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Followup of The Bloodmarked Mercenary

Pain and Despair,

I wasn't death, Not entirely. But I wouldn't call this living either. I could feel it, as if I still had something to do. But I could not breath, My body burns.

Voices... I heard them. Balding my fists in pain, I tried to speak but failed. Instead a warm fluid filled my mouth. It wasn't blood, Not like I could taste it anyway. I swallowed, My stomach froze even though the fluid was warm.


"Grmph!" I woke up and tried to get my barings, attempting to get up but I got forced back on the bed I was apparently on, Disoriontated And practically blind I tried to resist. "It's fine, you're Ok now!" Spoke gentle words. Even then it took time for me to calm down.

I gazed at the ceiling, weeks passed sinse I woke up out of a nightmare of endless pain, Even now my skin burned. With my only working eye I looked around Not being able to move my head I could not see where I was. At least in a solid place, Wooden walls. Someone enterd the room. Slowly and silently someone approached me I stubbornly tried to get up again. The pace of the person accelerated and yet again I got pushed down gently. Only now I noticed I was completely bandaged, From toes to nose, hell even my private parts. The eye I had been looking with; my left, was probaly the only part of me not in a state of flaming pain. I sighed and immidiatly fell asleep after. Not being able to see the person.

Weeks passed again, It felt like I was losing my memories. I could move my fingers, though each time I tried someone held my hand, as if asking me to stop, I couldn't, My body did everything to survive, It wanted to move as quickly as possible.

This kept going on, Again weeks, No months even before I could move. I woke up for the thousand time. My legs felt like they were asleep, And I they still hurted when I tried to move them. I sighed. The door openend again, This time I could perfectly see it, In anticipation I fixed my eyes on the person. ...An Elf? No. it was a half-breed. Female, Beautifull... Nice figure, Long blond hair that easely reached her legs. She looked at me, gently smiling. If I had the blood for It I'd probbaly blushed, She was after all most likely the one that bandaged me here and "there".

I let her treat me without struggeling, Renewing the bandages, adding salve, getting fed. I got better, Slowly but I improved. Days passed, Nightmare after Nightmare passed...

I could feel my entire body now, It still hurted at some places and I was still bandaged for at least half of my entire body. Months had passed. Maybe even a year. after I finaly was able to walk... well walk I struggeled. I had to crawl now and then when the mistress wasn't around to get me up.

3 weeks after I started walking again. I found out the the blond girl wasn't alone, there also was another one, also an elven female half-breed, Much younger with crimson pointy hair that reached her neck, most notable was that her ears were angeled different from the other elven races and that she never even spoke a word.

I looked around. No idea where I was. Again I spend weeks doing practically nothing, I tried to convince the blond half-elf that I could at least help gathering food or anything else, these conversations never took long and she always won, usually by looking really sad at me. I have a too big heart when it comes to females.

I gave in and kept living with them for quite some time in peace, It didn't felt that bad for once.

After a while I myself found it time to leave, Parting was tough, they wanted me to stay longer, Recover back to my fullest. I disagreed. Something made me feel to go on my knees and bow before her; Said how I probaly wouldn't have been alive without those two. Either way leaving them behind was painfull, I can't even remember how many times I looked back.

It was hard to believe that there was something more painfull then those wounds.

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