Damien Lee Ormsby Pike

Damien Ormsby as drawn by Hejin.

Title: "The Overseer to the Grand Plan"
Age: 32 years
Class: Warlock
Race: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Family: Doesnt keep in touch anymore.
Birthplace: Tarren Mill
Occupation: "Overseeing the world into a more favourable outcome"
Spoken Languages: Common

Name Edit

Damien Lee Ormsby Pike

Physical Traits Edit

Average height for human male, standing 6'1. Has smooth slicked back black dark hair. Has a scar running down his spine. His eyes are red, having been corrupted by his fel powers. He walks with a proud, almost noble-like stance and the robes he normally wears hide his slim yet toned body which makes him suprisingly agile!

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warlock

Guild Edit



Jonathan Ormsby - Adoptive Father (Deceased)

Delilah Ormsby - Adoptive Mother (Deceased)

Blare Ormsby - Adoptive Brother (Deceased)

Janner Pike - Cousin

Joren - Cousin

Eva - Cousin

Juven - Cousin

Cermon Cornith-Pike - "Daughter"

Background Edit

In the beginning

Damien was born on a gypsy caravan outside of Tarren Mill by Maria Pike, however, knowing she would be unable to care for the child she gave him to the Ormsby family who vowed to take care of him. From there onwards he lived a relatively normal life, having a friendly competitive streak with Blare Ormsby until his step-mother, Delilah, purchased a book of dark arts from a travelling merchant. Delilah became enthralled and secretly starting teaching Blare and Damien the ways of the warlock, away from the eyes of their father, Jonathan Ormsby.

First steps into darkness

By the age of 16, all was going well for Damien, he was close to being admitted into Dalaran to learn magic and he showed great skill with both arcane and shadow magic. However, things would take a catastrophic turn when during an experiment, he summoned a Felguard, the demon, enraged by its new surroundings, rampaged throughout the household, killing Delilah and wounding Blare and Damien before being taken down by Jonathan Ormsby and a group of local soldiers. Jonathan, in his rage and grief, blamed the death of his wife on Blare, who had been trying to summon another demon at the time of the incident. Blare was exiled, and wasnt seen again.

The mage, the elf and the lich

3 years later, Ormsby was finally given admittance to Dalaran, where he began to learn the master the art of arcane magic. During his time here he became friends with a fellow student, a high elf by the name of Jhornia, this friendship eventually blossomed into love and the pair would spend much time with each other over the years, however, their time was cut short as both students became victim to the fury of The Scourge, which had already taken many lives, including that of Jonathan Ormsby. Damien, however was spared life as a mindless ghoul by Kel'Thuzad, who had known Damien before he left The Kirin-Tor. He offered him a ultimatum, serve the Lich King as a spy in Stormwind or die. Damien accepted and quickly made haste to Stormwind.

Welcome to the jungle

Damien arrived in Stormwind and was quickly intrigued by an order known as the Scarlet Missionary. Damien joined this order and here, he learned much about the political climate of Stormwind, aswell as befriending many fellow members, such as Thepol, Imoenak and Hejin. During Hejins betrayal, Damien left, becoming a scribe in Menethil Harbour shortly thereafter. During his as scribe, he had access to many books, including a book of dark arts, very similar to the one his mother owned. Damien took this book and left, hearing of a dark group known as The Dark Embrace.

Enter the snakes lair

(( Will continue soon ))

Family Background Edit

Pike - Gypsy family

Ormsby - Farming family

Criminal Record Edit

Initiate of The Dark Embrace

Use of Shadow Magic

Murder of Heather Cook

Cohorting with Demons

Quotes Edit

" I have lost everything...everything except my duty...duty to The Faith... "

" *sighs* I may have said I would turn back to the light...however... "

Influences Edit

Nobunaga Oda - Ormsby looks like Nobunaga and in some ways, acts like him too. He is cold and cunning but also is very polite and caring to people close to him.

Sima Yi - Ormsby also acts like this man, constantly thinking up plots and such that would benefit himself, or in some cases, his friends.

Significant Friendships Edit

Louise - Ormsby cares for Louise deeply, but now he cant forgive himself after he was controlled by Balnazzar and killed her daughter Heather.

Nirofen - It isnt so much a friendship between these two as a friendly rivalry. Both serve in The Dark Embrace. Nirofen seems to enjoy spying on Ormsby.

Hymm - Eddy and Ormsby both grew up in Hilsbrad and are still friends. However, during a battle at Dun Garok, they fought on opposite sides. There friendship is now broken.

Elizabetha - Ormsby greatly respects Elizabetha for her kind and loving nature, something that Ormsby thinks is severely lacking in the world these days.

Imoenak - Imoen and Ormsby are close friends of Imoen and Imoen was the first person he went to to admit his murder of Heather after the event occured. He greatly respects her strength also.

Suzanne - Although these two dont exactly see eye-to-eye, Ormsby holds a great ammount of respect for her, he is somewhat at odds with her dedication to The Crusade due to his knowledge of The Cruasdes dark secret.

Prayher - Prayher and Ormsby liked each other during the nutcraker gang's original reign of terror both helping the other, life has forced them together when a fight between them created Cermon

Current Status Edit

Alive and well, sighted in Northrend.

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