Tyros Orojin in Darkstorm Guard uniform, wielding the polearm axiana


Tyros Orojin - known as the Demon of the Quel'thalasian Rangers in his younger days.

Prefers to just be called Ty or Oro by anyone.

Physical Traits

A tall sin'dorei of 6'4", his glowing jade green in his eyes has began to fade slightly making his eyes seem more human. His long bluey black hair tied up and back into a large ponytail. Ty believes he is still in his prime age and at the peak of his form and ability though it cannot be sure with not sharing his true age with anyone.

Race and Class

Blood Elf Blood Knight - former High Mage then Ranger


The Darkstorm Clan


A master skinner and leaherworker learnt from his days as a ranger.


Wife - Axiana Urio - deceased

Daughter - Kiritia - now a Kal'dorei druid

Parents - unknown/deceased


Ty was born 121years before the founding of Quel'thalas, therefore he is still quel'dorei/highborne rather than sin'dorei, though he likes to hide his age, he says he is around 6000 years old. When Ty was 20 he had begun his training in arcane magics. By the age of 76 he had progressed rapidly in the upper level and advanced arcane teachings, where it would usually take at least 200years - Ty had taken only 56. Ty had also been trained in swordsmanship, he excelled with two handed swords and was well adept for the use of polearms.

At the age of 81, Ty had reached High Mage standard and was highly depended upon by other mages, the higher mages decided that he should be paired off with another mage who had progressed faster than most other mages. Axiana was a female mage who had progressed to high mage standard at the exact same time as Ty, both with the same age and their birthdays being a few days apart. Axiana was a dedicated mage and spent all her time studying and training, were as Ty liked to relax as much as he could leaving Axiana to do all their written and experiment work by herself. Even with Axiana's harsh attitude towards Ty and Ty's ignorant and arragant attitude towards Axiana, they both fell in love with each but they did not revealing their true feelings for another 15 years. A year later Axiana bore Ty a daughter called Aska'kei - she was also called Luna for her pure snowy white hair colour and her blue glint in her eyes.

For 20 years Ty and Axiana raised Luna and trained her under the same standards they had trained, she soon proved to have the skill to surpass Axiana but by that time Ty had become a High Mage and was considered for one of the open slots of the next Archmage. However Ty declined and decided to give up his high mage title so he could stay and live with his family among the Kal'dorei in Kalimdor. When Ty had reached the age of 120, the war of the ancients had begun. Ty alligience was to Queen Azshara and her alone, so he took up position among the High Mage and commanded part of the Highborne army. Ty lasted through the full war and was there at the very end when the well of eternity was shattered and destroyed.

After the war Ty learned that Axiana died during a battle earlier in the war, filled with grief and loss he forced himself to search for a lead that would bring him to his daughter. After helf a year of searching Ty had found that his daughter was now a druid of the Kal'dorei and now going by the name of Karitia. Ty did not wish to desturb his daughters new life as he was still classed under Quel'dorei and still had arcane powers, which were banned and punishable by death if used.

By the time Ty was 121 years old, Dath'Remar Sunstrider unleashed a terrible magical storm across Ashenvale Forest, for this action the High-borne were exiled. Now living in the newly founded lands of Quel'thalas, Ty began his new life putting everything he once had behind him. Ty decided to keep up his arcane abilties and trained to regain some of the power he had lossed. After thousands of years of constant mindless training attempting to regain what was once his he found that he couldn't quite grasp what he once had, though it is believed it is due to hidden grief that prevents him using arcane powers. Eventually Ty realised it was useless and decided it was time to take up another role in Quel'thalas, a ranger under the command of Sylvanus Windrunner. Again Ty had progressed through the training in ranger skills, and was promoted the commander of his own elite squad of rangers.

Around the age of 5000, something had happened to Ty that he has no memory of or any recolection of any connections to it. Ty lost 1000 years worth of life through this memory loss, though he does not care much for finding out the truth it has made him very curious over the years.

Ty was reaching an age of 10,050 when first war had begun between the orcs and humans, though Ty's involvement was minor he helped with a couple of recon missions for the humans.

6 years after the first war had ended - the second war had begun, in this war, Ty made a forced effort to get fully involved in this war and became one of King Terenas' trusted commanders, however he was sent to the more remote parts of the war and didn't see much action.

2 years later when the aftermath of the second war began with the dark portal opening, Ty was rushed into battle among those who faught at the steps of the dark portal, in the most bloodiest battle of the war. He and the other few elven fighters there were all supposedly killed in action and ery few of the bodies were ever found.

13 years later Ty was found in Arathi seemingly in perfect health and with no memory loss, Ty told the other elves that after the battle he had woken and was slightly disaranged from the battle, he wanted to clear hid mind nd live peacefully. For the past 13 years that he had been missing, he had steadily regained his strength and powers, however he had found that the once mighty arcane powers he had possessed had been replaced with a holy aura. When Ty heard the news of the destruction of Silvermoon and quel'thalas, he had decided to not bother with the whole alliance, he had seen his fair share of battles and wanted nothing more to with the wars.

He then settled done near the Hillsbrad farmer fields and simply lived hid life normally.

Family Background

Ty never really knew his parents at all so everything about him is unknown even their names.

Criminal Record

Ty proved himself to be a loyal man who did not cause problems and disturb the peace.

Personal Notes

Ty has taken up his position as a blood knight because of the holy powers he has seemed to pick up. he has progressed well but he is not concerned with how powerful he becomes. Ty is not as arrigant and ignorant as he once was, now he is composed and likes to oppose people in arguements, trying to prove his knowledge. Ty is currently 10,121 years old and nearing 10,122 years old, though he cannot come to terms with his age he is not too fond of people knowing that age. There is a possibility that ty is one of the last surviving true Quel'dorei and is not really Sin'dorei.

current status

At the moment Ty is still settling down in Silvermoon, he is currently training for advanced Blood Knight techniques, even at his age he is proving that age doesn't always matter. Ty has become fond of the rather arrogant and cocky Rayy, another Blood Knight, he helps Rayy with a few things here and then, as well as teaching him the odd lesson. Now a guard in the the Darkstorm Clan Ty likes to help out with many of Rayy's tasks which he finds that he does the whole thing by himself.


When ty was born he was classed as a mage at birth and was predicted a life expectency of 2000years at most. Ty is no over 10000 years old showing that either they were wrong or something has caused this and he doesn't know why.

Ty finds his mana addiction is not as great as others, he can go for long periods of time without too much mana.

Ty keeps his wedding ring fro his deceased wife with him at all times, he has placed it in a small slot within his polearm, he knows calls the polearm Axiana.

His long lasting blade which he calls lightberge as been stored for safety as Ty has Axiana instead.


The main influence for Orojin was Zabuza Momochi from the anime Naruto, The other influence is Wil from the game boy advance game fire emblem,

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