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We see Imoen in her bed, she has her arm in cast and is fast asleep in her bed. Suzanne is in the doorway in her blue pyjamas, we see her thinking back. She is kneeling in the cathedral, an old woman approaches her.

Old woman: Miss Belmarsh.

Suzanne lets out an angry sigh and turns around she looks at the woman with an old woman her face is covered with a old brown hood, she is wearing a matching robe dirty and ripped in places.

Suzanne screws her face up at her looking disgusted.

Suzanne: What do you want? And how do you know my name?

Old woman: I’m not here to answer questions child, I’m here to warn you of the child of Khallid.

Suzanne: Who? Oh…Sister Imoen?

Old woman: She is in danger, the dark embrace cultists have her in their clutches and if you do not help her soon she will die.

Suzanne: Is that so?

Old woman: Yes, you will find her at Durnholde.

Suzanne sighs and goes back to praying.

Suzanne: Your drunk.

Old woman: If you decide to go. Don’t go alone. I hope you save her, farewell child.

Suzanne looks behind her and seems to be thinking about something, she gets up and runs out of the cathedral, pans to Imoen and her they are sitting on the same bed holding hands Imoen smiling at her.

Imoen: You…you saved my life.

Suzanne: You’re my sister. Of course I did.

Imoen: You know…I thought you didn’t care about me anymore…

Suzanne: And now?

Imoen : [smiling] Of course I was wrong, im sorry…I didn’t trust you.

Suzanne: That’s all right. You need to rest.

Imoen: Wait…Suzanne…?

Suzanne: Yes?

Imoen: You know…there was something I needed to tell you…it’s hard for me to say…

Suzanne: All right.

Imoen: I’m a…half-elf…

Suzanne: Ok.

Imoen: [shocked] Ok?

Suzanne: [grinning] Well…im a bit disgusted. Your not half night elf just half high elf, they helped the crusade at one point.

Imoen: [smile] thanks…

Suzanne: Something else you want to tell me?

Imoen: Well…Khallid isn’t my real father…

Suzanne: More secrets…who is it?

Imoen: Arthas.

Suzanne looks at Imoen confused.

Suzanne: Sister, how old are you?

Imoen: Twenty-one.

Suzanne: Well Arthas is twenty-eight now I believe so go back five years…

Imoen: But…no. He is my father. I remember it.

Suzanne: All right sister.

Imoen: He is! Im going to rule Lordaeron at one point! So you best treat me with some respect.

Suzanne: Are you joking?

Imoen shakes her head. Pans back to Suzanne in the present. She sighs and shakes her head. She walks outside Menthil harbour inn and sits on the seaside throwing rocks in the sea. She stops and looks at clouds there are black and it looks like it’s going to rain she walks back into the inn she sees a dwarf with his mouth wide open.

Suzanne: What is it drunkard oaf!? Never seen a Scarlet before!?

Dwarf: By eck! What in the blazes is this…shut it lass ‘n look at ‘tha!

The dwarf points towards the skies there is lighting covering some of the clouds but it is only in one area a few other dwarfs and humans come over to have a look, Suzanne leans forward to get a closer look squinting an eye.

Suddenly a huge shard like object flies threw the skies the crowd react in shock as we see it go out of view we hear a large bang and the ground shakes Suzanne and many others fall over.

Dwarf: What the eck! Was tha’!

Suzanne: It was like a metal shard with-

Gnome: Shh…what’s that noise?

Everyone goes silent and we can hear a roaring noise. A sailor starts to run down the docks towards them waving his arms around and shouting. We can’t hear him to well but as he gets closer…

Sailor: Tidal Wave! Tidal Wave!

The people begin to panic and run into the keep Suzanne runs into the Inn and is stopped by a female dwarf.

Suzanne: Let me past your drunken wench! My sister is in there!

Dwarf: Wench!? Yer git to tha keep! It the highest bit of groun’d ere!

Suzanne: And let her drown!?

The dwarf sighs and pushes Suzanne out of the way as he runs towards the keep. Suzanne runs into the inn and sees Imoen awake looked scared. We pan to the top of the keep a sailor shouting

Sailor: Here it comes! Brace your selves!

Suzanne: Shit!

Suzanne quickly grabs a wardrobe and shoves it in front of the room door and leans against it. We hear the tidal wave hit Menthil harbour and we see Suzanne pushing hard against the wardrobe trying to keep the water out. Imoen crawls up to Suzanne offering her hand.

Imoen: This thing will float! Quick jump on!

Suzanne looks at wardrobe and then at Imoen she lunges at Imoen’s hand and the water bursts in flooding the place, the bed rises and they starting slowly but surely getting close to the ceiling.

Suzanne pushes against it hoping they don’t get crushed, Imoen tries with her one hand but it is to much.

Suzanne: Break it! Kick it threw!

Imoen uses her feet to kick it but only ends up hurting her feet, Suzanne looks around quickly but finds nothing that can be anything use they get so close to the ceiling that they start getting crushed, they yell in pain and then suddenly it stops and they stay in one spot. Then the bed flies towards where the entrance to the room is, Suzanne grabs Imoen and covers herself and Imoen in a protective bubble. The bed smashes threw the room and down the stairs it eventually fall apart and they end getting pushed against a banister. Eventually the water stops and Imoen and Suzanne are clutched onto each other.

Imoen lets go of Suzanne slowly.

Imoen: Is…it ok now?

Suzanne: [sighs of relief] It seems so.

Imoen: What the in uther’s name happened?

Suzanne: I don’t know sister. Are you hurt?

Imoen: Thanks to the shield, no. You?

Suzanne: I am un hurt.

Imoen: [realising] Where’s Elizabetha!?

Suzanne: She left for Stormwind when you were asleep. Can you stand up? And perhaps get your nails out of my skin?

Imoen: Oh! Erm…heh, sorry.

We see the villagers come out of the keep looking at the damage, Imoen isn’t wearing too much due to her attack on the last episode but she is given a robe by one of the guards.

Dwarf: Wot ever tha was…it must o been big.

Gnome: Yes, the dynamiter and mass was too much for the ocean hence why we had a tidal wave of that magnitude…it landed quite far away. I wonder how the other lands did?

We see the villagers try and repair the damage, Imoen tries to help but can’t because of her wounds. Suzanne is helping Imoen walk, a gnome comes up to Imoen and give her a walking stick Imoen smiles at him whilst Suzanne just leans at him with a scorning look which makes him run away. We see an Elven boats appear in the docks some elves dressed in robes covered in twigs walk out of it and a noble walks up to them.

Druid: The damage wasn’t that bad here, Elune has blessed you this day.

Mayor: Bless? The whole town is ruined! And the boats are half a mile away now!

Druid: But your people are safe.

Mayor: Yes, well that is the only plus…

Druid: We will help you, Elune will help us aid you. We have given you some of our best ships to help the people of the Alliance.

Mayor: Your help will not go unnoticed, druid.

Druid: We are sworn to protect Elune’s children, including the people of the Alliance.

Mayor: Hey up, watch yourself…Scarlet Company.

The mayor points to Shirah who has just arrived on a gryphon. The druid looks at her and sighs shaking his head.

Druid: There is something things however mayor…we sometimes perhaps can’t protect.

Shirah walks into the Inn and sees Suzanne and Imoen soaking wet, she laughs at the sight then notices Imoen’s arm in a sling.

Shirah: Sister, did you hit your arm during the impact?

Imoen: No…Erm…

Suzanne: You got my report, senior knight?

Shirah: No, why weren’t you both at your bunks last night?

Suzanne: Sister Imoen was captured by the Dark Embrace cultists, to get information about Elizabetha’s rally against them.

Shirah: Is this true sister?

Imoen: Yes…I failed her…I talked.

Shirah: I see…you look a bit rough, this tidal wave couldn’t of helped.

Suzanne: We only just managed to survive the attack…how is the rest of Azeroth?

Shirah: Kalimdor was hit bad. Some good news is the elves were hit the hardest. They recovered quickly with the help of their magics then came over and acted all high and mighty and managed to sort the rest out.

Imoen: Any news on ‘what’ that was that hit us?

Shirah: Not yet. An expedition team have been sent there. Hopefully it’ll be a weapon or bomb. Wipe out the horde in one blow and the elves.

Suzanne: I hope not, they would ‘all’ move to Stormwind then.

Shirah: [laughs] Good point. Now let’s take Imoen back home.

They both lift Imoen up and drag her out of the in. We now see the expedition

A dwarf in a very important looking suit of armor comes up to one of the commanders, the commander is an old man with a short beard and moustache.

Kleron: Ey up lads, commander [salutes]. We are getting close to the premiter, it’s a bloody island. Grass, trees rivers…it’s something I’ve never encountered before sir.

Timothy: Don’t worry dwarf, we have one of the finest ships in all of the alliance and a fleet at the Elven camp not far from our position. If they give up resistance we’ll show them the might of the Alliance.

Kleron: Aye that we will! But the lads are getting a wee bit nervous.

Timothy: [laughs] And so they should be! This is un charted lands were stepping on.

A dwarven gunmen runs in.

Dwarf: Sir! We are about to low the anchor!

Timothy stands up grabbing his two handed blade and walks on deck.

Timothy: Alliance expedition force. Move out!

The small fleet jump out of the boat and march on shore, as they march towards they see a large building like a shard shape, it has pink crystals sticking out of it and smoke come out of the building. A hatch lowers slowly, Kleron gets the gunmen to position themselves ready to open fire.

Timothy: Men, do not fire until I give the signal, understand?

Threw the darkness we see blue glowing eyes and the sound of hooves can be heard, the fleet tighten their grip on their weapons and we see random soldiers sweating nervously. A blue creature with tentacles on his chin, his legs are like a horse and his upper body is muscular he has his hands held up.

He talks in a strange language we can’t understand, soon many other appear then one wearing a long robe and a small white moustache and a long white beard appears he has two armoured figures next to him holding giant crystal hammers with bit of shards floating around it.

Kleron: Can you feel that lad?

Timothy: Yes. The light is strong here…Alliance expedition! Cover my back, if they look aggressive shoot on sight.

Kleron: Be careful lad…they look like that demon in mount Hyjal.

Timothy slowly approaches the bizarre race, their leader walks to Timothy. The leader pushes a button.

Velen: Who are you? Where are we?

Timothy: You can understand me?

Velen: I’m sorry I must know where we are.

Timothy: You are on Azeroth. And I am Timothy lighthand leader of the Alliance expedition force. Who are you people and why are you here?

Velen: We are the draenei. And we have escaped from our home land Draenor.

Timothy: What are you escaping from?

Velen: The burning legion.

Timothy: We have stopped the burning legion once before. I will organise a meeting with the Alliance leaders im sure they’ll be intrested in hearing this. [turning towards the expedition] Men! We will help these…Draenei. They are our new allies to the alliance.

There is a cheer and they both come together and walk into the giant ship like building.

We pan back to Imoen. She is with a few of the Scarlet leaders, Habeus, Magwitch, Dufferin and Shiriah.

Habeus: From what you have told us sister, this is most troubling…

Magwitch: We’ll get those dirty fucking bitches! With their fucking vampire lesbian crap! Bah! Never heard such vile sinfullness in all my life!

Shiriah: Quite sister. Imoen how is your arm?

Imoen: It aches like mad…I can't wield a sword or shield with it…am I going to be kicked out of service?

Habeus: [smile] of course not sister.

Magwitch: Know why would we do that!?

Dufferin: You are still…useful, to us sister.

Habeus: Ok sister Imoen. You may go rest now. Light be with you.

Imoen walks out.

Habeus: Now onto our next topic…these Draenei they say they follow the light and have even claimed there is a being of light within their home the Exodar.

Magwitch: What they ‘did’ miss however is that they look like demons!

Dufferin: I will do some research on them.

Shirah: I’ll keep my eye on them.

Habeus: Do not allow one into our ranks, the Grand crusader has warned me that these beings may turn against us and join the burning legion. They are using some kind of light hoax to fool us all into believing they are like us. They have even learned our language quick…to quick.

Dufferin: I will do some research on them.

Magwitch grins at Dufferin.

Shirah: And what of Imoen high Emissary?

Habeus: Hmm…I will allow you to do as you wish to these cultists…however we are not to get too involved.

Shirah: Yes…sir.

We see Imoen in her quarters she still has a satchel holding her arm. We hear a knocking on the door. Aanson peeps his head threw he brings in a tray with tea and scones with cream and strawberry jam in the middle to look like the Scarlet insignia.

Imoen smiles as he walks in he puts the tray on Imoen lap and pulls a seat over to her.

Aanson: A welcome back meal.

Imoen: Thank you…

Aanson: I’m sorry I couldn’t go to help you…I only heard what happened when it was to late.

Imoen: It’s ok.

Aanson looks slightly guilty.

Aanson: Well…I best leave.

Imoen: Aww so soon?

Aanson: Well if you want me to stay…

Imoen: Please.

There is a silence as Aanson sits down next to Imoen, he looks bored.

Aanson: Must be ‘really’ boring…just sitting there.

Imoen: I just want to walk about…

We hear a knocking at the door. Louise bursts in.


Aanson and Imoen scrunch their faces being deafened by Louise. Louise pushes Aanson out of the way, who fall off his chair and puts her arms around Imoen giving her a tight squeeze, Imoen yelps in pain and Louise jumps back putting her hands behind her back and smiling innocently.

Louise: Are you ok!? Can I get you anything!? I can fluff your pillow!

Fluffs up Imoen pillow, Imoen puts on a smile though clearly looking annoyed.

Aanson pulls himself back up to his feet looking exhausted, he goes to sit back on his chair but Louise pulls the chair towards her and sits on it Aanson falls on the floor again.

Louise: I know! I’ll go duff up these Cultists! Ooooh they make me so mad!

Imoen: …yeah…it’s ok don’t worry.

Louise: It’s not ok! Ahem…I mean if you don’t want me to I won’t red.

Aanson: [pulling himself back up] ugh…red?

Louise: Yeah! That’s what Imoen’s called!

Imoen: heh, sure.

They all start chatting and we pan to dark room with three shadowy figures. We only see their shape.

Voice 1: It seems a new piece has come to the chess table.

Voice 2: [small low chuckle] Indeed.

Voice 3: This one will be a fun piece to play with…and an easy one to conquer.

Voice 1: Fresh meat.

Voice 2: Easy pickings.

Voice 3: What does the tome say we should do, master?

Voice 1: We are to wait my friends, soon they will make another wrong move and we will be one step ready to put them in checkmate.

Voice 2: Sir. How about…her.

Voice 1: Yes…the dark embraces were foolish to let her go and failed us. We will find other puppets, the grand master himself has told us that we must wait for her to come to us.

Voice 3: To us?

Voice 1: [grinning] She cannot avoid her fate. Despite how hard she tries she is avoiding the enviable.

Voice 2: Sir…it’s time.

Voice 1: So it is…launch our plan into phase.

Pans back to Imoen, Louise and Aanson.

Aanson: Now listen here squirt. Imoen’s hurt you can just expect her to give you sword training now!

Louise: Oh don’t be silly! Red is strong, she can do anything!

Imoen: No…I can’t…

Louise: You can! Just believe in yourself!

Aanson: That type of attitude would only give her an early grave.

Louise: Better than a late one?

Aanson: Wha!?!

Louise: Oh! Wait right there Imoen I got another present for you!

Aanson: Another! By the light squirt! You’ve given her but the kitchen sink! That’s what it is isn’t it…?

Louise comes in with a flower, it looks dead and is wilting.

Imoen smiles and holds it trying not to laugh. She puts it in her cup and it wilts looking rather pathetic.

Louise: Hey have you seen those squid people yet?

Aanson: Oh yes…those…Draenei lot.

Imoen: Who?

Louise: They are called Dran-eye and they have hooves! And tails! And tentacles! And beards! I like to tug on their tails…

Aanson: Yeah…ahem, they are strange apparently they were running away from the burning legion a expedition force went to go see what caused that crash? The tidal wave? Found out it was them.

Imoen: I see…are they nice?

Louise: I haven’t tasted them yet.

Aanson: Squirt. Quiet, and Imoen…yes they are ok…I don’t trust them.

Imoen: So…what happened they…crashed here?

Aanson: They say they ‘flew’ here.

Imoen: Eh?

Aanson: I suppose that island was there…still the shock of it shook Azeroth good.

Imoen: Are they explorers?

Aanson: No, they ran away Imoen…from the burning legion.

Imoen: Aren’t they dead?

Aanson: I guess not…they say they are on a planet…outland.

Imoen: Outland? That’s all right then…an old wizard closed the dark portal long long ago, back when Khallid was in the war.

Louise: Hey look. Loads of guards are- OH MY! WHAT’S THAT!?

Aanson gets up and looks out of the window Louise is looking out of, he takes a step back.

Aanson: By the light…

Imoen: What is it? Lift me up!

Aanson and Louise lift Imoen up and show her to the window, we see mostly buildings and then giant sword being lifted into the air and shouts of war cries in the air.

Imoen goes to grab her robe but staggers, Louise and Aanson help her put on a robe.

They all go outside and we see guards running towards the gates the streets are empty. Imoen grabs her horse and manages to get on top of it. They ride towards the trade canter, which is filled with all kinds of races apart from the Draenei.

Night elf: When we are at our time of need where is the crusade!?

Shirah: Here.

A platoon of Scarlet knights and preachers appear on horseback. The elf snorts disappointed.

Imoen: Senior knight…what’s going on?

Shirah: Take a look for your self-Imoen…just don’t get to close.

Imoen rides with Aanson to the gates we see a giant demon at the gates of Stormwind and approaching it rapidly, behind the giant demons are massive flames burning everything and anything behind him. The demon has massive horns coming out of his head and huge pointy teeth, his stomach is an extra mouth with sharp teeth and flame in the middle of it. The demon is wielding a huge rune blade.

High Lord Kruul: Azeroth will burn under the might of the Burning legion!

Kruul smashes threw the front gates and some knight and mages charge at him he swings his giant sword and squishes them all. Another fleet charge in and he smashes one of large memorial statues on the road smashing most of the knights.

Knight: Where are those mercenaries from Goldshire!

Mages: There!

He points to a group of people Night elves, Humans, Gnome and dwarfs huddled up into one force.

Blueshard: I lord blueshard noble man of Northren will destroy this demon! I have encountered the harsh wilds and been shot many times to no effect this pathetic demon will burn!

Binglesworth: I am titan of war! Nothing will stand in my way!

Deathneo: I am known as death neo and I so powerful that it was me who split Azeroth in half with my bare hands!

Aanson rolls his eyes.

Aanson: Oh brother gimme a break…

Imoen: No! What your saying isn’t true! He’s to powerful turn back!

The Goldshire mercenaries laugh.

Deathneo: Bitch. We know were doing.

Binglesworth: Typical cowardly Scarlet dick head.

Blueshard: heh heh Come on mates! Last one to kill him doesn’t get anything shiny from this basterd! Chaaaarge!

The Goldshire mercenaries charge in, Kruul grins and lifts up his hand.

Aanson: Imoen! Run!

Aanson grabs Imoen and pulls her behind a wall. We see Kruul launch thousands of shadow bolts at the Goldshire mercenaries. As they get hit their skin slowly burns away, they fall to the floor screaming in agony rocking side by side as if they are on fire. Imoen covers her mouth in horror and gags.

Aanson: Light…

Highlord Kruul: [laughs] You drunken fools! You believe to be all powerful when you BURN like the rest of them I enjoy watching your pathetic excuse of a life burn slowly away in front of my eyes…Stormwind! You will follow this fate! [laugh]

Imoen: Aanson! What do we do!?

Aanson: I…I don’t know…

We see more soldiers charge into Kruul they throw harpoons into him trying to bring him down but he tugs on them crushing them into him or throwing them into his fiery stomach.

We see the Scarlets with sister Shirah at the front lines.

Shirah: Argh…pull back! He is too strong! Pull back!

Goldshire’un: [laugh] Run away stupid scarlet-

He is cut short when Kruul’s rune blade comes crashing down onto him, Shirah’s horse startles and knocks Shirah off. Aanson runs over and pulls Shirah back before the blade slices her in two.

Shirah: Thank you brother. This basterd is…unstoppable.

Imoen: Senior knight…what…what…do we…

Shirah: I don’t know…let’s get back to the Cathedral and think of a plan.

They run into the Cathedral we see Suzanne near the altar praying.

Imoen: Sister! Oh light! Everything is lost! We are fighting an invincible foe!

Suzanne: Giving up already sister?

Imoen: It can’t be killed!

Suzanne: Everything can be killed. I’m going to help the front lines.

Imoen: Wait! Suzanne wait! Please…be careful.

Suzanne: Trust in me.

Imoen: …ok.

Suzanne walks out of the cathedral a few knights approach Imoen they look scared.

Crusader: Ma’am…the Cathedral…the Orphanage…

Crusader: All we have done…for nothing.

Aanson: Come on lads! We just…don’t know how to kill it…yet.

Imoen sighs then focuses.

Imoen: All right! If we are going to die then lets give the basterd a fight! We will stand our ground on this final hour and defend the Cathedral district at all costs!

The Crusaders look a bit more confident and they walk out of the Cathedral and get into formations.

Shirah turns up and smiles at the sight.

Shirah: Good. Brethren, today is a day that will go down in the history books. The Goldshire scum have all been killed slain by their own pride and stupidity the other races have all fled to Ironforge. Today is the day we show Stormwind how much it means to us! We will stand our ground and not be pushed out of yet another home! To arms my brethren! For the light!

The crusaders let out a battle cry and cheer the get to their posts and pulls out their weapons. Shirah goes up to Imoen who looks petrified.

Shirah: Imoen, you have been threw a lot as it is…do you wish to fight?

Imoen: If I die…I would rather die defending my home than hiding.

Shirah: [smile] Good! Get your post on the double then!

Imoen: Yes! Ma’am!

Imoen stands near the Orphanage she looks in and sees Elizabetha surrounded by the orphans who are all holding on to her looking scared to death.

Elizabetha: Don’t worry my babes. You are safe, the light will protect you.

Imoen: Elizabetha…

Elizabetha: Imoen! Thank the light your alright!

Louise: Humph! Don’t talk to her! Get back to your post with me!

Imoen: [sigh] Alright…

We pan back to Kruul who is stampeding threw smashing apart everything in his way. He fires the shadowbolts again and fries a huge wave of soldiers. There is only one left, a gnome.

Spiddleweedle: Ha ha! You missed me! Now feel the wraith of Spiddleweedle!

The gnome fires a fireball at Kruul and he vanishes. The gnome looks startled.

Spiddleweedle: He…ran away? He ran away…He ran away from…me….He ran away from me! [laughs] Yeah! You best run!

One of the memorial statues behind Spiddleweedle begins to fall in his direction.

Spiddleweedle: Oh yeah baby! Who’s the man! Now I can [notices the statue] Oh crap.

The statue squishes the gnome, as the dust fills the air there is a dead silence some of the knights looks onward to see if he someplace else.

Back at where Imoen is a young boy runs up to them.

Boy: He’s gone! The demon is gone!

Imoen: What? He’s been slain!?

Boy: Well…no…he just…vanished.

Shiriah: He’ll be back…where is Suzanne?

Imoen: She said she was going to the front lines…

Boy: I’m sorry for your loss…

Imoen: She isn’t dead!

Boy: No one survived ma'am.

Imoen: No…

Imoen runs into the trade district and looks for Suzanne. As she gets to frontlines she sees all the burnt bodies most of them are with body parts missing. Her eyes fills with tears the more she searches.

Suzanne: I couldn’t save all of them…

Imoen: Sister! Oh thank the light!

Suzanne: So many deaths…I was…overwhelmed…I…

Suzanne faints Imoen grabs hold of her with her one hand she shouts for help and a Night elf comes to her aid to her surprise.

Imoen and the night elf carry her to the Cathedral district. Shirah runs over to Suzanne and takes her off the elf and Imoen’s her carries off to the Cathedral.

Shirah puts her hand on Imoen’s shoulder.

Shirah: She’ll be fine sister, don’t worry.

We can hear people shouting and crowds of people discussing, one of the Stormwind guards is talking to the public.

Guard: All able arms are to report the dark portal at once! We need all the hero’s we can muster.

Shirah nods and turns her brethren.

Shirah: You heard him brethren! To arms!

Crusaders cheer and charge off leaving Imoen behind. Shirah notices Imoen on her own and walks up to her.

Shirah: Sister, You could always motivate our brethren or worn them from the back lines…

Imoen: No. I will fight.

Shirah: But…you can only use one arm. And it won’t be able to take the weight of a sword on its own.

Imoen grins.

We pan to the blacksmiths she grabs a chain and wraps it around her sword and her gauntlets; Shirah helps Imoen smelt the chain onto her gauntlet and then onto her sword.

Imoen then takes a few steps and spins the sword around the chain holds and Imoen grins.

Imoen: That will take off all the weight. If I get tired I can let it drop and just spin it around.

Shirah: Heh, you sure have the fighting spirit sister. All right, let’s go liberate Azeroth.

We see Imoen and Shirah at the dark portal wave and wave of demon pour out of the dark portal ripping apart anything that gets in their way. As Imoen gets close one of the Argent Dawn approaches Shirah.

Argent dawn: Where the hell have you been Scarlet!? Azeroth is under threat and the Crusade do nothing!

Shirah: Is that so? Argent dawn? I can see Scarlet Crusaders fighting there right now.

Argent dawn: You know what I mean “senior” Knight.

Shirah: And I can see your still desperately looking for members. What in the hells are they doing here!?

We can see Honoria and a few cultists who tortured Imoen fighting at the portal.

Argent dawn: Honourable hero’s helping our cause. “That’s” who they are!

Shirah: [laughs] You fool! They are the dark embrace cultists! And you’ve got the last remaining Goldshire’uns here to…idiot.

Argent dawn: Excuse me!? They are trying to save Azeroth.

A human warrior walks up to them.

Warrior: Right, killed nine of them give me the tabard.

Argent dawn: You are a hero among men! I award you-

Warrior: [snatches the tabard] Yeah yeah yeah…

Shirah snorts. The Argent dawn looks stunned.

Argent dawn: Their…planet is in danger and all they care about was the tabard!?

Shirah: Should of waited until they held the portal. Looks like this is up to the Crusade once again.

Argent dawn: [snorts] Oh yeah sure and you brought a wounded woman with you…heh, her arm is in a cast and what the hell?! You’ve tied a chain to your weapon?

Imoen: I’m using it to support it. Or to spin it around me those demons won’t know what hit them.

Shirah: Right you are sister. Let’s join the fight and leave this idiot.

Imoen charges towards the wave of demons her sword is getting dragged on the ground making sparks she swings her arm upwards lifting the blade threw the felhound it slicing threw it’s head, it wails in pain.

Shirah charges close to Honoria and hacks demons with her side by side.

Shirah: You will pay for what you did to her Honoria!

Honoria: Oh shut your mouth and keep your eye on the battle field!

The battle rages on Imoen is using all her might to slay the demons. She spins the sword over her head letting the sword go loose to slice the head off all the demons around her. We see the entire battle from a birds eye point of view. Aanson is throwing ice spears at the undead side by side to Suzanne who is healing her brethren, then Louise who is wielding a two handed sword and cleaving them in two.

Suddenly the portal darkens and we hear the sound of bat wings a dreadknight appears.

Dreadknight: Fight on! For the glory of burning legion fight on!

His hands darken with shadowas he throws balls of shadow at the knights defending their homeland.

Imoen teams up with Louise who charges into him. Louise sticks her sword into his chest and Imoen uses Louise as a boost she jumps and slashes his upper chest just missing his throat. He grabs Imoen and kicks Louise.

DreadKnight: I will enjoy crushing you…wait…Heh, well well…Arkanis.

Imoen: Arkanis?

Shirah blasts him with the holy light before he can finishes his sentence he falls to the ground coughing up blood. Imoen looks at the body with confusion.

Shirah: Burn in the hells!

Imoen: …Senior knight! There are more!

Shirah: Damn it! Keep fighting brethren! For the light! For Lordaeron!

The demons begin to slowly overwhelm them. Imoen and Louise fight there way back only just getting out.

Shirah: Damn it! There are to many…Pull back! Pull back!

Louise: Argh! Light sakes! The blue squid men give us their enemies and then don’t help us!?

Imoen: Where is the Argent dawn!?

Shirah: We need back up!

More Argent dawn run in and join the fight, they manage to hold a position fighting like crazy.

Aanson: Light…this is exhausting…they just keep coming.

Suzanne: Indeed.

As they continue to fight we hear the sound of hooves and metal.

Justinius the Harbringer: Soldiers of Azeroth, you now fight against the vile Burning Crusade. And the hopes and prayers of all Light-loving people march with you. In the company of our brave allies and brothers -in-arms you will hold your ground and break the demonic charge. You will stem the destructive tyranny that rages across so many worlds! With each passing moment, I see the people of Azeroth prove again the reasons we have come. It is with solemn pride that I fight with you, and if I die this day, then I die among friends. The demons should be in no doubt that we are their nemesis and, though they wish our destruction, it is we who bring about their ruin. Kazzak and his forces will be diminished and defeated by this coalition. And to do this, we must throw at them our bodies and hearts, for they seek no less than the obliteration of this world. So Fight on, good people of Azeroth. And take heart! Your brethren rush to this hellish portal and will soon throw themselves at these demons as you have so bravely done. May the Light keep you

The Draenei charge threw and smash their way threw the mountains of demons, more appear threw the dark portal but arrows fly past Imoen and impale anything that get close.

Argent dawn: The Farstriders are here! Light be praised!

Everything goes quiet as we see Imoen and the other hero’s of Azeroth around her destroy the demons and end the life of the last demon. The invasion stops and they all cheer. Aanson pats Imoen on the back and goes to lock arms with Imoen and dance around but Imoen screams in pain and yells at him. We hear the narrator.

Narrator: And so a chapter ends in this story. The demons who fought Azeroth had finally been brought back to hells they belonged. However all was not over, the battle had only just began. What danger awaited beyond the dark portal remain what answers will they bring?

Over in the ruin of the Elven city Silvermoon…a new chapter begins…but to truly understand…we will have to back…five years ago…

To be continued…

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