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I stood in the Terrace of Light shivering returning from my duties to the Scryer’s as Ems gentle voice entered my mind ‘Honey, come Home it is all prepared’; I replied in an ecstatic tone ‘I am on my way love’ as I entered the Portal taking me back to the Dwarven Stronghold of Ironforge.

I boarded the awaiting gryphon making my way back to our home in Hillsbrad as my mind began to fill with happiness at the thought that the desire of our two hearts would finally be awakened and that we would be one. The gryphon landed as I called Harbinger to take me at speed to the house where I found Ems standing awaiting my return; still clad in the black silver thread I use to disguise myself from those who wish to harm me for the actions of my past I approached her the Rune blade glowing brightly over my shoulder.

‘Follow me, and leave the sword you won’t need it’ Ems said as we made our way down the path from our home. We walked in silence as my I watched her delicate form lead me to towards the main road ‘We need to be in a close space, I have set everything in the tower close by’ she stated in her gentle voice as I nodded in compliance. ‘How was your day love’ I asked as we walked towards the tower ‘Busy, preparing rituals takes time, yes?’ she replied as I nodded in agreement.

We entered the tower as I peered around looking at the candles and the Dark Rune on the floor as it lay there motionless, I bit my lower lip in trepidation as I stood close to Ems preparing my mind for what was to come. ‘You need to be free to move, don’t wear anything that will restrict you’ Ems spoke as I stood beginning to disrobe as the words left her mouth.

I stood back from the circle no in my shirt and trousers, my feet bare feeling the cold stone of the tower as I watched Ems approach the circle producing a piece of chalk drawing two lines dividing the rune.

Her gentle voice entered my mind beckoning me to the circle as all my thoughts were brought forward in to the minds eye as if I could see them clearly; Ems offered me the chalk telling me to draw what I see. I nodded in compliance drawing two lines at first, but then after understanding the words I drew what thoughts entered my minds eye.

‘Two Hearts entwined as one, Blackness of Range and Anger and the my face and the face of Entriia tormenting me’ all the drawings symbolic of what I saw and felt not being an artisan I was embarrassed noticing the detail of Ems drawing knowing that we both felt the same; however her drawings more elaborate than mine.

We both backed away from the circle as we again examined the drawings; she strode forward beginning to blow on the candles each one changing colour as she blew on them; I felt a tugging an urge to get closer though I was told not to enter the circle until asked to do so. As Ems made her way around we both felt the pull on our physical beings to enter, but resisted.

The last candle remained lit as her voice entered my mind ‘now impart into it a trait you wish removed from me, there has to be something you don’t like about me’ I nodded, but dare not say there is nothing about her that I do not love; however my mind played back to the anger I saw in her eyes and face when I was in Loch Modan during the times of my Marriage to Amy. It was that I wished never to see in her again at least not towards me. I imbued the candle and struggled to back away as we now stood hand in hand looking at the circle the Rune now shimmering brightly as each candle glowed with a Navy blue flame.

The physical pulling on our beings ceased as I felt a internal pull on my soul to leave my form; Ems form fell lifeless as an ethereal projection of her appeared over my drawings. I gripped her lifeless hand tight as I felt my soul pull away from my form as my ethereal projection appeared over Ems drawings.

As I stood there I was surrounded by her thoughts, feelings and memories each of them blocking my vision of her as I could hear her calling out for me as we were separated, I waded through them trying to find her calling out in trembling tones as tears ran down my face with the fear that I would never see her again, feel her embrace or feel her gentle kiss on my lips.

Her calls to me continued as I reached the wall that was dividing us a thick wall that seemed to be impenetrable, tears running down my cheeks I began to slam by body against the wall calling to her with my love and devotion, promising her that we will see each other and that I will never let her go; the power of my calls and love and devotion produced heavy shards that began to hammer against the wall as it began to destroy the divide that kept us apart. The shards broke through creating a hole where we could see each others faces, each looking into the others eyes as our thoughts, memories and feelings were pulled through the hole allowing our ethereal forms to pass through as well.

Ems put her arms around me as her voice entered my mind ‘come be one with me’; I embraced her close, pulling her to me as I tried to merge the two ethereal forms. As we our forms merged Ems eyes went wide feeling the souls uniting to form one completed soul as it was destined to be.

The soul went high into the air when it was merged beaming itself down into the point where we were joined refilling us both with life as we lay there holding on to each other.

My eyes opened slowly looking towards Ems as her eyes flickered open, I could feel, see and hear all that she thought and felt; my heart filled with ecstasy knowing that we had been awakened and we were truly one soul.

As I lay there I felt unseen arms wrap around me holding me close to her, I blushed knowing that it was her holding me as I kissed her in my mind sending my love and devotion into her spirit, causing her to blush as I had.

I sighed happily knowing that we were one and that we would never be separated always close to one another until the end of days and in the life after this.

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