With a large conflict within the Sunstrider Council a small detachment of the council decided that the council has slowly failing. They decided to form a new and grander origination. With the end of a terrible meeting of the sunstrider council, the final decision was made. Rosaceae left the council to follow in Laerwen's footsteps, upon leaving she felt that it was needed to say why. Her words where a painful truth to Marilyen who decided to leave as well.

Rosa called on Solance, who she had been talking to about forming a new origination. Solance rounded Laerwen, Marilyen and Legodir together with them. Here they discussed what the origination should be like. They came up with the name. The Order of the Sun, the order would have 5 ruling bodies not 1.

((other discussed names, Order of the Phoenix, Order of Silvermoon, girls of Solance (altough only Solance seemed open to that one), Warriors of the Sun))

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