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Bald, smart, a voice surrounded by a deep arcane echo and a quite muscular corpse for an undead mage, this undead is has an aura of mistery all around him. Forsaken refers to him as a powerful noble, leading the house of the Faramos, famous in the human kingdom of Lordaeron for having several hired thugs. Lord Faramos, thus he named himself, had a secretive agenda that always made others suspicious of his true intentions.

Lord Oscurit Faramos

Oscurit Screen Main
Name: Oscurit, Marcus Faramos
Title: Lord, The Dragonrider, The Dark Wizard
Allignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Race: Undead, human
Character Class: Mage
Occupation Lord
Spoken Languages

Orcish, Common, Gutterspeak, Thalassian


Status: Undead
Affilation Forsaken (questionable), himself



Before becoming the heartless forsaken he is today, Oscurit was known as Marcus Faramos, eldest son of Ashmur. He was a skilled and idealistic noble, always ready to serve the greater good of his people. Distancing himself from the traditions of his family, which focused on physical combat, Marcus’s magical talents were finally noticed at a young age, when an enigmatic figure who professed to be a wizard came to the Faramos’ estate and invited the boy to leave for Dalaran. There, he’d make new ties, eventually falling in love with the elf Shyna.

Marcus’ skills would eventually make him a respected arcanist who sought only the betterment of the world he lived in. Only then the mage who recruited him and initiated Marcus to the secrets of the arcane would reveal his true form: Ralgos the Blue. Taking Marcus Faramos under his wing, Ralgos turned the wizard into his dragonsworn. In a ultimate task of devotion towards the mighty blues, which he looked after as the great protectors of all magic, he travelled to Northrend in pilgrimage. This journey nearly costed him his life, yet he would finally reach Coldarra, home of the ancient dragon Malygos. He would quietly spend some time in the blue dragon’s libraries, eventually returning to Dalaran after becoming Ralgos’ follower. He took a small role during the second war. In the meantime his relationship with Shyna developed and the two decided to marry in secret.

However, the Scourge assaulted the land and soon became a tragic reality: in a few months Marcus’ family would be wiped out by the Plague and the undead, with Shyna eventually dying defending her people in Eversong Woods. Ralgos was nowhere to be seen and likely couldn’t have helped either. When the Scourge assaulted Dalaran, the last of the Faramos fought as valiantly as he could to avenge his beloved, but the wizards were outnumbered and eventually fell to the armies of the Scourge. Death didn't save him, however: he was raised as an undead.


As soon as he embraced his undeath, he became a ferocious servant of the Burning Legion. For countless weeks, the mage had no other purpose but to serve the Burning Legion. When, however, the Lich King weakened, he fled from his grasp and joined Sylvanas' crusade in Lordaeron. His skills as a master of the arcane were widely praised and he was welcomed as a powerful asset for the forsaken. Reborn as a servant of Sylvanas, he renamed himself 'Oscurit'. His personality would become twisted: rather than friendly and altruistic, he’d become proud and self-centered, and he would look with a twisted fanatical devotion to the teachings of old.

Lord Faramos partecipated in the war-effort in Silithus but truly distinguished himself during the dark time known as "Shadow of the Necropolis", fending off the ravenous Scourge.

The Burning CrusadeEdit

During the Burning Crusade, Oscurit never took any real actions in Outland nor against the demons themselves. He travelled to Silvermoon City in an attempt to watch over the blood elves, who were mastering a dangerous amount of fel magic. Looking at the frightening fel corruption in the area, the mage begun a campaign of political hostilities with the Magisterial Guard and their warlock. During such times, he didn’t achieve any great success but eventually Silvermoon’s dispotic guardians would react, making the wizard risk his own life. Eventually Osvurit would hire mercenaries to protect him, although they ultimately became an offensive weapon, ready to intimidate citizen who spoke against the undead’s own interest. Now more akin to a terrorist than an advocate for peace, a valorous blood knight stood against Lord Oscurit. The rivalry between Kelnes and Oscurit would last for a long time, and even after the paladin’s death, Kelnes’ daughter would pursue hostilities for a while. It is during these times that Oscurit would rediscover his noble heritage and reform the the Faramos as a twisted forsaken order.

As the battle for Quel'danas ignited, Oscurit was sent into the Isle of Quel'danas. There he fed his hatred against the demons until an ancient dragon wyrm was murdered by a pit lord in the middle of the assault over the Sunwell. He fled back to Undercity in despair... until he would be contacted by Ralgos himself. The dragon needed his services once more and was ready to close an eye upon Lord Faramos’ undead condition. Faramos, whose undead torment had turned him into a twisted fanatic, readily accepted. To spread the dragon’s word in secret, Oscurit created the Magi Order, an organization which would forge a group of sleeping agents in the Horde, ready to serve the blue dragons when the time would come.

The Nexus WarEdit

Thus Oscurit became a mage hunter, serving under Ralgos’ direct orders. Before he could launch any offensive, however, Malygos fell and the Mage Hunter team fell into disarray. He returned to the Undercity as a forsaken once more. People saw the mage venturing many times into the region named Azshara, it is still not known why, but rumors has it that Oscurit is still serving the blue dragon.

In the meantime, in an attempt to increase his influence among the Horde and the Forsaken, Faramos joined the Shadows of Lordaeron under the vessel of Mailann Shadowwalker. During this period Oscurit Faramos became a talented officer of the guild and managed to achieve a precious goal by stealing a Scourge artifact from Andorhal, which he would later call the Soul of the Frozen Death. This dark artifact would lead the wizard to an even darker path, making his demeanor erratic and unpredictable. He’d fight a subordinate of the Shadows of Lordaeron who suspected of Oscurit’s motives. As the warlock discovered the forsaken’s alliegance to Ralgos, he tried to confront and execute the mage on his own, but in doing so he underestimated the power of Oscurit, who killed him and fed the warlock’s power to the dark artifact, consuming Meverel A'chard. To maintain a lower profile, he hid the Soul of the Frozen Death.

After the end of the Nexus War the ethereum stole a powerful artifact from the Nexus, "the Arcane Stormer". Oscurit came to know what happened and, bringing his noblehouse in Outland, he fought the Ethereum. The Ethereum triumphed over the house, killing Oscurit's apprentice and sending his men in disarray (they were ill-equipped to fight of the advanced technology of the ethereals). Enraged, Oscurit summoned the aid of the Shadows of Lordaeron who managed to defeat the ethereum and take the artifact and avenge the fallen apprentice.

Although Oscurit achieved remarkable triumphs for his guild, the general Rin Kalmore, who replaced Mailann, remained wary of his subordinate and begun to discuss Oscurit’s motives, eventually suspecting of the wizard’s duplicity. He was willing to take this issue to the rest of the Horde and speak with the Warcouncil. In retaliation Oscurit had the The Magi Order build a device which would, ultimately, reveal to be a mana bomb, which he planned to use against the warcouncil itself should Kalmore even become a threat. As he found himself more and more pressured by the General, the dark wizard used the Arcane Stormer to enchance a mana bomb with the clear intent to destroy the Beastmaw Clan, the Suncrown Order and the Shadows of Lordaeron during a meeting at the center of Orgrimmar. The plan was stopped thanks to the intervent Kalmore, who was stalking Oscurit himself, suspecting of the dark wizard’s evil agenda.

Lord Faramos, enraged, would bring his entire house in Ashenvale where the guild of Torakk was preparing to battle the night elves. Bringing what was left of his hired thugs there, he started hostilities with the Horde. In a shocking move, he made a pact of non-aggression with the kaldorei in the area and they offered him a Beastmaw prisoner. His guardsmen in the meantime ambushed the taurens allied with the Beastmaw, with Oscurit’s right hand wounding their matron and forcing her out of the upcoming conflict. It was then that the master of Oscurit arrived. Ralgos would have destroyed the whole base in Ashenvale if Kalmore would have not realized Oscurit's game and moved the Horde against the blue wyrm in advance. The Beastmaw Clan of Torakk, the emissaries of the Suncrown Enclave, the Shadows of Lordaeron and two brave blood knights moved against the dreaded dragon. At the end, the orc warrior Thorrim suceeded in dealing the last killing blow to the enormous wyrm and Ralgos collapsed on the ground lying dead in Azshara. Ralgos, master of Lord Faramos, died that day. The leader of the rebels of the Blue Dragonflight died that day.

Nyttja Gello, the new leader of the Shadows of Lordaeron after Kalmore’s departure, allowed Oscurit to return to his position of officer in the Shadows of Lordaeron. The mage, who had witnessed the death of his great master and had most of his mercenaries either mutiny or die, had no alternative: he had to acept and surrender. While the leader of the guild pardoned him, the assassins of the forsaken did not: unaware of such a plot in the shadows, he became an easy prey. Ambushed by a group of deathstalkers, Oscurit engaged in a desperate battle for his own life. His magic slowly prevailed, eventually murdering all three of them. Wounded, he stood in Everlook for a while, until the unthinkable occurred: Deathwing returned to this world, sending Azeroth itself into disarray!


The dark wizard saw Deathwing as the cause of Malygos’ madness and the blue dragonflight’s demise. Eventually, he contacted Vexagos, son of Ralgos, a drake with whom he had worked in the past, and with whom he’d fight against the Twilight’s Hammer. Trying to redeem himself from the past, he disguised himself as a recently-risen forsaken, changing his appearance should anyone recall his previous shape. He took the name of Rukadare. The mysterious Rukadare would reforge The Magi Order, taking the fight against the Twilight’s Hammer. Their battle would be short-lived, as the order would fall before a black dragon ambush. Still unbroken, Rukadare-Oscurit would take the fight to the Dragonblight and help in the defense of the Wyrmrest Temple, where his drake companion, Vexagos, would lose his life. At the most desperate hour, the Aspects would sacrifice their powers to defeat Deathwing himself. The death of his trusted drake and the end of the age of dragons turned Oscurit into a long-lasting depression: with the victory against the enemies of life achieved at the price of all he stood for, the mage casted himself in exile in the cold lands of Northrend, eventually becoming a recluse.

Race and ClassEdit

  • Race: Undead
  • Class: Mage, Necromancer, Shadowmage


In life, Marcus Faramos was an altruistic and witty personality. He was passionate about his magical research. He was devoted to those he loved, such as Shyna and his family.

In undeath, his virtues became a vices: he became arrogant and prideful, cold and heartless, with a strong will and an aristocratic demeanor. What used to be devotion towards those he cared about, has become fanatism. He is an evil and charismatic personality completely aware of his influence on others, and is often surrounded by trusted men ready to do his bidding and partake in unlawful actions at his mere request. His love for deception and magic tricks makes him a formidable opponent, even if fought alone. He has been capable of taking multiple opponents of any kind on his own, often emerging unscathed. His weakeness that often leads to miscalculation, however, is his aristocratic attitude, deeply carved within his mind. In fact, Oscurit is very prideful of his own status and does rarely recognize or respects anyone who hasn't proven himself to his eyes. This personality trait has often led him to an excessive overconfidence during battles.


Oscurit is overall well preserved for an undead. He is tall and robust, making him somewhat intimidating. His face is pale and blue, with a couple of bright yellow eyes and s flat nose, akin to that of a snake. The terrible smell of undeath is diminuished by an arcane aura he irradiates, which makes people sense his overwhelming control over magic. This aura does often affect his own voice, filling him with an ancient echo. His skin is mostly decayed, livid and nearly blue. Undeath, however, appears to have irreversibly damaged its appearance: this nose is as flat as a snake's, the eyes, engulfed with dark magic, have an almost maniacal golden glare. Without hairs, he is left with long, skeletal fingers that complete his terrible portrait.


Oscurit’s magic rivals and possibly surpasses that of an archmage. He is versatile and has learned a solid mastery over arcane and frost magic. After he acquired the Soul of the Frozen Death, he has learnt an huge deal of necromancy aswell.

While fighting, his strategy is to test to opponent first while keeping up his magical defenses: he never fights without properly enchanted clothes and a solid barrier. As soon as he analyzed the enemy, he then unleashes deadly arcane damage.

  • Illusionism: Mastered. Thanks to the Blue Dragonflight's teachings, he has become a true master of this school. As through illusions he has been known to create duplicates of himself.
  • Abjuration: Mastered. His talent for defensive magic is well-known among his foes. His personality in fact made him despise the melee classes up to the point he mastered himself an incredible control over magical defenses. In fact, the enemies he faced, from the countless waves of ghouls in Dalaran that crushed him to the orcs of the Horde and then the Beastmaw Clan forced him to have a solid defensive base against melee. Combined with his talent for illusions, he does hardly needs to concentrate to evade melee combatants.
  • Conjuration: Mastered. He truly excels at frost magic. His talent in conjuration was well-known even before his time as a dragonsworn. However, under the teachings of Ralgos he became a true master of frost magic. A very versatile school, he develops this magic to both defend and attack. In addition, he does not hesitate to conjure powerful minions that aid him in battle, overwhelming single enemies by concentrating his own spells aswell as the ones of his elementals to defeat the unfortunate target. Once casting ice magic, he usually doesn't use all of his magical power in a single hit: he stores up ice reserves while fighting in form of shards in order to release them all against the victim once he seizes an opportunity or a distraction. He has also been conjuring orbs made of frost energy in order to "remove" physical threats from his own presence, for example against an attack of abominations in Northrend.
  • Transmutation: Mastered. This ability has been used frequently by the Azure Dragonsworn to create a portal in order to escape from a battle or to morph someone into a weak critter, or utilizing the blink spell to escape an incomming hit. He has also shown the capacity to alter time around himself, slowing any damages received from falling.
  • Enchantement: Adept. He usually enchants his armor against phisycal attacks or empowers it with magical gems, containing arcane energies. Despite his talent for magical defensive wards against physical damages and enchants that boost magical powers, it appears his enchanted defenses haven't been mastered against other magical spells to the level of certain famous battle-mages.
  • Divination: Average. A close-minded noble is not really the person that fits for the divination - nor that may be much interested in this art. Altrough, when he had to side with the Blue Dragonflight, the dragons pretended him to learn how to detect magic from far and to find artifacts. For this reasons, he hasn't yet discovered this discipline to an enormous level.


Neutral Evil


This setion is merely for Oscurit's creation, no followers or pets.

  • Soul of the Frozen Death: This was initially a crystal of the Blue Flight able to assorb the magic of every kind. Faramos asked the deathcasters of the Shadow of Lordaeron to copy their powers inside the gem (Meverel, Rakia, Nathira, Alór, Grailen) and later channeling the phylactery he obtained from a Lich in Andorhal and the knowledge of Scholomance. He has discovered that this weapon has become linked to him in an unimmaginable way: a phylactery.


  • Yes, once my name was Rayan Marcus Faramos, a noble name of a great family, but i lost my honor and i must remember this forever or until i wont redeem myself. That's why i call myself Oscurit: i have nothing but darkness in my identity. (To Tortus, while explaining the origins of his 'nickname'.)
  • That apothecary thinks to beat magic with science, it's laughable. Magic is an art, the most powerful art. I assure you, no potions can withdraw mana permanently, or, even if they are meant to, they will, in time, fail, as magic has no limits. The science, instead, is nothing but a technic and has great limits. He'll never be able to go over a certain limit, as he is bounded to his short chains, unlike i, that have already fled away from my chains and can go everywhere.

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