Shapeshifter Otcho Horntail, World Explorer.

Physical TraitsEdit

Otcho's green eyes and soothing smile, hidden between her black fur, eminate an aura of silence and peace around her.

Race and ClassEdit

Tauren Druid.




Otcho likes to tend to flowers. She likes to collect them for replanting purposes, and spread flowers over the world. Other than that, Otcho is growing a piglet to either become a fierce fighter or to be eaten. Because her parents told her to do so.


Other than her parents who reside quietly in Mulgore, Otcho does not know of any other relatives.


DAY 1.

Dear Elkeye,

I got kicked out today. No "Pack your bags dear" or "Get ready dear" - no, just a friendly nod-and-wave and then the door closed on me. Good bye, parents, see you soon. Soon? It's not my fault, you know. It's just my opinions. And my opinions are those given to me by my parents. What made them change their minds all of a sudden? I wish I knew. Sometimes, I wish I were an elf. Their gracious fingers would make keeping this journal a lot easier. I'll never be good with a pen (in both senses). And these strider feathers keep breaking in my hands.

So here I am. Mulgore lies before. I still think it looks pretty. But I guess I can't say that out loud anymore. So I confide it to you, Elkeye.

See you soon, Otcho

Family BackgroundEdit

Otcho has lead a peaceful, quiet life in Mulgore. Even though this might make her more interesting, she never had anything dramatic happen to her.

Personal NotesEdit

In order to document her exploring, Otcho is keeping a journal.

Current StatusEdit

Still not convinced her parents are right.

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