Name: Pathogas

Title: Commander of the Knights of the Ebon Hold

Physical TraitsEdit

A taller and more muscular than normal Draenei. His white skin stands out from his Death Knight armour.

Race and ClassEdit

Race: Draenei

Class: Death Knight


The Knights of the Ebon Hold


Full Time Commander of the Knights of the Ebon Hold, will sttend meetings with the Highlord occasionally to discuss matters.


None aware of. Other than the Brother and Sister Death Knights


A previous High ranking Death Knight to The Lich King. Helped stage the assualt on Havenshire. Took command of various slaughters on the innocents of Havenshire. Lead Death Knight squads to weaken defences.(To be finished later)

Family BackgroundEdit

None aware of.

Criminal RecordEdit

Murder of countless innocents, Death Knights. Desctruction of numerous village buildings. Murder of countless Allied soliders. Under the influence of the Lich King. Previous member of the Scourge. Tracked and taken back to Highlord Morgraine for personal conversion.

Personal NotesEdit

Private: Requires occasional check ups with the Highlord to ensure loyalty to the Order.

Current StatusEdit

Pathogas is leading the Knights of the Ebon Hold. Recruiting Death Knights.

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