.

Elizabetha was well, happy about her pregnancy and doing what she could to make it easier for herself by having naps every now and then, eating small meals to help with the morning sickness. To make it better Imoen came up to her in the Cathedral and apologised for her behaviour.

And after some inquiries from her friend Nelinde Belgarde Elizabetha finally accepted the invitation to join the Stormwind Academy, offering her knowledge of history, as well as the Light, to the Academists.

Yet despite these things the memories of people lost, as well as meeting people who willingly and openly express their total disregard for their fellow Humans, or other races, disturbed her easily. Much evil is still left to battle on Azeroth, and she, a Paladin, is unable to do so. A few hushed whispers suggest that someone is trying to help her with that, but how is not known.

She had recently a private conversation with Sister Louise, but what was discussed is unknown.

Elizabetha was seen leaving Stormwind recently with a fellow Paladin, Auburn, the purpose of their journey or why her husband, Lord Richeron, didn't come along, was unknown - nor was their destination revealed.

When using the arcane essence Hoshitangan that Merwyn implanted in her brain, she gained temporary sight, which manifested itself with faintly glowing blue 'eyes' - they were more easily seen when she wasn't wearing her blindfold, albeit shining slightly through it, if she wore the blindfold. This was till Merwyn left her mortal shell; after that it faded away.

Three days later she, Nouala and later Richeron returned to Stormwind, yet Elizabetha had changed, sporting an eyepatch and a somewhat functioning eye. Though initially thought to have failed, Elizabetha is gaining more sight in her one eye, which has a bright blue iris.

Elizabetha seemed happy, excited and was continually heard talking about returning to active service for the Church of Light, as well as taking more tasks at the Stormwind Academy.

Desire to return to service was even more desireable after Stormwind seems to have been hit by a new and more violent crime wave - both Amy Redcross and Nouala were attacked, the former hazardly.

After discovering that not even her husband, Richeron, had been spared the violence of whatever gang that caused all the trouble, Elizabetha snapped and put on her armour again, taking up her sword. Firstly she helped track down Imoen and after that she began hunting the criminals. This ended with one bleeding to death, and another being dragged off by Kisun and Ormsby to who knows what fate. The one Elizabetha knew to have hurt both Amy and Nouala still roamed, and she kept up her searching. In that process she nearly got wounded in her stomach, realising to her horror what danger she was putting herself and her child in.

Thanks to operatives of her husband's organisation, the Mercenary Alliance, she and Richeron were escorted to Stormwind Keep - Elizabetha having drawn upon her husband's nobility perks. Whether they would stay there or not is at anyone's guess.

Elizabetha and Richeron were seen leaving Stormwind late one evening, apparently fully geared for a long journey. As far as anyone knew, Elizabetha had been assigned to some task of whatever nature for whatever reason that few appear to have any inkling about.

What people do not know (or at least those who haven't been informed by Elizabetha herself) is that she resided in Outland, performing service to the army of the Alliance on behalf of the Church of Light in the Allerian Stronghold in Terokkar Forest.

At that present time she seemed very occupied in her work, and was rarely seen out of duty.

Her stomach had a bulge, thus telling of her pregnancy - her walk at this time seemed somewhat bouncier than previously.

After receiving news of her cousin Sophitia's distress, Elizabetha returned from Outland in a hurry, her husband following soon after. Due to her pregnancy, which was quite visible, and as well as the personal problem that had arisen, Elizabetha petitioned maternity leave sooner than anticipated, and was seen once again in Stormwind with her husband, Richeron, at their house. Hoping for news, she was often seen in the Cathedral, mostly sitting as she seems to have trouble standing up for too long.

However, Elizabetha soon departed from her home again, seen heading for the Deeprun Tram, and not leaving it. Along with her were two Draenei (Laureen and Vii), a Night Elf (Nouala) and her husband, Richeron.

After having attended Hildegarde and Fournok's wedding, Elizabetha then returned to Kalimdor, but was however ambushed as she was riding alone through Darkshore, enroute to Ashenvale. The Twilight Cultists apparently intended to sacrifice her, thinking the pregnant woman a fine catch for their obscure deities. However, she was rescued by Nouala and Amy. This shocked her greatly, though, as she found herself unable to protect the life that grew within her womb.

This had unforseen consequences as she at Blueleaff's house suddenly felt her water break, and thus went into labour. Several hours later, with the aid of Nouala and Blueleaff, as well as being supported by Richeron, she gave birth to a baby boy and a while later a baby girl. Having decided on names quite early on, Richeron named their son Iohannes Williaum, and Elizabetha named their daughter Annika Benedicta. Though somewhat small, the twins seemed healthy enough.

After a short trip to the Exodar, this caused by the threat posed of the late Count Nathanial (Telrunya) Wheeler's father (Malory Wheeler), the family of four journeyed back to Stormwind, and have once again resettled in their house in the Mage Quarter.

Later on she was able to track down her cousin and her kidnapper due to an SI:7 agent. Along with Nouala and Sophitia's good friend Leon, they ventured to the Hinterlands. Elizabetha fought Alíce, Sophitia's former friend and the sole reason to her disappearance. Eventually Elizabetha's sword skill overcame Alíce's defences, and before Elizabetha could deliver the killing blow, Alíce jumped down a precipice, vanishing in the sea far below. The four people then returned to Stormwind - Sophitia being saved and finally out of harm's way.

After her collapse due to exhausting herself, trying to be both a mother and a Paladin at the same time, Elizabetha has settled herself with being a full time mother for now. After having rested well for a time, she produced once again sufficient milk to nourish her twins, Iohannes and Annika.

Horrifying, though, was the murder of Louise's daughter, Heather. And having seen the infant corpse, Elizabetha appeared rather terrified - however, since she was forced to devote herself to her own children, she didn't join the returned Imoen in her search for the perpetrator.

And with Richeron away in errands of study in Outland, Elizabetha made time pass by caring for her twins, and praying and speaking to friends while her children slept, watched over by the Withamhall housemaid.

Elizabetha assisted Imoen, who tried to help Louise, as well as counsel Imoen on what to do with Hejin and Ormsby. During this, Elizabetha brought Blueleaff to Louise, hoping that she could help her regain her memory, just as Blueleaff had done for Richeron. It didn't seem successful, and any further attempts were interupted by Louise's sister Aydith, who through Cermon had managed to find out that her plans were jeopardised. A battle ensued, leaving Elizabetha's right arm and left hand somewhat burned; she also harmed her ears somewhat, but thanks to Blueleaff's efforts this was somewhat healed and continues to do so.

Fortunately Aydith was wounded enough to leave a trail to her hiding place in Stormwind, allowing State members, a few Crusaders and Elizabetha to track her down, and eventually apprehending her. After an interrogation, Elizabetha handed the State guards Lord Shadowbreaker's final order for the consort of daemonic influence - Aydith had been sentenced to death for all her crimes.

Lacking an executioner, Elizabetha took matters in her own hand, borrowing the axe of Brother Seltus and summarily executed Aydith by severing her head from her body. Having done this deed, she reported back, prayed and returned home, shaken by her own deed.

After having overseen the duel between Amy Redcross and Lord Xephon, which she had helped arrange, Elizabetha thought that perhaps she could finally have some peace to be a mother. That was not to be. Approached by a man who kept his identity hidden, he warned her that she was in danger - that someone wanted to see her dead. Fearing for her children, Elizabetha hurried to the safety of Stormwind Keep, deciding there that now was the time to take that vacation she'd been thinking of. Arranging various things with friends as well as various Nobles, Elizabetha disguised herself, hiding her children in a basket and left the city. Only a handful knew her location.

After hiding for a few number of days, events once again brought Elizabetha back to Stormwind. However, she had yet to be seen with her twins, as she mostly walked around clad in armour and carrying a two-handed mace. Most of the time she seemed absent-minded, more frequently seen kneeling in prayer.

Her mood seemed to have improved with Richeron's return, yet the past few days she had appeared gloomy and reclusive.

A chance meeting with Fae and later a serious talk with her Principal Leonora, not to forget the support of her husband Richeron appears to have helped, and she seemed less distressed.

She returned to duty, serving the Church of Light, as well as taking time to be a mother for her twins and a wife for Richeron. She seemed content.

She had returned from an assignment in Terokkar Forest, fighting the Arokkoa of Skettis.

After receiving her orders, Elizabetha left Stormwind City, accompanied by Spearce. In the Swamp of Sorrows, however, they were confronted by various Orcs, resulting in Elizabetha being wounded in her side by an arrow. Spearce managed to bring her to safety in Nethergarde Keep in the Blasted Lands, where she is currently recovering her wound - the assignment thus being delayed. (The encounter is described in Inexorable - Part Five.)

Elizabetha returned to Stormwind three days later, and was thus able to participate in the Lakeshire Memorial, where people gathered to remember the victims of the attack of the Dark Embrace. Having already been haunted by nightmares of the past the few days before, Elizabetha only felt weakened by the memorial - even more so when Merwyn faded away before her eyes, her existance ending seemingly permanent. Though Nouala and Merwyn, who spoke through her apprentice Yannoru, Elizabetha refused to listen, lost in her own grief and the memory of past mistakes.

Due to the rumours spread about her and her husband that they are supposed to be Embraced, Elizabetha's found herself temporarily off duty. How long this was to last was unknown as people appear divided whether the rumours are true or not. In the mean time, Elizabetha tended to her twins - the only good thing that came out of the trouble caused by these malicious rumours, the fact that she was temporarily suspended notwithstanding.

She was stationed in the Eastern Plaguelands after being called back into service, thus unable to celebrate Winter's Veil or the New Year with her family.

She returned to Stormwind after serving a few weeks in the Plaguelands.

Shortly after arrival, she was forced to leave the City in order to help Laureen regain consciousness, as her soul apparently was taken from her body. She was unable to accompany Nouala and a few others to help save Blueleaff's spirit.

The news of Louise's death was deeply shaking, and she pondered how to help give the valiant woman a proper burial, whilst pondering the future of Louise's apparent infant son, who was mentioned to her by Amy.

She dwelled in Stormwind for several weeks, training Paladin initates in combat and the philosophy of the Holy Light - it took all of her time so that she had neither time for friends nor family, arriving late at home - though some times she simply picked a bunk at the Paladin barracks when too tired to head home.

Before she went missing she had left Stormwind, heading for Lakeshire to hook up with a small contingent of soldiers heading northwards, along with two Junior Paladins - the goal being a long distance patrol. She departed with an aura of satisfaction, being pleased at getting into the field once again as opposed to being "cooped up in the Cathedral".

She was expected to arrive in Menethil Harbour the 17th, but had for some reason not appeared with her group. Consequently she and her contingent had been listed as missing in action, their situation unknown.

However a bit more than a month later, due to the efforts of various friends and allies of Elizabetha's, they were able to pinpoint her in the Blackrock Depths, rather battered, hungered and weak by the harsh treatment at her captors, the Dark Iron Dwarves and Twilight's Hammer cultists.

She dwelled in Ironforge, most of the time delirious, and oblivious to all around her.

Following the days after her rescue by Richeron, Nouala, Amy and Mordacious, Elizabetha had steadily been on the mend, though she was still to weak to walk. Her appetite returning appeared to be quite a necessity as Maderlin of Redemptio Coronae were able to determine that Elizabetha was once again with child. Though they initially feared that she had conceived in captivity, Nouala was able to determine that due to Maderlin and later Blueleaff's examinations that the child had been conceived prior to Elizabetha's departure from Stormwind - thus it was proven that the child was indeed Richeron's.

Elizabetha dwelled for some time in Ironforge, being aided by Nouala in retraining her weakened legs, as well as strengthening herself and her new burden. After having been moved, Elizabetha dwelled in the Withamhall Manor, Stormwind, whilst pondering her future, and if she should step down from her duties as a Knight of the Church.

Due to the collision of situations, that being her reckless chase of a thief and the Scourge incursion, Elizabetha was once again seen in the platemail, carrying a mace and doing her duty as a Paladin defender. Following the heavy attacks, Elizabetha placed herself at the entrance of the Cathedral, and was soon joined by many others in the attempt to keep the Cathedral safe from the Undead. Thanks to their combined efforts, the Cathedral was indeed kept safe, and worked as a haven for the fleeing civilians, as well as the wounded.

She then assisted his majesty's internal forces with the heavy job of recovering and counting the losses, as per the assistance that the Church of Light as always freely gives. It was thus clear that she had chosen to return to her role as a Paladin defender.

In the days to follow she quietly debated with herself whether or not she should accept the proposal from the Argent Dawn to assist them fight the Scourge in Northrend, an offer she eventually accepted. She therefore roamed Northrend, assisting Alliance forces wherever she was posted by the High Command, though still searching for the Argent Crusade she has heard tellings of.

After several weeks of performing her Paladin duties to the Alliance forces in Northrend, Elizabetha returned home very briefly for some much needed respite from the heavy fighting, notably that at the Wrath Gate and Dragonblight proper. However, she quickly left again with her husband for Dalaran after sending the house maid and her twins to an unknown location, reason for this being undisclosed.

While in Northrend, she seemingly picked up new duties to perform, seemingly not feeling quite contented with sitting by idly in the hovering city of Dalaran, and was soon after seen wearing the tabard of the Argent Crusade.

After the threats toward her husband proved idle, Elizabetha returned to active duty within the Argent Crusade, and had notably been fighting the Scourge in Zul'Drak. However, she had not terribly long after been seen in Stormwind; the cause iost likely being a leave of absence from the front lines.

((Regarding Dywana's death and burial refer to The Light counteth thy tears and Sleep, my darling Sister))

Elizabetha as she was seen shortly after the loss of her eyes - a piece of cloth covering the empty eye sockets.

The older coat of arms and description:

By courtesy of her husband, a coat of arms was designed for Elizabetha, which should remind her that she were but a Lady, and was not bestowed the title of her husband, as well as telling others of this. However, due to what appeared to be a misunderstanding (though some of the nobility profusely claim otherwise), the final coat of arms appeared rather extravagant for a Lady. As is apparent, the two gryphons are of her husband's coat of arms, as are the various symbols on the lozenge (the diamond shaped shield, typical for a female coat of arms).

However, there are various things that differ. For instance, this one sports two gryphons, instead of just one, facing a Lion rampant. Secondly, in the middle of the lozenge, a book may be seen, which signifies the teachings of the Light. The winged men in robes are supposedly a hinting to the legends that Elizabetha grew up with, regarding the Celestials and Hopes. The winged great-sword, however, is a notification of her Paladin status. On top of that may be seen a building, which appears to be a chapel - another symbol regarding the teachings of the Light and her service to the Church. Lastly can be mentioned the two pointed crosses that one might surmise is a reference to her time in the Crusade.

The motto appears to be one of Elizabetha's most common phrases, which would end with "seek no reward".

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