Damien Lee Ormsby Pike

Physical Traits

Average height for human male, standing 6'1. Has smooth slicked back black dark hair. Has a severed right arm and a scar running down his spine. His eyes are red, having been corrupted slightly by his fel powers.

Race and Class

Human Mage/Warlock (Mage powers were corrupted slightly by being in service of Kel'Thuzad)


The Dark Embrace




Jonathan Ormsby - Adoptive Father (Deceased)

Delilah Ormsby - Adoptive Mother (Deceased)

Blare Ormsby - Adoptive Brother (Deceased)

Janner Pike - Cousin

Joren - Cousin

Eva - Cousin

Juven - Cousin


Damien was born on a wagon train on the way to Stromgarde by Maria Pike, sister of Maren Pike, mother of Janner Pike. He was given to Jonathan Ormsby and his small farming family in Tarren Mill where he would live a peaceful live until...

One day Delilah Ormsby, Jonathans wife, bought a book of Dark Arts from a travelling goblin merchant, at this point she became enthralled with the book, looking to learn all she could from the book, she then started teaching these arts to Damien and her son, Blare. Damien seemed to excel at this and was soon able to use Shadow Bolts, he then was able to summon various dark minions to him. One day Damien delved into arts beyond his skill, summoning a Felguard, the creature went on a rampage around the family home, killing Delilah. Jonathan however was not present at the time and when he returned to his wrecked home and his dead wife, Damien blamed the incident on Blare, who was then deemed an outcast by everybody in Tarren Mill and left the farm a week later, heading towards Silverpine Forest, where he hasnt been seen since.

Many years later Damien, soon after Jonathan died defending Southshore from an attack by bandits, left for Dalaran, where he would learn the arts of Arcane magic and where he would meet Jhornia Woodwake, a High Elf learning magic from the same master, they would befriend each other and would eventually become lovers.

Days before the Scourge attacked Dalaran, Damien would propose to Jhornia, offering his hand in marriage, however, both would died days later at the hands of The Scourge, Damien was then resurrected by Kel'Thuzad who offered Damien give Damien his humanity in return for his services as a spy, Damien in cowardice accepted this offer and would later be sent to Stormwind.

Here he would join The Scarlet Missionary where he would gather information for Kel'Thuzad, here he would befriend many of the members. He would remain a "loyal" follower of them until an old friend of his from Tarren Mill would tell Damien about his past, telling him that he was related to Pike family. Damien would then make contact with Janner in Aerie Peak where he would join The Wild Rose Society for a while.

Damien would then head to Menethil Harbor upon hearing of the passing of control to Vascar, Damien would offer his services as Scribe, giving him access to the vast array of books, and claiming one book in particular, one that contained the spell for the summoning of a Lesser Lich...

Upon retrieving this book, Damien defected to The Dark Embrace where he would become the apprentice of Mrs LeVay AKA Annarima. He woud then pass the book on to her where The Embrace would impliment it into resurecting a Lich for their own purpose. When a Coalition of Starlight and other guilds attacked Southshore, Damien would be injured by an arrow to the chest and then left in the graveyard to die. He would then be healed by Entriia Darkstorm and recover. However Damien would start to feel guilt for his actions when he would meet Suzanne Bellmarsh who would offer him redemption in return for his help. Damien accepted and spied on The Embrace during this time he would regain his freedom from Kel'Thuzad thanks to the help of Ashana. He would later defect from The Embrace when the guilt of killing innocent people became to much for him.

Damien would then be caught just a mere week later by Nirofen and others when they captured Louise and offered her safety in exchange for his "return". He accepted and would have his arm severed by Entriia Darkstorm.

Damien would the come to the aid of his friend Louise in Andorhal with the help of others, including Ulgarf, Kisun and a team of Scarlet Knights led by Imoenak.

However this time of Light following would end when Entriia would be killed by Ulgarf, he would start to feel guilt and sadness after this because he had hoped to turn her back to The Light. Damien then began to lose his sanity, thinking the Light had forsaken him with Entriia's death and believed that turning back to The Shadow would be his only choice but upon various refusals of help by Lashela he began to lose hope of that completely.

Damien had time to think and now has gotten back his sanity and has also apologised to any he harmed during his few days of madness. Damien was mugged by The Nutcracker Gang and has recovered from his injuries.

Ormsby has recently been seen carrying a dark staff with a green flame, it was acquired during a trip to Searing Gorge but its origin or powers are unknown. Rumours have also been speculating that Ormsby can summon a spectral right arm but this has not yet been proven or seen.

Ormsby recently felt his Shadow Powers return during an incident in The Ruins of Ravenwind where he was momentarily captured by The Dark Embrace. This may have been a hint that his time in The Light was over, who knows...

Ormsby was away studying at his home in Stormwind when he heard of Louises death and has since spirraled into a deep depression. He also vows to avenge Louise and bring her killers to justice, not just for himself, but for her friends and The Light!

Ormsby was murdered on the 25th of April by Annarima and Lyll of The Dark Embrace. It is rumoured that he requested his death...

Ormsby's soul is being held by Annarima is still very much active, albeit imprisoned and limited in movement. Ormsby recieved a vision telling him that he was still need to lead The Lightbringers and at that time, a fel power awoke within Ormsby, his shadow powers return with even more strength! Ormsby is currently getting help from Hejin to get his soul back to his body. Ormsby was later revived by Annarima in return for his servitude and unwavering loyalty to The Embrace. He may serve The Embrace but he refuses to harm any of his friends.

Ormsby is very happy to see Louise back and promises he will protect Heather and Louise at any price.

Family Background

Pike - Gypsy family

Ormsby - Farming family

Criminal Record

Ex-Initiate of The Dark Embrace

Personal Notes

Shadow Resistance - Ormsby's exposure to the dark arts has toughened him, Damien has a suprising resiliance against shadow based attacks, he can even absorb the energy used to launch attacks of his own!

Sense of Smell - Damien has the ability to smell dark auras at close range, this also works on sneaking rogues and druids also.

Doppelgangers Robe - Damiens Robe has the abilty to change shape and colour at will, all he needs to do is clap twice.

Severed Right Arm - Ormsby was punished for leaving The Embrace by Entriia, who severed his holy arm and left him for dead.

Arcane Mastery - Ormsby has a fair mastery of Arcane magic, allowing him to bypass barriers as well as bring up barriers of his own, repeated use of the magic however causes great exhaustion.

Fel Powers - Ormsby had recently felt a massive surge of Shadow Magic flow through him when he recieved a message by an unknown messenger of The Light while his soul was imprisoned in his own soul shard. Reasons for gaining these powers is unknown.


Man of Nobilty- Ormsby is a very well spoken person and rarely ever says anything to insult anyone, unless they irriate him. This trait also makes him a great diplomatic speaker and also means Ormsby has few people that hate him.

Order of Chivalry - Ormsby follows most codes related to that of any Knight in medieval times. He never raises his hand to a women, even if they attack him. He will also go to the aid of any person in need of help. He will also never attack a defenceless or weak person, unless of course they have irriated him in some way.

Man of Honor - Ormsby is a man of honor and will never attack anyone of whom he feels he owes a favour or who has helped him in the past. He also likes a fair fight.


Louise- Ormsby befriended Louise when they first met in Southshore and and have been best of friends ever since, watching each others back. Ormsby is one of the few people who knew Louise was pregnant and has vowed he will protect her, regardless of whether he is an Embracer or not.

Hejin - Hejin first met Ormsby in The Scarlet Missionary, Ormsby at first, hated Hejin for his betrayal, but this changed when they met again in The Dark Embrace. Hejin then helped Ormsby escape The Embrace, however he betrayed him to The Embrace who later caught him and punished him, severing his right arm. They are still friends however. Ormsby came to the aid of Hejin when he was attacked by Kisun. Ormsby was at Hejins wedding to Louise and vows to help him in anyway that he can.

Hymm - Ormsby and Hymm are childhood friends and where in different orders during Ormsby time in The Mission. They rarely meet now but still have respect for each other. Both are now brothers in The Lightbringers of Outland. Ormsby jokingly calls Hymm "Eddy".

Imoenak - Ormsby has known Imoen since he was in The Mission, both are also friends of Louise and cared for her deeply. Ormsby feel regret that he couldnt protect Louise and feels like he has failed Imoen.

Current Status

Alive/Dead. His body is only kept from rotting by his own mix of shadow and arcane magic.

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