Orana Dawnstriker

The Order of the Sun's tabard, as modelled by Orana.

The 'Order of the Sun' was an important faction of Silvermoon long before Arthas' destruction of the Sunwell. With the majority of it's members dying during the Scourge attack, the Order of the Sun was left in the hands of six individuals; the most powerful and influential of these being Solance Dawnstriker, who took control in his father's stead, creating a bright new path for the Order to follow.

The Order seeks to deviate from it's isolationist past; the Forsaken, Orcs, Tauren and Trolls invited to join it's ranks for the first time in the Order's history. Together, the Order hopes push forward a new frontier against all enemies of the Horde and for the greater good. The Order promotes cooperation among it's members and with other guilds, but will be quick to defend it's honour should it face opposition.

The order's alliance lies with the Scryer faction of Shattrath, when Solance and sevferal other key order members where seen killing Keal'thas's forces the Order was outlawed and hunted. Dispite many rumors the Order never died out, it went underground with gurillia tractics making trouble for magisters in Silvermoon.

Member's WikisEdit

- Solance Dawnstriker

- Rosaceae Dawnstriker-Sunrider

- Orana Dawnstriker

- Archmage Laerwen Spellsong

- High Priestess Lifeyna Monnasal

- Rayy Garner

- Wòncrievn, the Fierce Frost


Klesa of the ScourgeEdit

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The Rise of the OrderEdit

The March on DeathholmeEdit

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The Ley-line of AmbermillEdit

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The Order of the Sun is always recruiting willing and able members of the Horde. If you're interested, contact using the recruitment section of the OotS forum or contact any of the following within the game; Solance, Rosaceae, Klesa, Laerwen, Xanithar, Dreven or Orana.

OOC InformationEdit

The Order of the Sun is one of the major Horde-side RP guilds, and as such requests that anyone interested in joining our ranks appreciates, and actively participates, in guild roleplay. If you're unable to reach any of our officers in-game, check the website and forums; we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Vampires, demi-gods, Arthas the 3rds and the like need not apply.

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