Olleg Blood, also known as Olleg of Booty Bay

Physical Traits

Olleg is a dumpy man 30 years old with blue eyes and light brown hair.

Race and Class

Male Human Warrior


Children Of The Rain




Father - Enrique the Navigator is a sailor from Theramore.
Mother - Mary the Sharp Knife is a cook at Salty Sailor Tavern in Booty Bay.


When I was a kid I had been with my mother in Booty Bay. My mother, Mary the Sharp Knife, is a cook at Salty Sailor Tavern. She got her nickname not only due to her sharp kitchen knife and also due to her glib sharp tongue. I rarely saw my father, Enrique the Navigator. He is a sailor and he came to our port occasionally. He told me many stories about other countries where he had been. I like that time, the south port, the calm sea, the bright sun and the dark nights. I liked fishing at the berth, helping my mother at the kitchen. I had many friends between haunters of our tavern. That friends tutored me many useful things, fighters from Blackwater Raiders trained me how to wield weapons, artisans from Steamwheedle Cartel taught me how to craft metals.

Personal Notes

Current Status

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